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Advice for June Trip

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  • [Question] Advice for June Trip

    I'll be in the parks on Saturday (buying an ap). I need as much advice as possible to see all the new attractions also never seen World of Color yet. or you just plan a schedule for me. lol. All 3 annual passes will be blocked so I'm guessing it will be mostly clueless tourist.

    any advice is needed.

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    Re: Advice for June Trip

    Hi DannyLand,
    I'm not sure of the best plan of "attack", but getting to the parks EARLY has got to be the number one priority. Maybe someone else can advise whether to go for Mermaid or Tours first. Have a great time!


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      Re: Advice for June Trip

      I'm going to be in the park on Saturday as well!

      8 am - make a dash for Star Tours and grab your FastPass (they're gone by 11am - noon)
      enjoy Disneyland until 10am
      go to DCA and grab your pass for WoC
      Enjoy DCA until just before 3pm, then grab a spot for Soundsational over in Disneyland
      (there's a good chance your Star Tours FP time will be around 3-4pm, so you can probably hit up Star Tours afterwards)

      Magical! Fireworks at Disneyland and 9:30pm
      Fantasmic! at 10:30pm

      If you see 31 people in coordinating shirts, feel free to say "Hi"!