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Armchair Imagineering: Walt Disney Studios

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  • [Idea] Armchair Imagineering: Walt Disney Studios

    Toy Story Parking Lot will eventually be replaced by another theme park. My idea for replacing it are either a WDS (my version, not a copy of DLP's) or Disney's Fantasy Kingdom (a giant Fantasyland). So here contestant #1:

    Walt Disney Studios:
    I've had this idea since I was 11. It will basicly make Universal look like DCA 1.0. It will include 9 Studios, Productions, or Backlots (the lands of the park) and feature lots of fan favorite film-based rides.

    Walt Disney Boulevard:
    a tribute to the creator of the company and the accomplishments he made (not to meantion that BVS was originally going to be called Walt Dinsey Plaza)
    - Walt: One Man's Dream, a clone of the attraction in DHS
    - Toon Studio Tour, from my other thread
    - Steamboat Willie Springs, a life-size version that rest in Film Lake (the mini-lake of this land) and be a water play area
    - Magical Flights, a skydome ride where you fly through famous Disney and Pixar flight scenes (UP, Aladdin, Dumbo, Wallie, Peter Pan, etc......) To replace the Great Movie Ride. Extiror
    - Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, to prevent it from replacing Captain EO, the monsters will move to the street portion of the land. It'll feature the randomness of Star Tours, with different comedians and show scenes.
    - Rock and Rollercoaster Featuring Rock And Roll Classics, to make it different from DHS and WDS, the ride will feature several different rock bands/singers. Also there will be more inversions and a faster launch sequence.
    - The House of Mouse, a special restraunt that is exactly like the one in the TV show, with live cartoons projected on a screen, maybe even some penguin waiters.

    Muppet Studios: the unbuilt MGM land comes to my park and brings the full immersiveness of the Muppet World with it.
    - The Great Muppet Movie Ride, a parody of the Great Movie Ride in DHS, but with the Muppet touch. There will be scenes from famous movies but with the Muppets (Peter Pan, Frankinstein, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek (Pigs in Space),etc....)
    - Muppet Show Live, a Muppet Show version of Disney Junior Live, with real, life size Muppet characters, the stage/backstage (projection screen backround), the band pit, and the balcony. It would include the skits of the old show but modern-ized.
    - Pigs From Space Flight, a parody of the Astro Orbitor themed to the skit from the show.
    - Fozzie's Comedy Bus, Fozzie redid the Electric Mayhem's bus for his career and invites you for a ride. The ride would use a flying carpet mechanism.
    - Muppet Motor Mania, a parody of Mr. Toad and Roger Rabbit, based on Muppets Take Manhattan.
    - Gonzo's Dare Devil Adventure, a launch coater (his "cannon") that features all the weird stunts that he's done in the show, based on the Great Gonzo skits.
    - Muppet Lawnmower Races, based off of Muppets from Space, features the Muppet household as the queue and the backyard as the raceway.

    Animation Backlot: 1 of 2 behind the scenes lands in the park, teaches you all about the animation process.
    - Magic of Disney Animation, a clone of the one in DHS,
    - How to be a Villain, a Turtle Talk type ride where Pain and Panic, from Hercules, teach you how to be a villian in a Goofy type way.
    - The Art of Animation w/ Phineas and Ferb, a walk-through attraction that replicates the animation studio Phineas and Ferb built in an episode.

    Productions Backlot: The other behind the scene land in the park.
    - The Backlot Studio Tour, a more action packed version of the studio tour in DHS and WDS. Features a gang fight in the streets of New York, a behind the scenes look at Lights, Motors, Action stunt show, the Hoth battle scene from Star Wars, Catastrophe Canyon, the streets of Tatoonie from Star Wars, and a action pack TRON sequence.
    - Camera Crew Coaster, a spinning coaster that features wacky props from different movie themes.
    - Geyser Mountain, using ToT technology, you go behind the scenes of a mountain structure for a movie being filmed. The queue would tell how the mountain would be built, what the movie is about, and reveal that the site was built on top of a huge geyser. You board your Backlot Balcony to see the filming, but when an explosion for the scene triggers, you hear strange noices. Then you are launched out of the moutain (which looks like a volcano) with water squirting you up and down (randomly like ToT). Features live actors and 3 different loading stations.
    - Goofy's Candy Co. Tour, you see the process of how Goofy makes his famous candy, in a Goofy way, and are given samples of a couple of kinds of candy he makes, different flavors every day. It leads to his candy emporium where you can buy any candy Goofy has made, and feature a bag filling of each flavor of every one of Goofy's Candy.
    - Dino Mountain, a PotC type ride. A journey through the Dino Studios, where you are told Dinosaur AAs are kept after they are done being used for their movie. You see different dino. AAs that were used in different movies and the sets tha were used. When you get to the security gates, you learn that the Dinos have gotten out of control, braken free, and can think for themselves. They try to help you escape, but the Dinos sabastoshed the Studios, and destroyed alot of the control the humans have over them. They also have eaten a couple of the cast members (not really). You go up a chain lift into the Raptor Containment Center where they brake free. Then you go outside to see the other rider's boats and go up another chain lift to the "Safe Center" but to find out that there are T-Rex's there destroying everything. There you come face-to-face with an AA T-Rex and plumit down a drop to the loading station.

