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Firework viewing problem

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  • Firework viewing problem

    This saturday, December 10th, i will be going to Disneyland with my high school band. Luckily we will be performing at 7:40 PM right before the christmas parade goes on. I love performing at night more than the daytime because it is just MUCH nicer. the only problem is, we'll probably get out of the changing room around 8:30ish. Especially on a busy saturday night.. do you think I can still find a good firework viewing spot? Any help or advice will be GREATLY appreciated! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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    Re: Firework viewing problem

    You should be able to. I got stuck in the round about by the hub one night and it dumped me right ontot he street just to the left of the statue and we could see really well. that was about 15 min before the started.


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      Re: Firework viewing problem

      *grumbles* Let me warn you about the possibilities of waiting an hour ahead of time.

      A) You get there and you find a great spot in the front of the hub (which you should be able to somewhat do

      B) You get there and there's nothing left, so you have to make do with a little less than you wanted.

      C) You get there at 7:30 and sit down, while freezing your butt off, for two hours just to find out that due to the wind the fireworks have been cancelled.

      My warning to you: If it seems really windy, don't bother waiting.
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