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Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan " Fo' Cheap" for Travelers on a budget


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  • [Other] Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan " Fo' Cheap" for Travelers on a budget

    I do have a Hyperskreems Semi-Not-so--Ghetto Plan for a week at Disneyland fo' cheap! lol
    I realize money is tight for People these days, but a Disneyland Resort Trip doesn't have to be expensive. This is tailored more to young couples or college kids but is relevant to everyone.

    depending on the time of year. typically Late Summer
    if you live in CA use the Amtrak in most cases it's cheaper than gas.

    Rodeway Inn on Ball Rd. (behind Mickey and Friends Parking) $220-$250 for 5 days 4 nights
    with a brisk 10 minute walk to front gate (or 5 min. walk to tram station half way). this is the rate for 2 queen size beds and a killer price at that. there is no Pool at this Hotel very limited parking, and no Continental Breakfast. but there is free Wi-Fi--all rooms have been renovated with new beds/furniture, fridge, microwave etc and the outside is plain and simple and it serves its purpose without you losing your dignity lol...ya dig? there's families that stay there.

    fill the mini-fridge up with food from local market and bring your own coffee for the in room coffee maker to save $
    (Shop 99 cent store or Food For Less on the corner of Katella and Euclid for around $30 of snacks like cup o noodle, lunchables, carrots and celery, apples, bananas, lunch sized chef boyardee and Mac n Cheese microwave bowls, granola bars Bottled Water etc or stuff to make Sammiches...)there's a microwave too. or you can order Pizza for around $15-$20 with tip and 2 liter soda

    only Dine in the park for breakfast during your Magic Morning, and pick a day for Dinner for a nice sit down meal after a long day. Riverbelle Terrace IMO has a great Breakfast!! pancakes eggs sausage etc for around $10 with coffee and you can people watch on the patio. other days either eat in your room or grab something from the AM PM or 7-11

    Buy Churros and Popcorn sparingly and dont impulse buy but make a decision on your souvenir purchases on your Last Day at the park it will still be there- unless you want mickeys ears to wear around :ap:

    keep car parked in hotel p-king lot all week (save $15 a day and gas)

    Corner 7-11 (or AM PM I dont remember) for coffee and RedBull and ATM/Debit machine withdrawls for $3.00 or free w/ purchase, U can pull out up to $100 in debit for free.

    with promotional 5 day park hoppers for $187.00 usually in August..for Promo's I imagine they will do this until the Construction is completely over.

    It is even cheaper with 3 day promotional Park hoppers and a 3 day 2 night stay.

    a couple additional tips:

    if you get tired easily take the train like you would public transportation to get around the park and the tram station is halfway between the hotel and the park

    arrive at Park opening around 7:30 am and stay until 2pm when the park swells with thousands of guests and the temperature soars to 90 degrees and tempers start flaring in the park; make sure to grab Space Mountain Fast Passes before you leave (they will be for like 8pm that night) and return to the hotel for a nap and some air conditioning. about a 2-3 hour nap should do or just rest and watch t.v. or upload your pictures to FB or MC using the free WI-FI

    or you can go to DCA and do some shopping or grab some fast passes for later.

    return to the park at around 5:30 p.m. after a refreshing nap and a RedBull lol and use fast passes you got from the afternoon. or get Indiana Jones fast Passes or Space Mountain Fast Passes if available. Do not waste fast pass on Splash Mountain unless you want to ride during the day. there's a less than 5 min wait at night during F!

    Keep in mind most attractions are DEAD during Fireworks and Fantasmic which render your late night fast passes useless (with the exception of Space Mountain) you can also have 2 fast passes at once as long as 2 hours have elapsed since to retrieved your first one.

    Hope this helps! my family takes a train from Oakland and it drops them off at Angels Stadium and they take a cab to the hotel if I cant pick them up. there are ways to save money without cutting corners. the Indian Family that owns the Hotel is very nice and the Room they always get (room 17) is always clean and the beds are actually comfortable) Im sure prices and rates vary but this is usually during the middle of August. I Do Not know the owners, but it is the best rate we have found in the last couple of years. and it is NOT a roach hole. It's a place to sleep and take naps. if you want a spa and pool and gym and concierge, this plan may not be for you...have a safe and fun trip!
    Last edited by hyperskreem; 04-08-2011, 05:18 PM.

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    Re: Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan &quot; Fo' Cheap&quot; for Travelers on a budget

    Pavillions? Heck -- there's a Food 4 Less and a 99 Cent store on the corner of Katella and Euclid.


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      Re: Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan &quot; Fo' Cheap&quot; for Travelers on a budget

      My dad works at Pavillions aka Vons LOL, OMG how did I not think of that!! you are soooo right Im going to edit the post. thanks friend!!
      Last edited by hyperskreem; 04-08-2011, 04:22 PM.


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        Re: Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan &quot; Fo' Cheap&quot; for Travelers on a budget

        This is great! Except for one thing:
        I saved all of my shopping for my last day at Disneyland, and the night before my last day, they pulled the shirt I wanted off the racks! It was soooo sad. My advice would be to decide what you want ahead of time to avoid impulse buys.


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          Re: Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan &quot; Fo' Cheap&quot; for Travelers on a budget

          Great advice,its a science to do these trips for me,i always save my receipts for every purchase to stay within budget, i never taken a train(cause I like being able to be mobile when im there(the motel is a little farther from the park n its like 37.00 a night.i eat breakfast outside the park(lunch maybe at subway,since you can leave once) if im in the mickey n friends parking structure, i usually take a nap in the car. i bring in my own chips/snacks n crystal light to mix with the water. " how much is it usually to take the train since gas is really expensive now." I'm from Sunnyvale so its almost the same distance from oakland.
          I am a Annual Pass Holder and I'm better than you! lol! :ap:


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            Re: Hyperskreems 5 Day Disneyland Trip Plan &quot; Fo' Cheap&quot; for Travelers on a budget

            Im from Philadelphia (city folk) so the walk from the Motel is cake for me lol we walk everywhere, but the tram station is very close to the Motel


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