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How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?


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  • [Question] How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

    My wife and I have been planning a trip to DLR for about a year now. We leave in 2 days for our trip and we are staying in Las Vegas the first day and then checking into the Disneyland Hotel the next day for 4 days. We also have plans to stay in another hotel for 4 more days. We were kinda looking for an idea, like "Christmas in July". We bought them matching T-Shirts at the Disney store, matching hats and some other stuff, as well as a gift card and we plan to have them exchange some money for Disney Dollars when we get there...

    Any ideas on how to break it to them? They think we are leaving Vegas and going on a National Parks tour and they are all excited about it...

    Do we just show up at the hotel and say surprise, open these gifts? Do we stop somewhere close to the park and do it? We have lots of ideas, but I am not sure the best way to tell them...

    I defer to all the greatness on this website...Thanks for any and all input...


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    Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

    I'd leave them in the dark until you pull up to the hotel. Even better if they are snoozing.

    The surprise will explode with no anticipation time to wear it down.

    One of my friends told her 7 Year-old that she made a dentist appointment with a specialist and it would be a couple hour drive to get to the clinic. They needed to pack a bag because for all the work the dentist would do, they would have a couple of appointments that meant they would have to spend the night. The kid was asleep when they pulled up to the hotel, and didn't catch on until a few minutes after they carried the bags to their room...


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      Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

      I agree. I don't know how old they are, but I go with two passholder kids who are 2 and 6, and they LOVE it every time, even though they're used to it. I say wait until you arrive. It will be worth it. keep us posted.


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        Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

        First , I love that you are surpising them in the first place (I think they will appreciate it all the more)

        I like the idea of going close to the park (without their realzing it of course) and giving the gifts then. Maybe, before the gifts you could fake ponder aloud what you will see on the national parks tour ( I am not nature person so all I could think of were birds, trees, and grass.) Then towards the end start listing animals, end with a mouse, and then someone says, "what about Mickey Mouse?" or something cheesey and adorable like that. Then, you present the gifts!

        I say make it as last minute as possible-- so much more fun and spontaneous!

        Any way you do it, this will definitely be a wonderful memory for them! Be sure to film it if you can!!!!


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          Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

          Thanks for the posts so far...

          They are 4 boys who have never been to the parks...For that matter I haven't been to DL since they were first building DCA. I used to go when I was a kid at least 2 times each summer until I was 12 or 13 and then at least once a summer after that...

          The boys are 9, 10, 13 and 14...

          If they are anything like me, there is a reason I am not telling them...I can't wait to go, and I have been driving my wife crazy for weeks...really for months...

          We have been trying to do this for years, and we always seem to go somehwere else, for less money and this year we said that we will just do it and we will find the money somewhere...

          I really thought it would be great to get them involved in a movie on the laptops and then just pull up to the Disneyland Hotel and say guys, here we are..."Disneyland National Park and Lodge"...

          They think they are going to Death Valley and then to the Grand Canyon...(not me in July, but they don't know any better...)

          Again thanks for the input and I plan to post something after the event to let you all know how it went...


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            Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

            How about "We,re going to Disneyland in two days"?


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              Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

              I like the idea of just driving to the resort and seeing if they figure it out on their own at some point along the way.


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                Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                This is a cool thing you are doing.

                I like the other suggestions of just not saying anything till you get to the resort. Based on the age range you gave if they are paying attention they'll probably figure it out as you get close so you could make it into a game. If they know their geography at all they'll figure out they aren't going to the grand canyon once you start heading west out of Vegas.

                Have fun.
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                  Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                  Stop at a gas station a mile or so away from the DLR, blindfold them, and don't let them take them off until they're facing the main gate.
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                    Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                    How about a homemade book of Car Bingo? You can make up several pages of things for them to find and check off (a cactus, Peggy Sue's Diner, a blue car,etc.) and as you get closer, give them different pages. Then when you're just a mile or so away, give them one that says "Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Mickey Mouse, Disneyland Hotel"

                    (the bonus is that car bingo keeps them occupied for a while too)


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                      Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                      I would definitely wait until they get there, who knows how crazy they will be on the long drive if they know beforehand, you know?

                      I think it's great that you are doing this, it just adds to the excitement. Another idea is if you have a GPS device or smart phone, ask one of the older kids to punch in the address when you are close to what you call a nearby rest stop. Then when you pull into Disneyland or nearby ask them if they put the directions in right, then you can surprise them!
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                        Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                        I would pull off the freeway pretending I'm lost, drive past the Disneyland entrance at which time your kids will go crazy! Just keep talking to your wife like your trying to figure out how to get somewhere, all the while driving towards the hotel. Pull into the hotel valet like your going to ask for directions and then have one of you go inside the hotel with the presents pretending to be going in to ask for directions. The other one of you waits in the car, after a few mins tell the kids you going to take them in to use the restroom and then right when the walk in the Door of the lobby. BAM!! Suprise!!

                        :-) That's what I would do lol
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                          Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                          Not sure if this would work, depends on the age of the kids, how well they know Disneyland, etc. But I just love the story.

                          I had decided to just ride the monorail for fun, and do a full circle ride. Upon arriving in the station in Downtown Disney, a family gets on. I start talking to them, and apparently their son (pretty young) doesn't know he's at Disneyland. He thinks he has to ride the monorail to get to where his grandfather lives. They're just gonna get off and see how long it takes him to figure out he's at Disneyland.
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                            Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                            Just don't do what Jack Handey did!

                            One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take
                            my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old
                            burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said, "Disneyland burned down." He
                            cried and cried, but I think that deep down he thought it was a pretty
                            good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was
                            getting pretty late.
                            Maybe tell them there was a huge bug swarm overtaking the national parks, and you have to go somewhere else last minute. Or "accidentally" miss your exit on the interstate and only realize it when you're near DLR. Maybe give them their "national park passes" at the hotel in LV - wait, why do they say Disneyland?:blink: :yea:
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                              Re: How do I tell my kids that they are going to DLR in 2 days?

                              I don't know if you'll have time for this, but from reading the ages of your kids, I'm pretty sure they already use the computer and live off of the TV ( I know I was back in the day ). Why not on your computer, change your screensaver to pictures of Disneyland, your wallpaper as a picture of the castle, and then your homepage as (don't know if that's right lol). Then, if your kids ask you where that is, or if they'll ever go, you can hype Disneyland up ALOT and end it off with, "We'll go there someday. But we best not think of something as great as Disneyland, the Happiest place on Earth when we're going to see trees and rocks the next few days." Then do what sam241 suggested and pull the "We're Lost" card on them.

                              When you get to the Resort, you can do many things. If they haven't noticed the signs and where they are yet, have 1 parent drop everyone at the Downtown Disney parking area and have them all walk around while the other parent checks into the hotel then surprise them with where they actually are. Or, if they have noticed, just say you're just driving by and then go eat at the McDonalds or Mimi's or Denny's or one of the restaurants across the street from Disneyland. Or, if you want to be nice, just tell them when you guys go.


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