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When do different groups hold their 'Disneyland Days'?


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  • [Question] When do different groups hold their 'Disneyland Days'?

    I was wondering if there was a calendar somewhere official that Disney has or if different groups arrange it on the same day or different days each year... but everyone knows about the 'Gay Day' or 'Goth Day' at Disneyland. It's always a fun surprise when I go and it happens to be one of those days, but I was wondering if this was like a quasi-official thing Disneyland does and has specific days for every year. Or if there's one specific gay or goth or whatever group that puts these on every year on the same day. Or if they're each held on different days each year, or maybe even they are multiple ones of the same 'day' in one year?

    Yea, just curious about this, have always wondered. It'd be cool to be able to have each of them down on my calendar with reminders each year so I'd know it was coming up and could go that day. Also, I really only know of 'Gay Day' and 'Goth Day'. Anyone know how many different 'Days' there are at Disneyland?
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    Re: When do different groups hold their 'Disneyland Days'?

    There are:

    Gay Days: September 30 - October 2, 2011 (Source:

    Bats Day (aka Goth Day): Friday, May 6th through Sunday May 8th, 2011 (Source:

    Raver Day: Dates Unsure

    Harry Potter Day: Sunday, November 6th, 2011

    That is all I can recall now.

    EDIT - NOTE: These are "unofficial," meaning that Disneyland DOES NOT support any of these days, maybe with a few merchandise, I believe.
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      Re: When do different groups hold their 'Disneyland Days'?

      Disney may not endorse them,
      but the groups leaders do go to Disney and let them know of their plans.
      This way Disney isn't caught off guard and can staff as necessary.

      Some of the groups will generally hold their "days" around the same weekends each year.

      If not mistaken,
      Goth (Bats Day) day got moved out of August and into May (I think last year)

      I checked out the gay day site.
      It says you can get up to 40% off hotel going through them (
      I checked what they were offering... just for Paradise Pier the average night stay cost was $169.00. That's not a great discount rate.
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