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Our 2 night 3 day trip to DLR! Our best and luckyest trip ever! June 15th-17th


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  • Trip Report Our 2 night 3 day trip to DLR! Our best and luckyest trip ever! June 15th-17th

    Hey everyone! I have not been on here for a few days, I just came back from the DLR last night with my mom, little brother and girlfriend. Theres a lot to tell so read this if you have nothing to do, sitting on the toilet, or if you are a very paticient person.

    Eventhough I have been to Disneyland a lot, there are still quite a few things that I did which were a 1st time thing.

    So as a few of you heard me say before, this trip was my girlfriends birthday trip and was her 3rd time going to the DLR and her first time going to the hotel and is my little brothers first time at the DLR and Hotel. For my mom and I, it was our 3rd or 4th time staying at the DLR hotel. I also let my girlfriend wear my Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell button (which gets lost later on thunder mountain ) So lets get to my trip report shall we

    So, on Wed the 15th was my girlfriends 19th birthday this month. She was so excited she got up at 4:00 AM to get ready, I woke up at 6:00 AM. My mom got up around 6:15 AM. My girlfriend and I were wanting to leave at 7:00 AM (Me personally, I like getting to theme parks early when they open. I hate leaving late when going to a park, it just buggs the crap out of me). My little brother, Miles, slept till around 8:00. Woke hime up, got him ready, fed him then we left around 8 somthing.

    So once we arrive to the Disneyland Hotel, we checked inn then we got our room keys, and Miles got one too. Also me, my girlfriend Leti, and my mom each got 2 FastPasses for TLM and ST. (I think you can use them for any ride also). We got the Frontier Tower. So we walked there. I like how they have the model of BTMRR inside the bottom floor of hotel.

    So once we dropped off our stuff at the hotel, my mom wanted me and Leti to get her a soda, well the soda machine on our floor wasnt working to use a card and didnt have any $1 bill's. So my mom gave us a 20 to get 1's. We went to the main Disneyland Hotel got change and there Leti got a happy birthday call from Goofy! So once we went back and got her soda from the 7th floor machine (we were on the 8th floor) then we went to the monorail station in Downtown Disney.

    It was Leti's first time on it and she liked it So we got to tomorrowland, then went to Main Street all the way by the bathrooms where the AP building USED to be and I thought it was still there. But when walking over to that building we saw Mickey Mouse (Leti's and my favorite Disney character). She got all excited and she wanted a picture with Mickey Mouse. Pluto, Minnie, White Rabbit, and Goofy were in Main Street as well. But we could'nt get a picture with Mickey because the CM had already closed the line and we had to get our FP's. We found the building and got our FP's finally.

    After that we went into Fantasyland. On our way through the Castle, we saw Cinderella, and then inside Fntasyland we saw Peter Pan, The Mad Hatter and Alice. Me and Leti took Miles on Peter Pan. He seemed to like it. Mom sat ourside waiting for us eating her Chimichanga lol. Next we all went on Casy Jr. Miles really liked that ride. After that it was around 3PM. So we went to Toontown and let Miles walk around the area thats by the exit of Roger Rabbit. Then we all went to Mickey Mouses house and didn't even know we were there for the timing to meet Mickey, lucky timing right?. I have not been to his house since I was little.

    It was Leti's and Miles's first time in his house, but my mom took Miles out because he was acting up. I forgot how big his house was. When we were in the screen room or whatever its called, the one that has the projector screen, Leti kept trying to look in the room where Mickey was. She was really happy once we got a picture with Mickey Mouse. Our first Disney character photo together. Then as we were walking out over to my mom she told us that she saw a celebrity, Matthew Macconaughey. Which is awesome, we saw him too with his wife and his 2 kids. It was so weird because when we were driving in the car on the way to DLR, my mom was talking to Leti how out of all the times we been to Disneyland, we never see a celebrity, but we always see them in a magizine. But then we see one that day! First time, except that one time I seen Ice Cube at Disneyland between Fantasyland and Frontierland.

    Anyways, after that me and Leti walked mom back to the hotel, rested our feet for a bit, then we went back to Disneyland Park. We went on The Haunted Mansion. After it was around 5:30. I wanted to have Leti watch Fantasmic for the first time. I knew that people always camp out to get seats way before the show starts. So for the first time, I sat and held a spot from 5:40 all the way till the show ended. It started at 9:00pm and of course Leti came back around 6:00 or so. But we got the very front. Now mind you, I have not seen Fantasmic in person in about 4-5 years.

    So anyways, the whole show went perfect, then all of the sudden, NO DRAGON!! O_O Leti turn to me and gave the face. The rest of the show went perfect as well, she loved seeing Mickey in the Different outfits. Then when Mickey Disappears at the end, she was trying to look for him to see where he went, lol. Also that loud big green firework at the end made her jump, lol.

