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are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?


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  • are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?



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    Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

    I'm neither. I'm an addict. The place is like drugs. Once you've been there, you got to have more...


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      Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

      TahoeBob--this is a very engaging question. I, like Barbossa, am an addict, but I'll err to the side of fanatic. I'm far away from the parks, so the mere fact that I'm there and away from here takes more importance and leads me to that conclusion.

      Good question!

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        Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

        I don't think I am either, and I don't think the addict describes me either.

        I have enjoyed Disneyland for 50 years (yep, I've been going since 1955) and over the years there have been changes that I like and some that I don't like, but overall I find that there is more there for me to like than dislike. The biggest change I don't like is the fact that I will never see Walt wandering the park again.

        When DCA was first put in I subscribed to the Universal-Pike-Berry Farm description. But as I spend more time there I like it more. I've found places I like to relax and watch the world go by.

        Back to Disneyland, well as the years have gone by, I do less riding, and more relaxing and watching the world go by. Tourists are so very interesting.

        So, I feel that I am not a Fanatic, not a Purist, or not an addict, maybe I am an escapeist, for that's what I do there. I escape from the rest of the world as best I can.


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          Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

          I don't think I'm either one. i don't care what changes in the park, but I also don't see the park as the all mighty happiest place on earth filled with pixie dust and magical moments. (thats a very effective marketing compaigne.) It's a theme park. A well designed and planned theme park, but it's only a theme park. I like it because it's well maintained and clean and I feel resonably safe there, but all the talk about magic moments and how the magic happened on my last trip is silly IMO. If magic means I had fun...well, I get that wherever I go. If magic means someone bent over backwards to kiss my backside...well that does not make me feel special and I don't expect that anywhere I I'm not sure what camp I'm in...LOL....I don't think I'm fanatical enough to be a fanantic and I KNOW Im not a purist...change is good....LOL


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            Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

            I'm a purist, but not necessarily to Walt's Disneyland. I just want things to be the same from when I was a toddler. Ya, I kinda hate the cartoonization, but I can live with it.


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              Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

              I'm a purist .. only in the sense of Walt's sensibilities that he laid root for Disneyland.

              Times change, economics change, people change .. etc .. etc ....

              But as long as Walt's fundemental/basic philosophies on how to create a theme park remain intact ....... I'm happy with "Disneyland will always change, grow, evolve as long as theres imagination left in the world".

              Those philosophies remained intact after his death .. leading into the early 80s. And even with Eisner ... some terrific changes happened in his first decade with the company (1984-1994).

              But those ("purist") philosophies have been pushed aside with projects dating from 1996 to the present.

              It's not difficult to see beyond "the thin curtain of disguise" with such projects as Walt Disney Studios Paris, DCA, TL98, etc ............ and as a purist ....... I will get "mad as hell" ........ and hope my voice is heard .. as it pains me when they just build "anything" with the Disney label on it.

              I'm not so goo-goo-gah-gah over anything .. And "no" .. DCA is not "growing on me" ...... I want to see some of those (purist) philosophies flood the gates of that 55 acre parcel known as DCA so I can proclaim a "Quality will-out" (purist line from Walt) park.



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                Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

                I am in the middle cause I think change is good but sometimes they go too far.
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                  Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

                  I agree completely with Escape. I don't think I could have put it any better... except DCA is slowly growing on me. Slowly.

                  I honestly think that my dislike for DCA stems from the purist side of me longing for the old parking lot, and the old trams, and the old ability-to-walk-from-your-car-to-the-front-gate feeling (and yes, I know about the path from the structure to Downtown Disney).

                  I'm not trying to make this an anti-DCA thread - the parking lot thing is just an example. I just miss some of the nostalgia that has recently gotten replaced by non-nostalgic things.


                  • #10
                    Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

                    I could go either way, depending on the quality of the
                    end result. The Haunted Mansion Holiday is terrific,
                    as are the modifications to the Jungle Cruise, happy
                    that Star Tours was added to TL (of course update
                    is needed desperately) and thankful for Indy in AL.

                    Tarzan Treehouse is a mixed bag, I like the addition
                    to the Treehouse with the suspended bridge, but unless
                    a meet and greet Tarzan is there, I prefer the magic of
                    the tiny details of what was the Swiss Family Tree.

                    As for Pooh in Critter Country ~ UGGGGGH!!!!!!!
                    Some detail on the outside of the building such as the
                    dripping honey just DON'T and never will FIT in
                    Critter Country ~ I miss the Bears and Max Melvin and
                    Buff VERY MUCH! And can't but help but think how
                    much more merry this whole area was with their
                    Wonderful Christmas Show.

                    I do miss the Skyway and Subs, but slightly optimistic
                    about the Finding Nemo theme.

                    I'm not too fond of Buzz, but do admit the astroblasters
                    were an ok addition. But with TL that had hit rock
                    bottom, almost ANY addition would seem welcome.
                    Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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                      Re: are you a Fanatic or a Purists when it comes to Disneyland?

                      i like CatDL's description. i'm an escapist, too.

                      if i have to pick one of the 2 choices given, i guess i'd say fanatical.


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