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Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort


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  • [Question] Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort

    Bringing a dSLR can be wonderful or a cumbersome experience at a theme park depending on a multitude of factors. What is your preference, what tips do you have to make the experience enjoyable? Also, what type of lenses/ filters do you prefer to carry with you and why? And for specific attractions, where do you prefer to stand or sit?

    Of course, depending on what your goal is for the day, your set up will differ. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions and advice!

    Personally, I've always only carried a 50mm and a 70-300, skipping the kit lens only because my 50mm is much faster... however, am I missing out on really wide angle shots? I prefer to have a wide enough variety of focal lengths to get a decent variety of shots. I also make sure I bring an external flash as the pop-up flash isn't worth using IMHO. Of course, I don't use the flash on any attraction... it's mainly for people shots! And I never bring a tripod as it would be too awkward for me.


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    Re: Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort

    I love my Nikon dSLR! I mostly use the kit lens, 18-55mm. I've often thought I should bring something faster, but then I'd have to carry it and I like to travel light.

    A polarizing filter could be useful.

    What lenses you carry would depend on your shooting style. I tend to focus on smaller details, rather than big panoramas, so the zoom works pretty well for me.

    One thing I have found very useful is a teeny tiny little tripod. I found it at Frys a long time ago, and haven't been able to find it since but it's a 6" folding tripod that sits under my lens out of the way. I attach it to the camera, and fold it up parallel to the lens and it's there if I need it. I have to find something to put it on, but that's not usually too much of a problem. A Gorilla-pod tripod might work well, too. I haven't tried those yet but I've had good reports. I've used my little tripod and got some good fireworks shots.

    Where to sit for things... Parade: on the town hall side of the street, usually, or on the platforms of the train station. Fireworks: anywhere I can get an obstructed view and be in front. For Fantasmic! I found a great spot near the canoe boarding area. There was a good pillar to brace myself against, to keep the camera steady and a barrel to set it on for long fireworks exposures. I've also shot from the loading dock for the Mark Twain and Columbia.

    On rides; totally depends. Probably the front row is best.

    There are a lot of really great tips in the "disneyland photo tip of the day" thread. HotSauce has done a lot of work there, and has great advice.

    Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you get!
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      Re: Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort

      If you haven't yet, Mike Greening's thread is a good read:


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        Re: Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort

        Originally posted by niklj View Post
        If you haven't yet, Mike Greening's thread is a good read:
        Thanks! That thread is a bit overwhelming, but I'll make time to check through all of it! SUPER interesting stuff!


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          Re: Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort

          Every photo in my thread was taken with a Nikon D3100 and a kit lens. On occasion I bring a tripod with me and stick it in a locker in tell dark when I want to use it. A 50mm lens is a great choice to bring though, allows for much better shots on dark rides without using a flash.
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            Re: Photography tips @ Disneyland Resort

            I mostly use the kit lens and the 50mm. I can't get the wide angle shots with the 50, so the kit lens provides the relief. I take the 70-300mm but rarely use it - I do use it - but rarely. Same with my tripod that folds up to 10".

            For me the polarizing filter is a must. I recently learned to remove the UV filters at night to eliminate the green glowing orbs.

            A comfortable bag to carry it all is a must. Even with that I sometimes have a special fanny pack that just holds my dSLR for times when smaller footprint is a must. The bigger bag is left in the locker...


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