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Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!


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  • [Fun] Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!


    My head is still spinning from an amazing MiceChat anniversary weekend with friends old and new. It was such a pleasure to meet so many new people and to reconnect with old friends (many of whom we only get to see at these events.)

    And even though the skies did not cooperate on Sunday, there were still an amazing number of you in attendance - soggy, cold, but with lots and lots of smiles! You never cease to amaze us and we thank you for your loving support over the years. We look forward to many many more amazing years with you.

    Our heartfelt thanks go out to the legendary Jack Lindquist (Disneyland's first President) who so graciously met with the assembled masses for our breakfast and book signing on Saturday morning at the ESPN Zone. Jack is a delightful, honest, and funny guy who is nothing short of a living treasure. We were honored to be in his presence.

    The biggest surprise of the weekend was the appearance of Disneyland Resort President, George Kalogridis, at our Saturday breakfast. He not only introduced his predecessor, Jack Lindquist, to the crowd, but also shared some thoughts about the state of the resort and the amazing things yet to come. George and ESPN Zone gave each of the attendees a gift bag filled with little surprises including a $15 ESPN Zone game card and an old school Disneyland ticket book (masquerading as post it notes). It was clear from George's sincere words that he loves Jack Lindquist and honors his legacy. George has cemented a dear place in our hearts. We can't thank him enough for his efforts on behalf of the fan community and the entire resort.

    George Kalogridis, Jack Lindquist & Dustysage

    D23's Disney Geek, Jeffrey Epstein, defied the rain on Sunday to deliver stacks and stacks of Disney Twenty-Three magazines and swag to the soggy MiceChatters. But there was nothing but smiles as Jeffrey held a trivia contest and gave away lots of fun prizes. Jeffrey is a true Disney Geek and an ideal spokesperson for Disney's official fan club. We are delighted to have his friendship and support of MiceChat. And we hope you'll help support D23 and their upcoming convention in return.

    This year was different in many way, including a much more polished and detailed schedule of events. Each meet and event was sponsored by a different MiceChat notable columnist, moderator, staff or senior member and each of them did an extraordinary job. We can't thank them enough for helping make everyone feel welcomed. But very special thanks must go out to Indiana Jenn who planned our Wine Reception at Pop the Cork Wine Bar at the Anaheim GardenWalk and our Jack Lindquist Breakfast and Book Signing at ESPN Zone. Those were two events that will long be remembered in the MiceChat history books. And also to Monorail Man, Fishbulb and Mamabot for their Game Show, Eye Spy, and Mice and Go seek events. They truly turned Saturday into a play day for the hundreds of folks who joined us.

    Of course, all of this was made possible by an impressive list of sponsors whom I hope have earned your support and thanks:

    Fairy Godmother Travel - who donated a 2 night stay at the Grand Californian Hotel as well as Vinylmation figures, theme park and cruise line merchandise and lots of emotional and monetary support. Teresa Cory is nothing short of a superstar travel planner and has become a dear friend and supporter of the MiceChat community. If you are even remotely interested in visiting a Disney theme park, Disney Cruise Line, or taking an Adventure by Disney trip, we hope you'll call Teresa first!

    ESPN Zone - We have nothing but praise for the fantastic folks at ESPN Zone. They absolutely bent over backwards to welcome the MiceChatters this weekend and produce a fantastic breakfast and book signing event. They also donated prizes and giveaways to help make our weekend even more magical. We absolutely rediscovered ESPN Zone this weekend. Not only are they great folks who deserve our support, but they serve a wonderful menu as well. And there is a HUGE game room upstairs just waiting for you to explore and have a great time! And, right now, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with free stuff (free brownies and games). Check out their web site for more details:

    LEGOLAND - We couldn't have been more surprised or delighted with the support we received from the folks at LEGOLAND. They sent in stacks of park hopper tickets for us to give away this past weekend as well as amazing prizes and a super gift basket filled with Star Wars LEGO items. The LEGOLAND Resort is expanding this year with new activities and attractions in LEGOLAND park (including a new Star Wars miniland), LEGOLAND Water Park, and LEGOLAND's SEA LIFE Aquarium. If you'll be in the San Diego area, don't miss visiting MiceChat supporter: LEGOLAND California

    We would also like to thank Discovery Science Center and Knott's Berry Farm for their support and donations of tickets for our contests and giveaways and to the Howard Johnson Anaheim Resort for providing a home to all of the MiceChat visitors from around the world who joined us this past weekend.

