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DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

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  • DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

    Great Day at the Park. Sure, there were crowds, but who cares? We expected it. Lots of people watching. In fact, we saw the gal from C.S.I. walking around with her family. Marge something-or-other. She's the main gal on the original CSI show. We said Hi! to her and she said it back. Nice lady.

    Said Hi! to Santa and his Reindeer. Watched the tourists laugh at the walking/talking trash can in TomorrowLand. Saw the parade with the pardoned turkey in it. He/she was huge!

    Finished off the day at the DL Hotel Buffet. It was incredible! In addition to our favorite foods, they had food that we have never seen before. Especially the desserts! They had a Hill-billy band playing for most of the time. It was OK. The pumpkin carver was terrific. He carved pumpkins, watermelons and even squash for our entertainment.

    Looked around for Wolfy, but couldn't find her. Lots of people there to sort through. Sorry.

    All this and our trip has just begun!

    Caught the fireworks last night. Going elsewhere tomorrow. Gotta go get the kids out of the pool now before they grow gills!

    We'll keep you posted on the trip, LIVE from the Resort!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Re: DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

    Yeah, Marg Hergenberger (last name sp?) came to have lunch with us today. She's very pretty and so thin!
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      Re: DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

      I'm glad your having fun. I'm debating about going on saturday. I'm not big on crowds though. I ahve been known to stay for an hour and leave when it's to crowded...LOL


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        Re: DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

        I had a great day....

        But I was not anywhere near the park today! I envy you who were there to see the turkey in the parade, I think thats a frekkin funny idea...

        Im glad you had great day Mickey!
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          Re: DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

          Glad that you had fun, PirateMickey! That carver sounds pretty funny!
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            Re: DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

            glad you had fun, did you take any pictures of the turkey in the parade?
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              Re: DL Thanksgiving Day Excitement!

              My wife were there on Turkey Day as well. The place was absolutely packed, but we stayed for about 12 hours and still managed to have a lot of fun split between the two parks. I was curious if anyone knew of a final (as always, estimated) head count for the day? When we entered, they said they may be closing by 1pm, but I don't think it ever hit capacity.
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