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Top Parks


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  • [Fun] Top Parks

    What would be your top 5 parks of all the disney parks? keep a open mind and assume Dca is in the year 2012 and carsland is a huge hit.

    rank the parks from 5-1 and reasons why! this should be fun

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    Re: Top Parks

    I would go
    Disneyland #1
    DCA #2 (this is of course if I like Little Mermaid and Carsland)
    #3 is Epcot, would be #2 but Carsland and Mermaid have me pretty excited about DCA plus all the other rumored rides
    #4 the Magic Kingdom - Disneyland but with bigger pathways, they have some great rides but they also have Stitch and Milf soooo yeah
    AND # 5 Disney Hollywood Studios, The Indy show is great, love Tot and Rocking Rollercoaster and the Mermaid show but is held back by being too small and not having enough rides and shows, compared to the other parks,
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: Top Parks

      1. Tokyo DisneySea
      2. Disneyland California
      3. Tokyo Disneyland
      4. Disneyland Paris
      5. Disney's Hollywood Studios

      Even though I've only been to #2 and #5.


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        Re: Top Parks

        I have seen Tokyo Sea's and Disneyland n Tokyo but can you say its your favorite if you have not gone??? You can say you think it looks better but until you go its only pictures or video not being there and going in the park.
        Happy Halloween!!!


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          Re: Top Parks

          I've only been to CA and FL parks........

          1. Disneyland (without the crowds)
          2. EPCOT
          3. Magic Kingdom
          4. DCA
          5. Disney Studios

          On a side note.......if you include non-Disney parks:

          1. Dollywood
          2. Islands of Adventure
          3. Disneyland
          4. EPCOT
          5. Busch Gardens (Tampa)


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            Re: Top Parks

            sorry hah


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              Re: Top Parks

              I think I've seen this thread before....or something

              Anyways! I've only been to the USA parks, but among them my top 5 are:

              1) Disneyland, CA
              2) Epcot
              3) Disney's Animal Kingdom
              4) Magic Kingdom
              5) DCA


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                Re: Top Parks

                1 - California Adventure
                2 - Disneyland (CA)
                3 - EPCOT
                4 - Tokyo DisneySea
                5 - Disneyland Paris
                - Adventure Is Waiting -

                "We're going to take you out of this world of reality for a visit to the most fantastic of all the worlds of fantasy." - Walt Disney


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                  Re: Top Parks

                  I am just going to go with ones I have been to, but here they are.

                  5. Disney's California Adventure
                  May be a tie with the Disney-MGM Studios, but at this particular moment I'd pick the dismissed second gate over the confused third gate. I prefer the ride portion of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and I consider California Screamin's time contradiction less grievous than Rock 'N Rollercoaster's.

                  4. EPCOT Center
                  The epic scale of this project still shines through the years of effort to strip EPCOT Center of its meaning and place. Its name no longer means anything, I know what EPCOT is, but what's an Epcot?

                  3. Disney's Animal Kingdom
                  The park is chock full of total immersion. Full of rich, appropriate details and things to find everywhere. Take your time to explore, see more than just the rides, and you will be there all day.

                  2. Disneyland Paris
                  An exquisite Magic Kingdom that is more than just a bigger Disneyland. It has its own personality and the attention to detail in its construction pushes it beyond.

                  1. Disneyland
                  What can I say, its the park I grew up with and I still consider it to be my home park. The park is still full of charm and the way that it is layered by force of size is something I do not think can be truly replicated elsewhere.


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                    Re: Top Parks

                    Originally posted by TTN View Post
                    I think I've seen this thread before....or something
                    I think your right

                    Also going off what I've been to (sorry, have to go with that is current...can't comment on future projects until I see and experience it)

                    1 - DL - CA (of's the original...but not the only reason #1)
                    2 - Animal Kingdom
                    3 or 4 - Magic Kingdom (FL) (can't decide what order)
                    4 or 3 - Epcot (can't decide what order)
                    5 - DCA (I think it is a tad better than (what was, when I went) the Disney MGM studio)

                    I like Knotts...I just have to put it below 5 due to the restroom not being clean (that's a huge factor for me). I also don't care so much for the park layout.
                    Quote by Al:
                    To that end I'd like the Internet community to join me in reminding the Disney company that "it all started with Walt." As you can see below we've created some T-shirts, plus a few simple graphics that you can copy and paste into your websites to let folks know how you feel.
                    -Al Lutz


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                      Re: Top Parks

                      Likewise, I'm only ranking the parks I've been to: the ones in the US.

                      1) Disneyland - a ton of attractions, including most of my very favorites. Wonderful upkeep, and great details and little diversions.
                      2) The Magic Kingdom - While not quite up to the quality of its predecessor, still includes a great selection of attractions and a grand castle. If I can't go to DL, I'll take the next park with a Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Small World. Oh, and a Peoplemover and Carousel of Progress are nice too.
                      3) Disney's Hollywood Studios - I know, I know. An extremely troubled park that desperately needs additional attractions. Still, the small handful or really great attractions it has, plus Streetmosphere, plus the 50s Prime Time Cafe, plus the inherent appeal of the theme, makes this place a personal favorite of mine.
                      4) Animal Kingdom - phenomenal, detailed themeing. Replace the half-themed eyesore known as Dinoland with a land worthy of the rest of the park, add a couple more attractions, and fix that Yeti and this could move up a spot.
                      5) EPCOT - I know I'm in the minority, but a lot of Epcot is a little dry or dated for my taste (Journey into Your Imagination and Ellen's Energy Adventure are embarrassing). World Showcase is great, though, and a very different feel than the other parks.

                      So... no DCA on my list. Maybe Carsland and Mermaid will make a huge difference, but I'm going to have to wait and see on that. World of Color wasn't enough to move it up the list for me.


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                        Re: Top Parks

                        Of the Disney parks I've been to...

                        1. Tokyo DisneySea
                        2. Magic Kingdom
                        3. Epcot
                        4. Disneyland
                        5. Tie - Disney's Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom
                        7. DCA
                        8. HKDL


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                          Re: Top Parks

                          1 Disneyland
                          2 Tokyo DisneySea
                          3 Epcot (3,4 and 5 are very close)
                          4 The Magic Kingdom
                          5 Animal Kingdom
                          6 DCA (likely to move up but I don't know yet)
                          7 DHS (suffers from a lack of attractions)

                          *Tokyo DisneySea is helped because I've looked into it so much while other the other non-US parks remain largely unknown. It is unknown where I would fit the other Magic Kingdom Style parks into this list but I know they would be under Epcot.


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