    But most of all, we would like to thank YOU, our amazing readers, who give so generously of your voice and time in making MiceChat the vibrant, interesting and ever-changing place that it is.

    It has been nothing short of a fantastic ride these past 6 years, and there is so much left for us all to explore together in the future. Happy Anniversary everyone!

    Most sincerely,

    Dusty and MiceChat Crew

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    re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

    It was kinda like a weird dream. I was in a big room, with a bunch of my friends, and two beloved Disneyland resort presidents yucking it up and having a good time.

    I really can't believe that it all came together. What's more I can't express how grateful I am to all the parties involved for such a wonderful event. ESPN Zone gave us space and supplied a breakfast that very truly surpassed any expectation I had. They were professional, accommodating, and above all they served, quite possibly, the best bacon I have ever tasted. The stuff was AMAZING. The staff at ESPN Zone were on top of every single detail and everyone knew their job and did it perfectly. I have never been part of an event that went so smoothly. THANK YOU ESPN ZONE.

    Can you believe a current Disneyland Resort President came to a MiceChat meet? I mean really? George Kalogridis was a kind and gracious guest to our event and I really think he gets the fan community. George is a busy busy guy. For him to take the time to have a breakfast with us, introduce Jack and then spend time with the fans was impressive. I really couldn't see too many other resort presidents doing that for any fan site. Pretty amazing. Thank you Mr. Kalogridis. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have breakfast with you and to spend time getting to know you more. Keep up the good work.

    Circarama and George Kalogridis

    To Jack Lindquist, a million thanks. What you brought to the Disneyland resort will forever stand as a testament to your fun nature, warmth and intuitive management of a beloved franchise. Thank you for coming and sharing your amazing book, In Service to the Mouse, and being a part of a very very important moment in MiceChat's history. Our user's love you, we love you, and it was an honor to spend time eating, drinking and laughing. Thanks a million. Now, is there any way you can bring back those strawberry malts they had during the Blast From the Past promotion? You must have the recipe somewhere.

    Finally, a BIG BIG thanks to the MiceChat staff that worked so hard on putting all of the elements together to make this happen. You gave every fan the chance to spend time with two people that are very dear to our hearts. This was the chance of a lifetime and you made it fun, affordable and it's something I don't think I will ever forget.

    George talks about Jack.

    Samland with Jack Lindquist.

    "We did things because we didn't know we couldn't"

    Thanks George, Jack, ESPN Zone and MiceChat. This was an amazing event!!!

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      re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

      amazing weekend! it was great meeting so many of you!


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        re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

        Thanks Fishy,
        My lil' Daisy was so excited to be part of her first anniversary party! Thanks so much to you and Dusty for making her feel so welcome (as you always do)!
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          re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

          Really wish we could have made it back down on Sunday, but it ended up not really being possible for us.
          But we had a great time with the couple of events that we attended on Saturday! You guys really did a great job organizing everything this year. Bummed we couldn't attend more of the events. Maybe next year


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            Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

            Where to start...

            Congratulations to Micechat for putting on an event that felt special and professional. "This is better than many D23 events" was the type of sentiment expressed by many at the breakfast.

            How fantastic for George K. to come. It was an acknowledgement, I felt, that he understands Disney fan sites aren't just for cranky nitpickers (although we can be quite critical at times). Micechatters are some of the biggest Disney fans around, and for the company to acknowledge us, and support us, is HUGE.

            I can count the number of meets I've been to on one hand (being from out of country), but I've always felt welcome like I was a "regular". Thanks to everyone for that.

            The in-park events were fun and well organized. The schedule was busy, but not overwhelming. My deepest praise to everyone who had a hand in the planning and organizing.

            Keep up the good work, and I can't wait until next time!
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              Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

              This was one of the most amazing weekends I have ever spent.

              Kudos to IndiannaJenn for doing so much for us from putting together the Friday night Wine Reception to setting up this amazing breakfast at the ESPN Zone and every thing else. I'll be dreaming of that bacon for years to come!

