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When will Goofy's Sky School open?


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  • [Question] When will Goofy's Sky School open?

    I'm going to the Disneyland Resort (and D23 Expo) this August and I want to go on Goofy's Sky School when it's open.
    It has to be before August!

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    Re: When will Goofy's Sky School open?

    It should open June 3rd along with Little Mermaid and Star Tours.
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      Re: When will Goofy's Sky School open?

      Yup, should open same day as Little Mermaid, of very close to it.

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        Re: When will Goofy's Sky School open?

        I thought I read the entire area with the restaurants and the goofys sky school would open by the end of may. But for sure they will all be open in august. i'd say june 3 is the latest it'll open.
        -Jennelle AKA Blue AKA Dory

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