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  • Grand Opening!

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to pass along that is having a grand opening today.

    What we plan to do with the site:

    -Provide a central source for all of the up-to-date news regarding Disneyland's 50 anniversary combined from all of the other Disney information websites.

    -The site will be updated more than a couple of times a week or if news breaks.

    If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know.

    John (MLH)

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    Hmm... no link to my site? Aww. if you feel like adding it.

    Nice site though. I like it!


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      This brings me to a question I have been asking myself for some time now.

      Does Disney not care if you use terms like Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, and other terms like that in the URL? I notice there is a TON of sites with names like this and it just strikes me as odd. I am also a huge Lego fan, and am very active in the Lego online community. I even have a few Lego sites myself And I know for a fact that if you put ANY Lego term in your URL you will have the Lego legal team knocing on your inbox very, very soon. I am working on a few Disney sites as well (DizPics, MousePenny, etc), and have made sure to not use any Disney terms in the URLs just outta habbit I guess. But looking at all these sies I assume Disney really does not care what you have in the URL?

      Please do not get me wrong - I am not trying to say you are doing anything wrong in any way or pick on you at all. I have already bookmarked your site and hope you put it to good use.



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        Disney (contrary to popular belief) is very lenient when it comes to fan sites. Unless you're an anti-fan site or you are saying negative things about Disney.

        Though for my site, I was careful and wanted complete control over my domain name. So it is. Plus I'll be able to use the name on T-shirts for a fan meet. If you use Disney on a T-Shirt, even if it's part of a domain name, you're gonna have problems. Though WDW and DLR is usually okay...

        Go figure.


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