              I am so appreciative that Jack wanted to be a part of our event. To be in the presence of someone who not only knew Walt, but worked so closely with him was amazing.

              And I appreciate that George took the time out of what I know must be an incredibly busy schedule to not only join us for breakfast, but to stick around also signing the book, shaking hands and talking to us! I think I'm still sitting here with a "deer in the headlights" look on my face at the wonder of it all!!

              Thank you to those who put things together, who made the weekend special, to the ones who were there for all or part of the festivities and to the spirit of that that is MiceChat!

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                Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                Thank you for the kind words, Dusty.

                I would like to thank you for creating this site. You took a bunch of Disney fans and turned them into a big family. Sometimes we're a little dysfunctional, but we're always fun and the events of the weekend proved that in spades. What an incredible anniversary!
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                  Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                  George K. is truly a class act, he truly cares about the disney fans and the guest who enter and play at the resort daily, I hope future presidents take a page out of his book


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                    Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                    Such a great weekend! Thanks to everyone, Dusty, IndianaJenn, Fishbulb, my fellow mods and event staff for organizing the whole weekend! I definitely want to thank Jack, George and the ESPNZone for making the breakfast such a memorable event for all in attendance! And of course, to my fellow MiceChatters who make this community what it is!


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                      Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                      Wow! What a great time! I wish Russ and I could have been there. We really need to move down there....
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                        Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                        What a great day and weekend it was, Thank you so much to all the mods and everyone who put this together!! It was so special and it def hit me in a special place and touched me so much. I am sure it did to many. Dusty thank you again I cant stress it enough about how much fun I had and the breakfast and the legends. Thanks for this awesome site and the people who contribute to it everyday to make it bigger and better.


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                          Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                          Seeing all the hard work that goes into all these events, as well as the epic scale of them all, I have to say you guys always manage to pull it off without a hitch. I congratulate all the MC staff, mods, crew, etc. for being so awesome and just a downright amazing group of people. Though we couldn't make it this year, I know the memories that can form from being at such fabulous events, and they indeed are memories that last a lifetime. I can't wait until we get ourselves back to CA to spend time with the greatest group of people out there, MiceChatters.

                          And I can't wait for the Gumball Rally!
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                            Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                            Absolutely an amazing wknd! Thanks to all who put in so much time and hard work to make this possible. This was my first meet ever and I can say I'll be back for sure. I'm seriously contemplating Gumball Rally. Even my friend who I brought with me for the wknd enjoyed it and had a really good time as well.

                            Thanks Dusty and the rest of the MiceChat Crew!

                            A special thank you to Jack Lindquist, George Kalogridis, and Jeffrey Epstein for taking time out of your schedules and personal lives to come and spend some time with us. Kudos to you guys.


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                              Re: Thank you Jack, George, Jeffrey, our staff, crew and YOU!

                              What an amazing weekend! First off, thanks to Dustysage, Fishbulb, and IndianaJenn for coordinating such a well planned weekend!

                              I have to admit, the highlight of the weekend was definitely Saturday morning's book signing. It takes a lot to geek me out, and this definitely geeked me out :blush:. The thought of meeting such an icon as Jack Lindquist, the first president of Disneyland, had me up and ready to go on Saturday morning. But, imagine my surprise when George Kalogridis was introduced. It was an amazing experience to be able to talk for a few moments to each of these gentlemen. I personally would like to thank them for taking the time to talk a little to us about Disneyland in the past, and in the future, and especially for taking the time to sign our books and spend a few moments with each us. I think that's all most of us talked about all day Saturday!

                              I met so many great people this weekend. It always makes it so much more personal on the boards when you can put a face to a screen name and remember the conversations, and good times you had with them. And it's amazing how having a love of Disneyland can bring all these strangers together, and within minutes of meeting, feel like you have new friends with something in common.

                              And then of course, there's the special friends I have made over the years at MiceChat that I look forward to visiting with too, this is another aspect of this weekend that always makes the anniversary meet so special, and probably what I look forward to the most.

                              It was a wonderful weekend, and I thank MiceChat for bringing me all this happiness :love:


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