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Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!


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  • [Fun] Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!

    This is my first post to mice chat! I've been reading these forums for ages, and I thought it would be a good time to join
    Disneyland trips for me are every 1 or 2 years, so I'm VERY excited for my trip in six days.
    Sooo... even though I'm a Disney addict, I'm sure I haven't done everything. What are some of the most obscure, unpopular, fun things you guys do at the parks? I would love to try new things this time.
    P.S.- We'll have a seven-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girls with us.

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    Re: Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!

    We're going to be in Disneyland then too! Awesome. Funny that your post asks about trying new things this time - we were thinking of doing just that. Some of the things we usually pass by, like Small World and the Tiki Room.


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      Re: Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!

      That's funny; those are the things I always force my family to do (with much complaint). "C'mon guys, it's history!" Haha


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        Re: Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!

        Welcome Friend!

        A couple firsts we did last summer (after going almost every year since '85) was
        DCA (first time)
        the Tiki Room
        spent a lot of time on Main Street, checked out Lincoln and the disneyland story and shops
        Rode the canal boats
        Had breakfast at the riverbelle terrace
        Had dinner at the Harbour Galley (loved the corn clam chowder! num num num)
        Rode Splash Mountain at Night (during F! theres no line)

        we got the discount tickets: 5 days for the price of 3 parkhoppers, it was nice to enjoy the ambience of the park for once rather than waiting in lines all day and rushing. every day we went from 8am-2pm went and took at nap at the hotel until around 6pm-ish and went back to the park until closing avoid afternoons at the park if you can.

        Hope you have a funtastic and safe trip!


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          Re: Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!

          Two unlisted events that happen almost every day are.

          Mary Poppins Show with the Purley Band in front of the Castle at 2:00.

          Musical Chairs with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter
          at the Coke Refreshment Corner at 2:30.

          No Lines, no waiting.......
          30 minutes with the Wonderland gang.
          Often joined by The Queen of Hearts, Mr. White Rabbit, Peter Pan, and others.

          YouTube Video of how this works...
          YouTube - Disneyland Musical Chairs - 'Disneyland Edition' (Part 1 of 4)

          Also the Green Army Men in Cal Adventure now have expanded their show,
          it is listed in the handout at the entrance.
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            Re: Disneyland Trip in Six Days!!!

            Riding the Matterhorn while the Fireworks are going off!! You get awesome views!


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