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what would you like to see from an ija refurb


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  • [Question] what would you like to see from an ija refurb

    If ija ever had a refurb I would want to see an improved rat room, actual aa skeleton warriors instead of the painted ones we have, heat in the bridge part, and those feeler things in the ride for the bug and rat room also with things under your seat like at the end of ittbab.maybe they can even try putting a coaster in there like they originally about you guys

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    Re: what would you like to see from an ija refurb

    The removal of the "skeleton-ghost' inside Mara's Skull and replaced with something less hokey.

    A new, more articulate Giant Cobra.

    Harrison Ford's actual voice.

    The return of John Rhys-Davies actual voice.

    A representation of some kind of Marion Ravenwood in the ride.

    Enhanced effects in parts of the queue (shadows of flapping bats, refractions of rippling water, etc)

    Make the dart-tunnel look like less of a freeway tunnel under LAX and more like a tunnel in a decaying cave.

    Get rid of the projections of the rats and bugs. They simply don't work in the 21st century anymore. Add some scary AA.
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