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Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage


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  • [Idea] Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

    I have been working on this project for close to 3 years on and off. It has been a crazy experience that is ongoing. I originally hoped that the project would come to fruition, but it does not appear that the project will ever happen. The project takes the music, media, and effects from both WOC and RDCT and translates each show to the stage with some changes. The project simply began with a drawing of the haunted mansion i made in class, and a youtube video. I don't have time tonight to begin posting the project details. The project is still being worked on, but i would love to hear feedback and get some help from my fellow MiceChatters. Here is what I can reveal:

    - WOC has few changes, and uses music that has never been heard before, such as the little Squirt extended opening (note I do not own any tracks never heard)

    -RDCT loses the portion of the score reused from Wishes in place of a newer opening which part comes from The Magic, The Memories, and You!
    More details, such as the use of fountains ( yes fountains on stage)and creative conceptual outlines will be posted within a week or so.
    Teen Disneygeek and Fantasmic Fan waiting to go to DL and WDW

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    Re: Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

    Before I begin, Stage right= Audience left, Stage Left = Audience Right, Downstage= closer to audience, Upstage, closer to backstage. Also, a script of lines is being created, and generalities are used. The script will be posted when it is complete

    First up, Remember... Dreams Come True: The Magic of Disneyland Live on Stage

    1. The Show opens with the music from the opening of The Magic, the Memories, and You, featuring Tinkerbell as a floating ball of light. She flies around the whole theater, and eventually makes her way to the top of the theater and uses pixie dust to bring Disneyland to us.
    2. The music segues into the Wishes opening, and lights "pulse" to the music. The curtains open following the transition to reveal Sleeping Beauty's Castle
    3. Julie Andrew's narration from the original RDCT is used, and during this time, the castle moves upstage while an extension of the stage rises. On this extension, a chair and table with a scrapbook on it. In addition, a miniature set decorated to the inside of the Disneyland City Hall/ "Tour Center" that is moved on from Stage Right, which is the left side of the stage to the audience.
    4. The narrator/tour guide for the show is sitting on the chair, looking at the scrapbook. This continues until the narration has finished. Following this, a new underscore begins and the curtains close to allow the next set to be put into place. During this underscore, the narrator speaks about how she reminisces about visiting Disneyland when she was a child, and today, she will make the dreams of a family come true.
    5. The family appears on the other side of the stage and walk into the "Tour Center", and meet their guide, whose name is Julie. She explains that she has access to front of the line passes, which will allow for a day of fun with little to no wait.
    6. Julie goes onto give a short history lesson about Disneyland. At the very end of the history speech, the curtains open up and Julie says, "And on July 17, 1955, Disneyland was born". At this point, the original score kicks in and Tinkerbell begins to fly above the Magic Kingdom

    Sorry to cut off short, but there is a little left in this "Opening" Scene. I will post that tomorrow, along with what is in store for our tour of Main Street, U.S.A,

    Until then, I suggest that you listen to the RDCT soundtracks as they will play a crucial role in my scene descriptions
    Teen Disneygeek and Fantasmic Fan waiting to go to DL and WDW


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      Re: Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

      Nice choice, to adapt RDCT to a stage format (I too thought RDCT would be great if adapted to the stage.)
      One minor quibble: where would you put this show? I'm guessing the Fantasyland Theater, right? Where The Princess Fantasy Faire is?

      sigpicNow the Tower of Sauron has fallen
      Also, this picture and my Avatar was taken with a Nintendo DSi System and Nyko Magnification Lens & Case for DSi.


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        Re: Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

        I'm listening.


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          Re: Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

          To answer the location question, yes ad no. The shows are designed for a theater, originally to be my school theater, which may be rebuilt over the summer. However, RDCT is also meant to go into an enclosed Fantasyland Theatre. Does anybody know the stage dimensions?? also, sorry about no update. I changed some of my ideas and I will be posting more when I get a chance. I'm busy with a massive english project and tests.
          Teen Disneygeek and Fantasmic Fan waiting to go to DL and WDW


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            Re: Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

            Back to the show, which i will attempt to update every day...... (Images and sketches will come after both shows are up)
            Opening, Part 2
            1. Tinkerbell does fly in the show. Due to size restraints, Tink is an animated figure on wires hanging above the castle. Also, a replica of Main street leading up to the castle has now appeared. The street is slanted to allow enough room for performers to stand in the front of the stage.

            Note: Main Street is made of wood and features seamless projections of the buildings, and you will see why with my next point.
            2. When Tinkerbell would usually enchant the castle before the opening day speech, time is turned back to 1955. Walt and members of the press are gathered in what is usually Town Square, which is actually hidden under the stage, about to come up.
            3. After Walt and the press leave very quickly, the music builds and crescendos (I'm a teen who loves music, in other words, its getting louder). At the same time, Main Street goes dark, Tink begins to circle the castle to the op spire, and at the same time, the construction montage of Main Street and the Castle synced to play together. When Tinkerbell enchants the castle and leaves, time is turned back, and Town Square moves into place.

            At this point, We now move into the "E-Ticket Tour". I got this name from the presentation Steve Davison gave to the media, which described the show as "E-Tickets in the Sky"
            Teen Disneygeek and Fantasmic Fan waiting to go to DL and WDW


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              Re: Armchair Imagineering- World of Color and Remember... Dreams Come True On Stage

              Main Street, U.S.A
              Well, the fun now begins.
              1. Julie and our guests, who had previously left the stage so as not to ruin the illusion of time, now reenter the stage from Stage Left. Julie then mentions that there will be a parade starting soon, so you can shop and talk with people and grab a seat for the parade, and that she will meet them at the Adventureland sign when the parade is over. Julie exits the stage.

              2. The music kicks in, and Main Street becomes alive. People walking in and out of shops, eating, and sitting down in the area to get ready for___________.

              3. The reason why there is a blank above is the parade has not been chosen. It will not be the MSEP, even though i love Baroque Hoedown. It will either be Soundsational (or Mickey's Soundsational Parade) or Parade of Dreams. I will continue on with Parade of Dreams.

              4. An new transition from the existing RDCT score into the parade score will be composed. For PoD, the opening music will allow the floats to quickly all line up around Town Square and one float upstage on Main Street. The music transitions into the showstop version of Welcome, with a dance involving gold ribbons. Note that these are not the actual floats, but detailed smaller replicas.

              5. After the showstop, the characters and dancers board their floats as they quickly leave. (I just came up with this yesterday so give me some props on an awesome transition) When the music transitions from welcome into the fanfare, the guests begin waling up Main Street as Main Street lies out away from view, leaving only the castle. The castle begins moving forward, implying that we are walking to Adventureland. the castle moves offstage stage left and the Adventureland sign with Julie com in from stage Left just as the music becomes into a minor key. The music ends with the final fanfare and cuts off before the princess unit music (a dream is your wish,etc..) cuts in.

              That is all for today, but another update is possible tonight around 9:30 ET. Next update will be all of Adventureland (with a script!!!!) and possibly the hardest and most complex scene of the show, the Haunted Mansion. the reason? well, actual stretching rooms!

              Soon be ready to dream in marvelous color. Till then, See ya!
              Teen Disneygeek and Fantasmic Fan waiting to go to DL and WDW


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