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Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here


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  • [Chat] Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

    As these threads are usually fun when they get going, and both new folks and regulars to contribute!

    Here are some of the earliest things I remember:

    ~Seeing America Sings and Tomorrowland at night and being a bit overwhelmed by basically, the awesomeness of it (the AstroJets spinning and the lighting and such)

    ~Having a Welch's frozen grape juice from Fantasyland then riding the Skyway

    ~Running around Tom Sawyer Island and being equally fascinated/frightened by the bottomless cavern and eerie noises inside Injun Joe's Cave

    ~Being freaked out by the cheesy sea serpent's gradual appearance aboard the Submarines.

    ~And as I am sure many here can relate to (those who visited before DCA was built), walking to the front entrance from the parking lot (Bambi section!) and being eager to get inside and start doing things.

    How about you folks out there?
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    Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

    Watching the Main Street Electical Parade that song is still very much Disneyland for me!

    After watching the parade the first night of our trips (out of state visited once or twice a year) escaping out into the lands during the parade to be able to walk on any ride! (pre fantasmic)

    The way the foyer of HM is always cold when I was younger (hell even today) it gave it the feel it was really haunted!

    Taking the tram to the original parking lot at the end of the night half asleep and exhausted but exicited to do it all again the next day!

    Trying to explain to grandma who the kid was in your character photo because meet and greets didn't exist and you got your picture any way you could even if there where extras in the picture!
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      Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

      i put the same memory in each of these threads, but i dont mind because i'm so fond of it: riding the skyway as a child. looking down and seeing the matterhorn sleds speeding under me hearing the screaming riders. i miss those buckets.


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        Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

        Being the first car waiting to get into the parking lot.

        Calling the Disney characters on a telephone that was part of the Bell Phone Center exhibit in the exit area to America the Beautiful.

        Being freaked out by the eye in Adventure Thru Innerspace.

        Seeing Harry James perform at Plaza Gardens.

        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

          That first 'grand circle tour.' My parents had made the trip the year before on vacation and they knew the best way to see the whole Park in style was friom the train. I believe my eyes must've been bugging out.
          I have so many memories from that very first visit, it's almost as if it were yesterday. It was a dream come true...
          First Visit at the age of 12, July 17, 1968.
          First Ride, The Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad.


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            Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

            I remember watching the Mulan parade back when I was younger. I'm 15 now. I also remember being terrified of going on the Rocket Rods. :lol:
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              Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

              I remember the Disney Avenue

              Being on Main Street cold night and seeing the Electrical Parade

              The PM when it had the Tron Tunnel
              Happy Halloween!!!


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                Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

                A very early memory was standing by our car and watching one of the orange grove windmills twirling about.
                Driving down I5 to get to Disneyland from East Los Angeles.
                Getting terrified at seeing Capt. Hook and hoping he didn't see me.
                Covering up my ears way way before the Jungle Cruise skipper shot the hippos.
                Watching Dad reach into his back pocket to get his wallet, handing me money and letting me pay for our lunch or dinner meals.
                I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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                  Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

                  One of my earliest memories with any characters was being about 3 or 4, and the Big Bad WOlf coming by and patting me on the head. I talked about it for the whole day. It made my day.

                  No matter where you go, there you are.


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                    Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

                    My earliest and favorite memory of Disneyland, is from what I think was my first trip in 1973. I was 5 yrs old, and I vividly remember walking into Tomorrowland with my dad and just being overwhelmed and excited beyond words.
                    We walked up to one of the free standing ticket booths, and I stood looking up at the booth while my dad bought tickets. He asked me what I wanted to do and I said "I want to go on that" as I pointed up to the Rocket Jets spinning what seemed to me, to be hundreds of feet above TL.

                    I'll never forget how my dad seemed to be scared whenever I would push the lever to make the rocket go higher. He would laugh histerically and reach up and push the lever back down, saying "Don't make it go up, don't do it"! and I would of course laugh and push the lever again, and so it went.
                    I realise in retrospect, that my dad was probably just pretending to be scared to amuse me, and I have to say he did a great job, because it still makes me laugh to think about it.


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                      Re: Early Disneyland Memories: Share them Here

                      -I remember the first time my dad took us. I was probably about 7. We used to have Toy Story on VHS and it had this AMAZING Disneyland commercial on it with these two cute little boys all excited to go to Disneyland. I watched it over and over and over again.

                      -My first time on Main Street, feeling so overwhelmed and excited about EVERYTHING.

                      -Falling in love with POTC.

                      -Walking across the castle drawbridge while staring at the castle with admiration

                      -Being terrified on the Matterhorn

                      -Watching my little brother be completely TERRIFIED of Splash Mountain.

                      -Eating at the Carnation Cafe!


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