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MiceChat Knott's Scary Farm Event

Tickets for MiceChat's annual Knott's Scary Farm meetup are now on sale. Event info can be found here -
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Tom Chaney Memorial Debate Lounge

The Tom Chaney Memorial Debate Lounge has been opened. You can find it in the Lounges section.

All MiceChat rules still apply.
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All new user registrations require email verification. Please make sure that is not blocked by your SPAM filter. Approvals are done at least once per day, but no approval will be given for accounts that have not verified their email address. No account created using anonymous services will be approved. These include proxies, VPN's, and Tor exit nodes. IP address reputations are also checked. Any IP address with questionable reputation will be banned and the registration denied.
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  • Grand Opening!

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to pass along that is having a grand opening today.

    What we plan to do with the site:

    -Provide a central source for all of the up-to-date news regarding Disneyland's 50 anniversary combined from all of the other Disney information websites.

    -The site will be updated more than a couple of times a week or if news breaks.

    If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know.

    John (MLH)

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    Hmm... no link to my site? Aww. if you feel like adding it.

    Nice site though. I like it!


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      This brings me to a question I have been asking myself for some time now.

      Does Disney not care if you use terms like Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, and other terms like that in the URL? I notice there is a TON of sites with names like this and it just strikes me as odd. I am also a huge Lego fan, and am very active in the Lego online community. I even have a few Lego sites myself And I know for a fact that if you put ANY Lego term in your URL you will have the Lego legal team knocing on your inbox very, very soon. I am working on a few Disney sites as well (DizPics, MousePenny, etc), and have made sure to not use any Disney terms in the URLs just outta habbit I guess. But looking at all these sies I assume Disney really does not care what you have in the URL?

      Please do not get me wrong - I am not trying to say you are doing anything wrong in any way or pick on you at all. I have already bookmarked your site and hope you put it to good use.



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        Disney (contrary to popular belief) is very lenient when it comes to fan sites. Unless you're an anti-fan site or you are saying negative things about Disney.

        Though for my site, I was careful and wanted complete control over my domain name. So it is. Plus I'll be able to use the name on T-shirts for a fan meet. If you use Disney on a T-Shirt, even if it's part of a domain name, you're gonna have problems. Though WDW and DLR is usually okay...

        Go figure.


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