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More wildlife sounds in the BTMRR queue?

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  • [Chat] More wildlife sounds in the BTMRR queue?

    I was in the queue of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with my best friend the other night when I was reminded how awesome the theming is. It's quite possibly my favorite queue to wait in line in. However, despite all the people in line, I realized it was a bit quiet in terms of what you might expect a small mine town out in the desert to sound like. I don't believe the usual music was playing up in Rainbow Ridge. And then it occurred how awesome it would be if there were occasional sounds of wildlife being played:

    A rattle snake suddenly rattling in a corner. Is it right behind me?
    A coyote howling from somewhere in the rocks.
    A mountain lion roaring its familiar scream in the mountain. Should I be worried?
    A desert owl suddenly cooing as I pass along the trail. "Whooo, whooo are you?"
    Cricketts singing off and on in the background.

    I absolutely love Big Thunder and its queue. But I truly think the sounds of desert wildlife would add so much more awesomeness and excitement to being in the queue. Some of the sounds, like the cricketts, could be somewhat constant, while others appear sporadically and are more noticeable in some areas than others. I know I'd dig it.

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    Re: More wildlife sounds in the BTMRR queue?

    Yes, yes, and YES! BTMRR is my favorite ride after Indy at DL and you are right the queue is already great but this would totally make it that much more immersive. Great idea and I would love if something like this was implemented. The mountain lion howl would be so the yeti scream coming from the Matterhorn (except in this case there sadly is no Mountain Lion on the ride)


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      Re: More wildlife sounds in the BTMRR queue?

      Quite agree, particularly about maybe being able to hear the coyotes in the ride from the load area, and owls and crickets at night. That would be rather awesome.
      when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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        Re: More wildlife sounds in the BTMRR queue?

        Good idea!That would add alot to the experience.


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          Re: More wildlife sounds in the BTMRR queue?

          I've always felt there was something small missing whenever I get in line but I was never able to pin it down!!!!

          Your post finally hit the nail on the head for me! THE SOUND!

          It would be amazing!!!