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Mickey's Halloween Party -- question about a costume!


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  • [Question] Mickey's Halloween Party -- question about a costume!

    Hi all,

    Hubby and I are doing the Halloween Party this year for our anniversary. We were thinking of going as Sorcerer Mickey (him) and a broom (me).

    Does anybody have any ideas on either costume? We were just thinking a plain red robe tied together by a thin rope for him as well as the Sorcerer hat that is sold in the parks.

    But we are kind of stumped on the broom costume! I figured that Mice Chatters would be the best people to ask! Does anyone have any ideas?

    Has anyone seen this done before? Also, I'm thinking we would be okay to dress as this?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Mickey's Halloween Party -- question about a costume!

    For the broom what I would do is something simple like a brown shirt a light brown skirt and maybe brown leggings depending on how long the skirt is. Also carry around a bucket for mopping and you can use that to collect candy
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      Re: Mickey's Halloween Party -- question about a costume!

      My mom personally sewed a robe for me, but if your not into sewing, you can go to a fabric store and get a silk rope and tie and un-ravel the ends, to replace the normal robe's "Rope" and get some back tights, if its cool i'd suggest blue shorts over them, if not thats ok, then lastly the mickey slippers that can be purchased in the park, if you feel they hurt your feet, you can put a pair of flip flips or smaller shoes inside of them... hope this helps!


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        Re: Mickey's Halloween Party -- question about a costume!

        Don't forget you need a big pair of Mickey hands too!

        I like MansionMaid's costume idea! Also, I'm pretty sure somewhere you can find a dismantable mop and turn the top into a hat or something
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