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How much is a one day, two park wheelchair rental?


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  • [Question] How much is a one day, two park wheelchair rental?

    Going to the parks on the 3rd, and someone going with me recently had surgery and needs a wheelchair. How much does this cost?

    I know that, when you have a wheelchair, you can sometimes get through the lines quicker. How does this system work? I promise were not abusing the system like other people do, she really did have foot surgery!

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    Re: How much is a one day, two park wheelchair rental?

    You rent by the day, good for both parks. is full of information
    Mobility Disabilities & Wheelchair Access | Guest Services | Disneyland Resort

    Or for prices click here:

    As far as "getting through lines quicker". Some rides it MAY be true. Depends on CM. SOME rides it takes longer. They do a pretty good job of everyone waiting about the same time period. Prior to 2005 I would say handicapped lines did go faster. Once Disney caught wind of teens abusing (faking a disability) the system, a lot of things changed. Some people just don't understand that their actions affect others.
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      Re: How much is a one day, two park wheelchair rental?

      As a frequent Wheelchair user I can tell you that it is not a huge advantage in ques. In some cases my party was waiting for me at the loading area.

      Plus, it is a pain to navigate the ECV's through crowds of people. People don't see you, children dart out so you must have constant vigilance when using one.

      You may want to check out Scootaround (google it) for wheelchair rental. It may work to be the same and you will be able to use it in Downtown Disney. The ones you rent at DL or DCA cannot be taken out of the parks into DTD.
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