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Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!


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  • Trip Report Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

    Hello, hello...
    I have come to you all with a trip report out of a long day at home, and the want to get more involved with the forums. I've been thinking about making a first attempt at a TR, so bare with me on this one...

    Although I've made such a name for myself with my 4 posts spanning the last few years, there may be some of you who don't recognize the name. There's a slight chance a couple of you might recognize me from Gumball or something, though... but oh well. I'm here.

    Anywho... I'll report on my sister and I and our quest through out the parks on Thursday for an R2 bucket, a parade of Soundsational fun, an Undersea Adventure, and a piratey World of Color. A lot has changed in a few weeks that we had to check out!

    We got to parking at about 9:30, when Disneyland opened at 9. Took a little extra time as we went down to the Toy Story Lot to find it blocked off with no warning, so we backtracked and turned to the structure. It's been a while since we rode that tram. I enjoyed the return though. Later at night, I got a text from my GradNite attending friends that said they were in the Toy Story Lot. That's different to me, surprised they have to walk that route instead of just the tram route. But whatever, I just found it interesting...

    Apologies for so much boring text and no pictures...
    I'll try the best I can with the random pictures we took as I try to remember all we did.

    We got in the park and saw the Omnibus rounding Town Square, so we hopped on and rode 2nd story down Mainstreet.
    I noticed someone let the dogs out...

    first appearance by Pluto of the day.

    and the Goof was around.

    We went for the Star Tours fastpass. We've already been on it 6 times one evening a few weeks ago for the AP previews. It was only 45 minutes since park opening, and the passes weren't good until after 6pm...
    We decided to get the tickets and leave, and headed over to DCA for World Of Color spots. Sister SkyBlueFusion went ahead after a while and I met her at Toy Story'

    I chose the method of walking as transportation.

    All was well and we got to the point in line where we would go inside for a portion of the wait, but they had it closed off. Shorter waits than expected are always cool...

    Then we turned around and see this familiar cowboy walking out of no where like he owns the place... but then begging the lady for her churro.

    We made it through the rest of the line though, and successfully completed the ride with all of our screens working...

    Not our very best, but decent enough? I was alerted at the end that I had best score within the hour! so that was pretty sweeeet. Outside, I asked a Cast Member if that was in fact within the last 60 minutes, or a specific hour. Of course it starts count on the top of the hour... soo best score in the last 10 minutes is still note worthy right?

    We single rider'd Screamin' from there. These two attraction usually follow one or the other for us.
    We made an appearance on the Wharf after that, even though we couldn't get a tortilla. We still got a taste of sour dough and continued through A Bug's Land. At the entrance, Pluto was hanging out again. We walked ahead and decided to actually jump on 'Ladybug Boogie. A bit of a thrill I didn't expect... remember to sit by the door!

    We got our fast passes for Tower of Terror from there, and joined in on a chat with Crush. Great show as usual, very funny.

    Imagine a turtle picture here.

    We left the studio and poked around in Off the Page for a bit.

    It's really a great store. Awesome art and books in there, and pretty cool theming. Check it out if you haven't in a while. Pretty refreshing to look around...

    By the time we walked out, our ToT passes were good, so we actually returned during our timeslot.

    Have you ever noticed this guy? You can't really see it in the picture, but he has a pretty sweet 'stache.

    We went through the line and onto an elevator, but it seemed to malfunction some. So we left the attraction after that.

    Right outside the exit was no other but Pluto posing for some pictures. This guy was all over that day!

    We headed back through A Bug's Land toward Paradise Pier...

    Lucky Us!

    The Little Mermaid at last!

    This was more vertical than it appears here.

    Despite what nay-sayers here may say, we really enjoyed the attraction. I thought it had a very classy look and wonderful subtle theming. Just a good feeling when I was there, the ride had a great, fun vibe... bright and upbeat. Very exciting for a dark room ride. Definitely worth our 15 minute wait. It's always awesome to finally get on a ride that you've been watching being built for years.

    You can tell by this picture that you really feel like you're under water...

    We returned to Disneyland after that to a slew of characters in Towne Square...
    I only got a few failed pictures, but I remember all the faces.

    For his fourth appearance, Pluto was there with some people being photographed by strangers.

    Chip is back there somewhere
    Dale was across on the other side.

    Donald was even out, if you can find him here...

    and here's Goofy out again.

    and here's Minnie.
    and of course Mickey was around too.

    ...and here's a horse.

    After a walk down Mainstreet U.S.A, we took this little path toward Frontierland... something we unbelievably can't recall ever doing.

    We may have to assume that we were the very first to discover it in the last 56 years...

    We went back in the corner, figuring we haven't been on Splash Mountain in forever, especially since the refurb. Once back there we realized it had just gone down for a bit. Few stayed in line... and they had no info about it of course.

