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The Little Mermaid ride review.


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  • [Review] The Little Mermaid ride review.

    Went on TLM yesterday with my wife and two daughters, who finished school last week.

    Some thoughts before our reviews.

    First, there were not that many kids in line most likely due to school being in session for most people. Lots of people aged 20-60, with some small children here and there. Based off this it is going to get really crowded once families start hitting this ride.

    Second, the line moved really quickly for 50 minutes. Glad we picked up soft serve ice cream before getting into line. Nicely shaded while in line, listened to Disney Channel Rocks (exact name??) while in line. I'd love to get in line when WOC starts.

    Third - Not sure why there were not using the area along the side of the building between TLM and the new shop/restrooms. I thought this was created for this exact occasion.

    Now the reviews. Will also list how long each person would wait to ride again. Since we go a lot we usually skip rides with lines longer than 30-35 minutes, an example being we would never wait 35 minutes to ride Peter Pan for 3 minutes. Space Mountain or Indiana Jones, yes, FL rides, no.

    My wife liked this as much as Small World, and much more than Monsters Inc. She didn't think the "Under the Sea Room" was too bright. Big thumbs up from her, and she would be willing to wait approx. 30 minutes to ride.

    Oldest daughter, age 9 enjoyed it and was dancing throughout the ride, but said that she would not ride again if she had to wait 50 minutes. I'd guess she would be ok with a 20 minute line. Maybe 35 minutes if we did the ice cream thing again.

    Youngest daughter, age 5 liked it. She had just ridden Screamin for the first time after reaching 48" tall. So I asked her if she liked TLM, Star Tours(loves all things Star Wars) or Screamin more. Her answer, "What would you choose dad?". She was also dancing during the ride. Both kids rode together so I wasn't able to get immediate feedback. She be fine with a 20 minute wait as well.

    My opinion is that it is a very good ride. I think it moves about 10% too fast and would like to see it slowed down just a touch. I liked the "Under the Sea" portion, but wouldn't mind a 20% darkening of the area. I was only disappointed with the one Ariel animatronic with the ice cream hair. The ending was fine. I'd wait 40 minutes to ride again. Great addition to DCA.

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