    Then we used our FP for Indiana Jones. Once we got off we were talking about the dragon and I was saying, "Well they could or might have the Dragon in the 2nd show". She says "But how could they fix the Dragon in that short amount of time " I said "Because they can " Then we got something to eat. I got a Turkey Leg and she had a Kabob.

    Once we were done went went on Pirates. We were in the front. We saw the Blackbeard part, and we both didnt like it. Also his head small and looks funny because the mist screen is way bigger, lol. Right when we passed that part, 4 boats plus ours were stuck, in the middle of the battle for about a good 5-8 mins. Then they started going again, and you could see 2 CM's at the very end looking down at something in the background by the little light house I think it is. After we got off the ride, The 2nd showing of Fantasmic had already started and we got to see the rest of the show just as Mickey and Maleficent appeared on stage close by the Jack Skelington store (thats what I call it). When Maleficent was transforming, we both didnt think the dragon would show up, but then we saw the eyes and then the whole dragon! Lucky again right?

    Leti was in "Aawwwww O_O" and so was I. She also blew the fire. Eventhough we wernt right there in front, it was just so awesome to see the dragon in person. That made Leti really happy because not only did she have all this stuff happen on her Birthday, but also she got to see Fantasmic staring her favorite character and the new dragon for the first time!

    After the show we went to BTMRR. The line line for that ride was CRAZY! Not only did it go the usual way, but instead of going up there stairs it made a u turn going back towards the enterance then another u turn back to the ride then up the stairs. After the ride, we noticed my button that I let her use that day was gone. We think it fell off the ride. After the ride we went on Space Mountain. I have not been on that ride for 10+ years because it scared me when I was little. We both had a blast on that ride. I like the front better because all the turns are supprises and its kinda scary thinking you might crash into one of the support beams lol. But the very front you can just relax your feet, rest your hands on the lap bar and enjoy the ride, so fun and relaxing at the same time.

    Then we went into Main Street and it was around 1:30 and almost all the shops were still open. Pretty cool. Then we went back to the Hotel then crashed.

    On Thursday the 16th, me and Leti got up at 5:00 AM. That day was Magic Morning and we could not believe how many people there were for Magic Morning. I mean we can because of the new Hotel and the new Disneyland Hotel Towers, but jeez.

    So once inside the park, we were going to go on ST but the line got big FAST. So instead we went on Buzz Lightyear and it was just a walk on ride at that moment. Right after we went on Space Mountain. Then after we went on ST with our Hotel Passes (Awesome ride, I got picked as the Rebel Spy on my first ride through! I will make another thread of a review) and then went on Pinocchio and Snow White. Then we waited for Frontierland to Open up and when it did we went on BTMRR. After BTMRR we were going to go on Pirates then I said "No lets go wait in line for DCA to open so we can WOC FP's"

    On the way out of Main Street we saw Mickey Mouse, White Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts. So of course Leti jumped in line, so I went with her. Got the picturre then waited in line for DCA to open up. Once it opend we walked really fast to the FP machine to get the WOC FP's (so did everyone trying to race eachother, if everyone was running I would have beat everyone to the FP machine lol ) BTW, we both got the Blue section!

    After we got our FP's for WOC, we went to California Screamin. Now, I have never been on it and tat day was my 2nd time going to DCA. I dont like 6 flags type of roller coasters. I decided to try it because it looked fun on video. The only reason Leti went on it because she said that if she got a picture with Mickey Mouse, she would go on it, I told her she didnt have to. But anyways, I loved that ride, so much fun. We sat in the very back. Thats probably the only "big" roller coaster ride i'll go on. Leti, likes it, except the loops because she says the blood rushes to her head. Then after we went on TLM because they had a line for Hotel guests.

    After that we went to go get mom and Miles and they went with us to DCA. We used our hotel FP's to get on TLM. Luckly we did because the line was HUGE. With the FP we just cut everyone in line who was outside and went inside. I liked the ride and I'll make another thread about the ride.

    After we got off, we went back to Disneyland Park. We all went on Pinocchio. Miles kinda of got a little scared of the part with Monstro. But he was fine. Soon after we all went on Casy Jr. Then after we went on Whinni the Pooh. Once off the ride my mom went into the shop next to the ride.

    Then I think my mom and little brother went back to Hotel, we went with because she didnt want to go by herself and she gets lost lol. Me and Leti took the Monorail back to Tomorrowland. When we got off we were going to cross over Main Street into Adventureland, but the Mickey's Soundstational Parade was commin by and we saw talking Mickey! Lucky again! Then after his float passed by, I said "lets just go to Space Mountain instead of trying to follow his float". So we were on our way to Space Mountain till we saw Mickey (AGAIN!) and Minnie Mouse together by the Star Trader. We got lucky again by being the 2nd to last people in line when CM blocked the line from anyone else going in line. Then after the picture we went on Space Mountain.