    So of course we roll with Pooh while we're back there.

    Strangely enough, this was the only pic sister SkyBlueFusion took during the ride...
    (please note that although I have been referring to her like that, Jennelle is not a nun.)

    So we get a feeling that Splash' may open any time, so we stood in the short line for just a few minutes waiting for news, and saw the logs start moving. In no time, they let us in and away we went.

    It was mid day and time for food by then, before we caught the new parade. We walked to Plaza Inn and got some chicken 'n' pasta. Awesome meal if I say so myself. After that, we searched for any open areas for the parade and luckily found a 'legal' spot that was pretty open at the time, so we claimed it...
    I went to grab the limited edition R2D2 popcorn bucket for Jennelle, as she promised ReverendGonzo that she'd pick one up for him. We munched on that while the parade started.
    I'll say a little bit about it, so some surprise spoilers if you haven't caught it yet.

    The parade opening was terrific. The drum line was really awesome, and Mickey was so great to see for me. He was blinking, talking, and really into it. Truly playing drums and everything... Mickey was alive. It was great to see. I, for one, really appreciated it. Just struck me as such an awesome parade opener...

    The fun continued, and the parade was up beat and the cast was great. Good to see Genie walkin around...

    All of the floats were really cool. Great sights to see... brings a bit of excitement back from when Parade of Dreams first premiered.

    Guess who?

    We enjoyed the parade and decided we could get a fastpass before doing anything else. To the limited options at the time of day, we went to Autopia and hopped on the train while we were back there, and took off at New Orleans Square.

    Ms Mouse.

    Sup 'Dawg?

    We got on Pirates' from there. Another new thing to check out... haven't been there since the fog effect was changed, though it wasn't much.
    We single rider'd Indianna Jones' from there, I believe. Ended up sitting together anyway...

    It was around 6 at that point. We went on Star Tours... then our Autopia was already good at 6:10. So we led ourselves deeper in Tomorrowland...

    That called the end of the day at Disneyland, We had to get over to World of Color pretty soon...
    So down Mainstreet we went again to find Mickey and;
    the one, the only... the chanting primate we all love...

    Long time no see....

    So to DCA it was.... Still had some time before we waited for World of Color...

    and so we took on the < 10 minute wait for The Little Mermaid again.
    Off we were to reserve our spots. Yellow Section once again...

    The hour came and went and it was almost show time. We heard the explosions echoing from behind us. I turned around and watched Magical. Took some pictures of the show...

    World of Color amazed us as it always does... the Pirates' extended scene was pretty cool. Those flames are pure excitement...
    The end of the scene produced the biggest downpour I've witnessed/felt at the show. I don't know if it was a fountain gone awry, or some more oomph added to that scene finale.... but it was quite a huge unexpected splash.
    But World of Color always improves a night dramatically...
    and that marked the end of all attractions. The parks dumped out guest to soon allow graduates to pour in.
    Disneyland is always changing, and after so many trips, there was some great exciting this past Thursday. Can't wait to go again...

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    Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

    Originally posted by MisterHenderson View Post
    I LIKE THIS SHOT!!! Awesome Peter Pan in mid - air shot! Very nice report!!
    I Get In. I Get Out. I Never Get Noticed!
    - From "Prep And Landing"


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      Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

      Good report, would view again.
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        Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

        haha, thanks guys! Credit all goes to my sister for the Peter Pan shot, but yea... it's a great one


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          Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

          I went on the 8th and saw Soundsational and TLM for the first time too!!! I was SOO HAPPY


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            Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

            Were you feeling blue that day?


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              Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

              No offense, but why do all of your pics have a blue tone?


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                Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

                Originally posted by Mr. Matterhorn View Post
                No offense, but why do all of your pics have a blue tone?
                He prob had set his camera on a Cool profile.
                But that's just a guess.


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                  Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

                  Looks like you guys had fun
                  Nice report (:


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                    Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

                    oh nice pictures thanks for sharing.


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                      Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

                      Thanks for sharing! Hope you had an awesome time!
                      Home away from Home.


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                        Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

                        Did they finally put Pluto, Goofy, and Chip n Dale at the end of the parade?! Thank goodness. It felt awkward with just Mary Poppins being the finale. I don't consider having live musicians at the beginning and end of a parade to "complete" the entertainment offering. You have to have a type of climax/finale. Having those characters at the end is the quickest solution.

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                        "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
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                          Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!

                          Yeah, sorry about the blue tone, it doesn't distract from the pictures too much, I hope. We hadn't even noticed it looked any different on the camera display... didn't mess with the settings or anything either. Wasn't really a bright day, but i'm sure it was just the balance options on the camera changed at one point.


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                            Re: Finally saw Soundsational and Ariel!


                            Soundsational is a really fun parade.


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