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Space Mountain Version 2

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    Can't wait! I miss this attraction badly.


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      Your not the only one

      Walt's love of Trains!


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        Originally posted by Disneyland RR Guy
        Update: Painting was still being done to the station. Now the station is WOW. Big changes I will say.

        Its like WOW, huh.... like wow wow or WOW WOW..LOL!
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          Yeah... I can't remember the last time I've been on it. Apparently it was either before they took out the escalators, or I was really really not paying attention.

          I'm not a big fan of this ride. I too get that imminent decapitation feeling. And let's just say, when your calves are this long, the lap bars are no treat either. But I know my inner nerd will have to ride it to see the changes for myself. And it'll also get people back into that corner of the park, so hopefully there will be plenty more complaints about the carrion that is the rest of Tomorrowland 98.
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            Update B4 the update

            What happened to the loop they were going to put in it? :confused: "Wow" is just a word, without more of a description it's just one letter shy of being a four-letter word (a few of which I can think of at the moment when it comes to Tomorrowland) :devil: Are they going to put a model of the track in the Disney Gallery like they did with the last one?
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              Ok, le'ts all repeat after me - The Track Will Be Exactly The Same.

              There are No, Zero, Nada, Niente differences to the track layout AT ALL.

              Different loading area. Different projection effects. Possibly different music.

              Longer time to revise than to construct in the first place.

              That is all.


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                In todays update they say it might be open for July 17th!! That would be so amazing!! Im pretty sure the more more they spend at it to get it open earlier, it will draw that much more business this summer to cover the expense.


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                  I WANT THIS RIDE TO OPEN!!!
                  I am super excited and curious to see how it looks, the music they will use and what they did to it in the inside. I love this ride and i still think its the best one in the park. My pass expired and because money is tight i can't get another one but I am saving up so that I can get one before they open because we all know that they open these rides before the opening date for some people to enjoy. I'm so excited, especially knowing that it might open by july. THis is great!


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                    Originally posted by Orcatime
                    Are they going to put a model of the track in the Disney Gallery like they did with the last one?
                    They can just reuse the old one. :devil:
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                      I Know the track is the same, but is the start faster?What I mean is a Fast Launch?
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                        ^ Yeah, there has been a lot of word about a "launch". Now whilst we know there will be no LIM's, will there be some other kind of initial acceleration??

                        I believe, the only actual change to the track is the re entry tunnel which will be longer & filled with very pretty lighting FX
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                          One thing we're overlooking

                          All the times moving up the relaunch date was looked at and deemed unfeasible, and now, they turn around and cut four months off the production schedule.

                          That's nuts. No matter how many contractors you bring in there, this has to be a huge nightmare for WDI and anyone involved with the project planning and logistics. The harder you press, the easier it is to overlook something, and then something breaks, and then it's closed again.

                          I surely understand the pressure when it comes to ride capacity in the park. Let's just hope TDA doesn't burn out too many good people in the process.


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                            Update: Yes Al's update is good, now mine is that more rockets have been coming on trucks and placed into the mountain.

                            Walt's love of Trains!


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                              "She"? I don't consider Space Mountain to be a she. He is one tough SOB.

                              To quote Wrestling Legend Ric Flair,
                              "The ladies all came to me, and they wanted to ride 'Space Mountain' all night long!"

                              But seriously, I'm not really all that excited about the 'new' Space Mountain. To me, it'll be the same ride that will probably have problems 3 years after opening. I'm not against the changes, but I think it won't be much different than what it is now.


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                                If a major ride like this is closed for several years, a few lighting effects and a brand new station/queue are going to be a big disappointment. Half-hearted changes like these will get old quick, i.e. the new music a few years back. For all the time it took, I hope I'm underestimating what the revamped ride will have to offer. And please, give us a new audio track or go back to none at all. Nothing says outer space like a bad Dick Dale tune.