    Then me and Leti headed on over to DCA. We were going to go on GRR, but the ride broke down. So we headed over to California Screamin and that ride was closed from 2:00 PM and the rest of the day because of technical difficulties. Good thing we went on it earlyer So then we got some soda, and then went on TLM in the regular line because it was short because people were waiting for the WOC. Once we got off, soon after we were able to go to our color zone. Then we left to the hotel after because the Parks were closing earlyer due to freakin grad night.

    Phew, just hang in there guys!, this is the last one! Crowds sucked so bad on friday (yesterday on the 17th). Note: Never go on a Friday!

    I set my alarm for 5:00 AM to get up at 6 to be in line before all the crowds in the Morning. Nope, slept right through it and no one woke me up. Got up at 8:00 and hurried up getting ready we all left by 9:00 AM. Checked out and put our stuff in the car. Then on the way back to the Park, we decided to go through the Main Hotel again, and by the big statue Mickey, some people were taking pictures and gave us 2 Hotel FP's! Wow! lucky again huh? So this makes 3 hotel FP's that we had. So we went to tomorrowland, Leti and Miles went to Space Mountain to get me and her FP's for the ride. Me and my mom went on ST with the 2 FP's we were givin. Mom LOVED the new ST.

    What is really strange is that the fact is that we got the very same scenes that I saw of the 1st video that someone on here found on youtube and posted up, except that we got a different holo transmision. The scenes were:

    Darth Vader
    Gungan city

    What is so weird is that my mom likes the gungans (including Jar Jar) and Yoda and guess what?? She got to see the gungans an the Yoda Holo transmision on her first ride through! Pretty cool huh

    Then after we all headed to DCA, and Leti took Miles on TLM with the last hotel FP. After that me and Leti went on GRR, then we went on California Screamin. Once we got off we walked back really fast back to Disneyland Park to make our Space Mountain FP time. On our way to Space Mountain, there was a CM who was laying on the ground in Main Street and she was unocnscious. Does anyone here know who that was? I hope shes ok, when we saw her she did not seem to be moving.

    Once we got off Space Mountain, Leti bought a pair of Mickey ear rings to match her Mickey necklace. Then as we were all walking by the Star Trader (front side) we see Buzz Lightyear himself. Then we tried going on other rides but it was crowded, almost every ride had a 20+ min wait, even the Fantasyland rides. Which doesnt bother us, but my Little brother is VERY impatcient.He cant sit still and tries to walk around in line trying to push people out of the way.

    So, instead we went back to DCA and went to California Screamin again, after we got a FP which said to come back 30 mins later, cool huh? In the mean time, 2 of the Toy soldiers from Toy Story were there and so was Woody and Jessie. Me and Leti took Miles on King Tritons carousel. Once we got off we used our FP to get back on California Screamin.

    After we got off I told mom and Leti "Lets go see if we can get Miles on Small World". Because my mom wanted to take Miles on it so bad. So on the way out of DCA Park, Leti find a Pin from Pins Trader on the ground and guess what it was? Jack Skelington, her other favorite Disney character. Weird right!? It was the skateboard looking one that had the wheels on the bottom. All she needs to do is ask for the back part that u put inside the shirt to clip on the needle.

    Anyways, entering Disneyland Park, we see Cruella de Vill and Geppetto. Characters I hardley ever see. Same goes for Mickey Mouse, I Barely ever see him out and about. Also that day we saw Mad Hatter and Alice again.

    Ok so as I was saying, on our way to Small World people were sitting down for the parade which was awesome because the lines were shorter and then going towards the Matterhorn, 2 things really cool happend. We saw the Queen from Snow White, and saw that the Matterhorn was back open early! If im right it was supposed to stay closed and open this saterday the 18th. But instead we got a supprise and that it was open! Which again is wierd because before earlyer me and Leti were talking about the Matterhorn of how cool it would be for it to open early, and it did! ^_^

    So after Small World me and Leti went on Matterhorn and then we all left to go home. Oh yeah we also took Miles on Alice in Wonderland too.

    Well, I hope you all enjoyed this Trip Report, sorry about it being so long! So as a reward for those of you who have stayed here to read all of this, heres some pictures. We also saw B'rer Bear and B'rer Fox on our 3rd day.

    Click on the first 4 pics to view larger

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Our 2 night 3 day trip to DLR! Our best and luckyest trip ever! June 15th-17th

    thanks for sharing your trip report.


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      Re: Our 2 night 3 day trip to DLR! Our best and luckyest trip ever! June 15th-17th

      Originally posted by Rex Dopey24 View Post
      thanks for sharing your trip report.
      No Prob. Sorry about it being so long.!/michael.ebba


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