    Adventure Studios:
    - TRON City, an inclosed land that brings the TRON world to life.
    - TRON Lightbikes, a launch rollercoaster where you actually ride in a Lightbike Tournament.
    - Recognizer Flight, a Soarin' type ride where you try help Sam, Flynn, and Qurora escape the grid, but have Clu after you
    - The Grid Escape, a 4 person motion simulator that copies Mission Space, but with a Tron twist. You, the guest, were accidently teleported into the TRON grid. You are given a Light Flyer to get to the portal and get out. You also have almost every one on the grid after you. The exit is Flynn's Arcade.
    - Special FX Theater: Curse of the Black Pearl. A special affects show that puts yo in the first PootC movie. Part of the PotC mini-land.
    - Pirates of the Caribbean: Live the Curse. A water coaster that goes through moments from the movies.
    - Up-venture. A motion simulator. Carl has forgotten something very important at his house at Paradise Falls, so he brings the Spirit of Adventure along to take him back. You are his guest and board a plane in the cargo bay, and have to guide them there safely, but find out Charles Mutz survived his fall and is out for revenge. During the ride, you go through scenes from the movie.
    - The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. An updated version of the former ride in WDW, but in DLR. There will be more warnings about how scary the ride is (hopefully to avoid lawsuits again). The queue would be identical to the older version. There will be 2 chamber rooms for more loading and be updated from the old version.
    - The Epic Journey, an Epic Mickey ride. The exterior would be the Gremlin Village. The queue would wind in and out of the building and tell the story of how Wasteland came to be. In the preshow, it shows the creation of the land and the Blot. You board your boat (with EMV technology under the water) and begin. You see favorite moments (like boss battles, lands) from the game with Mickey, Gus, and Oswald. The ending involves the firework destruction of the Blot that sends you and Mickey back to the real world, in front of a mirror. The mirror shows Yen sid, then turns into a window in Wasteland. It ends with the acceptance of the Brothers.
    - Jabberwocky Flight,, the new Alice in Wonderland movie ride. An outdoor rollercoaster that travels through the world with the Jabberwocky chasing you.
    - Luis' Jazzin Bayou Boats. A PotC type ride that travels through scenes from the Princess and the Frog.
    - Lights, Motors, Action. A clone of DHS and WDS's

    Star Wars Studios: for the fans. It will host Star Wars Weekends and be a full immersive land into the Star Wars Universe.
    - Death Star Laser Tag. The largest laser tag arena in world, themed to Episode IV. You can either be a rebel or a stormtrooper (different armoring stations) and have realistic rooms to play in. Holds 50+ people.
    - Star Battles. A special effect Star Wars indoor coaster themed to the battle at the Death Star in Episodes IV and VI. The loading station/queue would be on Adineral Ackbar's ship. The ride would mimick Space Moutain with its darkness and lack of track visual. Live sizes props, effects, and protections will be featured on the coaster.
    - Speeder Bikes. An outdoor rollercoaster than launches through the Endor forest.
    - Ewok Tree Village, a walk through/playground at the Ewok Village.

    Indiana Jones Backlot:
    - Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Holy Grail. A modified version of Indy's journey to get the holy grail (more traps). Will use EMV technology.
    - Runaway Mine Cars. Based of Temple of Doom, the mine cars go through a weird indoor track layout (wouldn't be used for a normal mine) that's like Temple of Peril at DLP, but longer.
    - Indiana Jones Stunt Spectactular, clone of DHS's.

    Lake Productions:
    - The Mummy's Curse, a rollercoaster journey that tells the story of how a studios filmed a movie in a pyramid, but disappeared while filming. So you are sent in to find out what's going on. During the ride, you discover that a curse made by a pharoh got the film crew and turned them into zombies slaves for the mummy of the pyramid. The track layout would basicly the same as Expedition Everest, but launch up the pyramid.
    - Crush's EACoaster, an updated Crush Coaster from WDS that will have an improved ride compacity (3 "shells" attached to each other).
    - Shipwreck Beach, a sandy wave pool that features 2 water slides and a . Only opened during summer.
    - Film Falls, a water coaster that splash's into Studios Bay.
    - Speed Boats Races. A speed boat ride around the Bay.
    - Mystic Manor, a clone of HKDL's future ride, but with a different.
    - Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Pot Whirl, a tea cup ride themed to Winnie the Pooh.
    - Villains lair, a watercoaster. The Disney Villains plan to overthrough Mickey and steal his magic. You experience their famous scenes form their movies, leading up to Mickey's capture and a high speed outdoor portion.

    Big City Set:
    - Traffic Jam, a bumper car arena themed to Mickey's cartoon short.
    - Cops and Robbers, a wild mose coaster that displays a classic robery chase.
    - The Iron Knight, an Iron Man flying coaster through the fight scene in Iron Man 2. The queue would be his house, at the bayside of the land. Part of the super hero mini land.
    - Cars Race Rally, a go-kart race course that goes through the city.
    - Monster's Inc. Door Vaulters, a dark, suspended coaster that goes through the Monsters Inc. door storage.
    - Dick Tracy's Crime Stoppers, a special affects dark ride that's themed after the movie. Based off a never built attraction.
    - Super Flyers, a lay-down Dumbo style ride in the super hero mini-land.

    Note: I made too many restraunts and shops to list with this. Sorry.
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