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Gumball Rally????


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  • [Question] Gumball Rally????

    So I have heard about this 'Gumball Rally' at the Disneyland Resort, and I would really like to know...
    • What is it?
    • When is it?
    • What are the rules and regulations?
    • How to join it?

    I heard that it was some kind of race around Disneyland (which I am all for!), but I would like to know everything I can about it.

    Please and thank you!!!

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    Re: Gumball Rally????

    Gumball Rally is the biggest MiceChat sponsored event! No date has been set yet for next years event, but it will be held in the spring! Here's the info from last year:

    Gumball Rally

    Gumball is teams of two, three or four people, racing around the parks as quickly as they can trying to ride as much as they can in the time alloted. While riding attractions, questions that can only be answered while on the ride are completed for points. Complete rules will be posted once the dates and enrollment information is posted! All you have to do to compete is just sign up!

    Facebook page from last year:


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      Re: Gumball Rally????

      We'll be posting the date soon folks. Please keep your eyes open for an announcement. Our Gumball Rally page Gumball Rally will be updated soon.
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        Re: Gumball Rally????

        Dusty - please post the update on Facebook and Twitter too -- so we know faster!!
        I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

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