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Two last-minute questions


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  • [Question] Two last-minute questions

    I have two more questions about our upcoming trip that I'm sure you all can answer for me.

    First, how much food can we get away with bringing into the park? We're planning to bring a few different snacks, some bottled water, and a bag of fresh veggies. I've got a pretty strict diet I must follow for health reasons, and I'm pretty sure most Disney foods aren't going to fit into my guidelines very well. If I explain that to whoever is checking my bag, will they let me in with my vegetables?

    And second, can someone explain to me exactly how the child swap works on the rides with height restrictions? We'll be traveling with a toddler who is too short, and an older child who is tall enough. If one parent rides with the older child while the other waits with the little one, will the older child be allowed to ride again with the second parent, or must that parent ride alone? (I kind of hate the idea of riding an attraction alone, with no one to share it with!) And I vaguely remember being issued some sort of 'ticket' if one parent wanted to come back later one that day, but I don't remember how it actually works.

    Thanks for any info you might have!

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    Re: Two last-minute questions

    You're at one of Disney's theme parks and you have a little one with you who doesn't meet the height requirements of the attractions. Does this mean that you're doomed to riding Small World over and over and over....?
    Luckily, at Disneyland you and the others you're traveling with can "swap" your child and take turns enjoying the rides without having to get back on the line. (And no matter how cranky your kid is, this doesn't mean you get to trade for another one.)
    First, check that it's offered at the theme park attraction. The Disney Cast Member will then instruct you to enter the queue. Once you're at the boarding area, let the Cast Member know that you want to "child swap." They'll show you where to wait while the rest of your party enjoys the ride. Once they get back, you hand the little guy over to them and you get your turn without having to get back on the line.
    This works best with kids who are too young to be aware of what's going on. It may not be the best plan if you have a 3 year old and everyone else gets to ride. They know that they're missing something and could be quite vocal about it.

    food If you a lot food in one bag or a cooler I think it will not pass.
    If you small bag and what you have post I think it will be ok.
    Most of time I will pack a some dry stuff and one bottle water sandwigh apple.
    I was let in.
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      Re: Two last-minute questions

      I would call guest relations (714-999-4565) and ask about the food. As for your child, you should be ok, but I would ask a CM (or even when you call) it may depend on how busy they are that day. Good luck!


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        Re: Two last-minute questions

        As far as food goes:

        Items not permitted include, but are not limited to, the following:

        Coolers larger than 6-pack sized are not permitted into the theme parks.
        Note: Guest can store coolers up to 18" wide x 25" high x 37" deep in rentable large lockers located outside the Disneyland Park Main Entrance. Lockers are not refrigerated and availability is limited. Guests who need to refrigerate medication may do so at First Aid.
        Exceptions may be made for special dietary or religious needs.
        You can carry a small (very) cooler or backpack into the park, with whatever foods you can fit. Many people carry granola bars, fruit, drinks or premade sandwiches. If its more snack size rather that full on meals Disney most likely won't question it. If it seems like an excessive amount you may be asked to put it in a locker outside of the entrance. Just be aware that any backpack or cooler you take into the park is subject to being searched in the bag check area before you go in.

        akfandisney has already pretty much covered how the child swap part works.

        Theme Parks | FAQ | Disneyland Resort

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          Re: Two last-minute questions

          I usually have sandwiches, snacks, water bottles, and even vegetables too and I've never had a problem getting through bag check. Sometimes they ask what is in your bag and I just say that I have some snacks and water. It shouldn't be a problem.


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            Re: Two last-minute questions

            For the child switch, please always check in with a castmember at the start of the queue before anyone waits in line. The swap is available at all attractions with a height limit and the castmember may ask to see the non-riding child, in order to avoid misuse of the pass.

            Many of the attractions will not be able to accommodate a child who is too small in the queue. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that some attractions have no way out of the loading area other than to cross through a vehicle. This procedures causes attraction backups, which in turn cause breakdowns.

            Upon checking in, the castmember should provide the guest waiting with the non-riding child with a child swap pass that is valid for two people to return after the first group waits in the queue. Someone who already rode may accompany the individual who waited as the child swap pass is valid for two.

            If available the fastpass is generally the return path but *sometimes* it is through the exit. Please listen and/or read carefully for the return location when checking in to receive the pass.

            Hope this helps to explain the child swap pass procedures. Enjoy your trip!


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              Re: Two last-minute questions

              Yes, the easiest way to child swap is to take the whole family to the cast member at the beginning of the line to get the pass. Then Adult #1 with older child waits in the queue while Adult #2 with too-small child just goes off and does something else. Throw in a quick text at the end and meet up again. There are often many close-by attractions to entertain the little one during the wait. For example, when my husband and I swap at Space Mountain, the other usually takes our son on Buzz Lightyear since the wait is always shorter than SM and then we don't just stand around--or we'll sit and watch the Jedi Training Academy.


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                Re: Two last-minute questions

                I dunno about the child swap, but I always bring snacks into the park without any problems. usually a couple 5 hour energy drinks, bottled water, granola bars, carrot/celery sticks and a couple pb&j sammiches and I never have an issue, they barely check your bags anyhow, you'll be fine.


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                  Re: Two last-minute questions

                  Oh, I love child swap! I was the older child in the situation, so I got to go twice and wait through the line once! It was awesome!
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                    Re: Two last-minute questions

                    Yesterday I saw a guest with a paper grocery bag filled with food in their stroller. To be honest, its a Disney Policy to never say no to a guest unless safety is an issue.
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                      Re: Two last-minute questions

                      Beverages in factory sealed plastic bottles may be brought in to the park. Bottled water and Gatorade are a good thing to bring with you in a backpack. Most headaches, pains, and cramps after a day at the park are caused by dehydration. Drinks are rather pricy in the park. I know I've brought in a Monster energy drink in my backpack, but I think the only reason they allowed that aluminum can in is because they sell them in the park too.

                      Child swap it great for the older kid because they get to ride twice!!!

                      Have a great trip!!!! :-)


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                        Re: Two last-minute questions

                        24601 explained child swap correctly.

                        Most of the time the little one cannot wait in line (I've never seen a ride where they could, actually). It's too much of a risk that they will either board the ride or create crowding in the station, which is a dangerous situation.
                        The child swap (or rider switch, or whatever) gets you and one other person in through the fastpass. Sometimes if you want 2 or 3 people to ride with you they will give you 2 passes. If there is no fastpass or fastpass is closed that day, then you take it through the exit.

                        I've noticed lately (like in the past two weeks) that they stopped keeping them out front at Big Thunder Mountain. They said people were running up and stealing them without having little kids. The place you get them now is at the top of the stairs, from the person who gives you the row to sit in. Then you take that back to the person who is waiting. But this is a good reason to have the whole family together when you ask for it, right when the first adult boards, because they are the one who has to be told to ask for and bring you the pass.

                        No idea if other rides would have to start doing this, or how long it will last. Because the thing is, if you're all the way inside at the top of the stairs, how do they know you have a baby waiting outside? couldn't you just ask for one and say you have someone waiting outside, and just ride twice in a row yourself? don't do this, but i'm just saying that someone could, so it doesn't seem to solve their misuse problems.

                        As for food, I've taken in full picnic lunches in a refrigerated tote bag. Never had any problems. That was for days when we ate sandwiches for lunch, lots of snacks, and then bought dinner in the park. You can store the food in a locker instead of carrying it around.
                        I've even seen people take in giant delivery pizzas or KFC spreads for 12 people, even though I think that's pretty bad. you should be taking in your own food; if you want take out or a certain restaurant, just take a break and go to that place.
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