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Radical Changes Coming to Disney Resort Booking Policies?


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  • [Rumor] Radical Changes Coming to Disney Resort Booking Policies?

    I just took a disturbing follow-up survey on my October 2010 stay at the Grand Californian. Basically, they wanted to know how many drastic restrictions to hotel booking policies I would put up with in order to get a discount, and how many free counter-service meals and drinks it would take to get me to pay full price.

    Some of the more alarming proposed restrictions included completely non-refundable deposits, the elimination of Magic Mornings, and no choice in which of the three Disney hotels I was booked into.

    We were asked to rank how restrictive we thought each of these were:

    - Reservation deposits are not refundable, but are bankable for future use within two years

    - Reservation deposits are not refundable, and cannot be banked for future use

    - Choice of price range, but specific Resort assigned by the Disney Reservation system

    - Full payment at time of booking

    - Reservations are not eligible for upgrades

    - Magic Mornings are not available

    - Dining reservation booking window begins later than for other guests (30 days prior to arrival instead of 60 days)

    Then we were asked to rank how appealing these (extra cost) benefits were:
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    Re: Radical Changes Coming to Disney Resort Booking Policies?

    Don't look to much into it. They do surveys like this all the time. All it is is to get guest input. It doesn't mean they're thinking about changing it, they're just getting feedback on what people feel. I've taken a few survey from them and some of the answers were similar in fashion to the ones you said are asked. One of the answers was even if I found the survey to be offensive. Trust me, it's nothing.


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      Re: Radical Changes Coming to Disney Resort Booking Policies?

      Took the same survey this morning. There were 9 different scenarios to choose from, I didnt care for any of their menu selections. Suggested the way to get me back there on a regular basis was to slash standard rates by 50% (not holding breathe).
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