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    Originally posted by dramaqueen
    What I miss most of all? The park at night when everything is lit up, especially after it has closed and all the guests are gone. Walking through the castle and seeing main street with its twinkling lights is one of the most rare and beautiful sights- if you stick around until they kick you out, you get a little taste of it. <SIGH>
    I am usually the one hanging around waiting until they throw me out. I just can't suck up enough air on Main Street at night - I go into Sensory overload. The old heart rate is picking up as I am writing about.

    Visualize - Visualize - Tap my heels three time I wanna go home - I wanna go home.

    Shucks did'nt work again - one can wish though.



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      Oh- I know- and have you read about the new 50th fireworks? When Tink lights up the castle like she does in the Wonderful World of Disney- I think I will just die- this is one show I will definitely camp out on main street to watch........ Sensory overload indeed!
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        Originally posted by E-ticket
        I miss the crack-filled (i.e. addictive) tomato basil pasta from Redd Rockets. Mmmm... follow that up with a strawberry parfait....

        I'm drooling, here!
        :lol: This is me! Everytime we go to Disneyland, my boyfriend tries to suggest going to Zocalo or Horseshoe, but I always end up wheedling the pasta out of him. Hee hee...he's just as addicted to the chicken fuscilli as I am to the "crack" pasta. :bow:

        Seriously, though if I haven't been to Disneyland in a while I miss the giant pineapple spears. How do they cut those like that? And they're always perfect. Oh, they're heaven.

        I also miss the aimless wandering around stores drooling over the things you have wanted to buy for the past three months, but won't because you're a poor starving college student who would be better off spending the money at Albertson's than a new tiki room tee.
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          Originally posted by dramaqueen
          Oh- I know- and have you read about the new 50th fireworks? When Tink lights up the castle like she does in the Wonderful World of Disney- I think I will just die- this is one show I will definitely camp out on main street to watch........ Sensory overload indeed!
          Particularly if it is Steven Davison as tinkerbell... I would pay the price of a Club 33 membership to see that...
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            I miss Disneyland every moment I am not there. Hanging around this forum helps a little. My girlfriend and I travel to San Diego often so we finally bought APs. That way...on the way home we can just pop into Disneyland, if even for a couple of hours, and be "home" for awhile. Even if we don't get on a ride, just being in the park soothes some deep longing. I think part of it is because the world outside has changed so much over the years, it's so comforting to be able to come back to a place that is so much like it was 50 years ago. Of course there have been changes in the park but overall just being there is almost like being back in Mom's arms once more.
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              Since I only visit once every other year, I get serious withdrawals.

              I bide my time with the books, videos and the scads of Disneyland background music I've gathered from various sources. My poor wife and kids are probably so sick of hearing my Peoplemover CD or the music from "Adventure Through Inner Space" I'm sure one day I'll find those CDs zapped in the microwave.
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                I miss the feeling of being there.. the rides, the sights, the sounds. Sure beats a normal routine.

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                  It's bad when you have a Premium AP...and you have DL withdrawals every week...

                  I am guilty of that...
                  Went to a party the other night
                  All the ladies were treating me right
                  Moving my feet to the disco beat
                  How in the world could I keep my seat
                  All of a sudden I began to change
                  I was on the dance floor acting strange
                  Flapping my arms I began to cluck
                  Look at me..I'm the disco duck

                  "Do the Disco Duck!!!"


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                    I miss being with the people I want to be with and relive some of my happier moments in life instead of being so far away from them.
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                      Originally posted by DznyVan
                      Our withdrawals start on the I-5 as we head north for home.

                      Last Thanksgiving, our 5 year old daughter started crying in the DL Lobby while she was saying good-bye to Goofy near the front desk. Goofy helped carry her out to our vehicle and put her down next to her seat. He blew her a couple kisses and she calmed down. As we pulled away, she asked if we could take Goofy home with us.

                      Our magic starts when we head south on I-5. The whole experience. Hotel, Park, being with the family and able to enjoy it all.

                      We'll be there next week! Ready for another dose...
                      That is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
                      I remember crying everytime I left. Sometimes I still get the urge.


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                        Will work for churro!
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                          I am an AP, live about a mile away, and my wife works there. Am I burnt on DL? Heck no! I can go Mon thru Fri if I want, but usually Tue or Wed is my preference. I don't have to ride anything to get my "fix" but I have to smell the water at POTC. Now that's weird. If I can't make it to the park, I have the loop of Main Street that I can listen to. I also have the sound tracks of most of the rides to tide me over too! But after reading these posts, I'm just going to hop over to DL and smell that water. Maybe I'll see some of you there. Look in the first row of the Golden Horseshoe, and if there's a show going on, I'm there.

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