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store taken out 3 years ago....

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  • store taken out 3 years ago....

    Hi, I work over at the Wine Country Trattoria in DCA, and lately guests have been asking me where the wine store went. I asked a lead at where I work and I was told it has been gone for 3 years. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here has any photos of the store, or could tell me what it sold.

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    Re: store taken out 3 years ago....

    I miss that market. They had ready-made boxed kids' meals that were filling enough for adults at only $4! They included a turkey or PB&J sandwich, veggie sticks, a small apple, a drink box, and candy. I used to get one right before the parade.


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      Re: store taken out 3 years ago....

      They also had plush bees. I bought one for my girlfriend. She still has it.


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        Re: store taken out 3 years ago....

        I just remember all the wine. You had to have it shipped to the front of the park and pick it up on your way out.
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          Re: store taken out 3 years ago....

          It went the way of Robert Mondavi.
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