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Country Bears at DCA! Script Included!


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  • [Idea] Country Bears at DCA! Script Included!

    Country Bear Revue: A Tribute to the Music and Lore of California

    (Spotlights shine upon three animal heads on the left-hand wall, Melvin (Moose), Buff (Buffalo), and Max (Stag). Suddenly they come to life with a loud whistle)
    Buff: Hey Henry, what's holding ya up? We can't hang around here all day.
    Max: Now Buff, be patient. It takes a little doing to set these things up. (Henry, a brown bear wearing a starched white collar, black bowtie, and black top hat appears on stage 4)
    Melvin: Yea, we ain't going anywhere anyhow. We're kind of hung up here! *Chuckles*
    Henry: Okay, okay boys, take it easy, take it easy. Now we're ready to start. Sorry folks. *Clears throat* Give me a little intro there Gomer. (Gomer, a starched white collar and blue bow tie-wearing brown bear rises up from stage 3 playing away at a honky tonk piano. A beehive with a straw in it sits on top of the piano. Gomer plays a tune) Howdy folks! Welcome to the one and only original Country Bear Revue, a tribute to the music and lore of California. Today we'll be paying tribute to the Golden State so refrain from hibernating and we'll all enjoy the show because we got a lot to give. (Gomer continues to play. During Henry's intro, stage 3's curtain has opened to show a large mural showcasing California and its many landmarks with the title of the show in the dead center. Two bears dressed as angels lie on either side of the title)
    Melvin: Hey, he's a regular Liberace.
    Max: And he plays good too. (The mural rolls up and Gomer lowers back down)
    Henry: Ladies and gents...the Five Bear Rugs! (Stage 3 lights up brightly as the Five Bear Rugs, a bear-composed jug band roll forward on a platform. A backdrop of Grizzly Peak and the surrounding forest rests behind them, an outhouse and moonshiner's cabin also seen. The band includes Zeke, a black bear playing the banjo and tapping the dishpan, Zeb, a brown bear playing the fiddle, Ted, a lanky brown bear playing the cornjug and washboard, Fred, a humongous brown bear playing the mouthharp, and Tennessee, a brown bear playing a "Thang." Oscar, a cub cuddling a teddy bear and dressed as a cub scout sits silently near Zeb)
    Zeke: California, Here I Come
    Right back where I started from
    where bowers of flowers
    bloom in the spring
    Each morning at dawning
    birdies sing at everything. Sing it Henry!
    Henry: A sunkissed miss said, "Don't be late!"
    that's why I can hardly wait
    Both: Open up that golden gate
    California, Here I Come
    Henry: Everybody!
    All: California, Here I Come
    Zeb: Yeehaw!
    All: Right back where I started from
    where bowers of flowers
    bloom in the spring
    Zeb: Sure do!
    All: Each morning at dawning
    birdies sing at everything
    a sunkissed miss said, "Don't be late!"
    that's why I can hardly wait
    open up that golden gate
    California, Here I Come! (Blackout. A single spotlight shines on Oscar who makes his teddy bear squeak. Gomer rises from stage 3 again, this time joined by Trixie on stage 5. Trixie is a large brown bear wearing a pink dress and countless pearl necklaces. She holds a wine glass and handkerchief which she frequently dabs her eyes with. A tiny bow on her head adds to her sad appearance. Behind her is a painted backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and nearby San Francisco. Gomer plays as she speaks)
    Trixie: So this is what it's like to be in love? Dumped, down on my luck, and robbed of my heart...and my dignity... (Sings) I left my heart in San Francisco
    High on a hill, it calls to me.
    To be where little cable cars
    Climb halfway to the stars!
    The morning fog may chill the air
    I don't care!
    My love waits there in San Francisco
    Above the blue and windy sea
    When I come home to you, San Francisco,
    Your golden sun will shine for me! (Speaks) I'm coming to get you baby! (Blackout. A voice is heard)
    Wendell: Hey Rufus!
    Rufus: (Unseen) Huh? (Stage 3 lights up. Wendell, a buck-toothed brown bear appears. Wendell wears Mickey Mouse ears with his name on them, a Hawaiian-shirt, and holds an ancient flash camera)
    Wendell: Fire up that there picture machine!
    Rufus: Oh. (Rufus runs around backstage, followed by a crash. A picture of Wendell and his family appear on a projector screen, their heads cut out of the picture)
    Buff: Not Wendell's vacation slides again!
    Melvin: I'm going to sleep. (Slide shows Wendell reclining on his car)
    Wendell: On the road again.
    I can't wait to get on the road again. (They drive away, their car overflowing with luggage)
    The life I love is making music with my friends. (The car gets a flat tire)
    I can't wait to get on the road again. (The family watches the car get towed away)
    On the road again. (Wendell is back in the car with his very excited son)
    Going places that I've never been. (His wife and son observe the Redwoods)
    And seeing things that I might never see again. (A redwood has fallen on top of the car)
    I can't wait to get on the road again. (The car is towed away again, the redwood still on it)
    On the road again. (Wendell is back in the car with his very disappointed son)
    Like a band of gypsies, we go down the highway. (Rufus is heard struggling as he tries to flip an upside down picture. A slide shows up reading "One Moment Please.")
    We're the best of friends. (The picture is flipped. The family is at a picnic near a sign reading "Don't Feed the Bears.")
    Insisting that the world be turning our way. (Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore appears in the next picture, pointing to the sign)
    And our way is on the road again. (Wendell's wife and son stand on top of the Hollywood sign's H. A police bear wearing sunglasses folds his arms and glares at them)
    I can't wait to get on the road again. (Wendell stands by Grizzly Peak)
    The life I love is making music with my friends. (The family is shown by Sleeping Beauty Castle)
    I can't wait to get on the road again. (The picture reveals that they were looking at a billboard advertising Disneyland as their car gets towed away again)
    Say cheese! (He takes a flash picture of the audience, showing the actual audience on the slide. The screen goes dark as Wendell lowers)
    Female Voice: There's no flash photography allowed during the performance. And that goes for everybody, Wendell!
    Wendell: Sorry! (Stage 4 lights up with electric guitar chords. Liver Lips McGrowl, a monkey-faced bear in a black and white striped prisoner uniform appears strumming the electric guitar, 2001 branded on the uniform as a nod to DCA's first year. Behind Liver Lips is a backdrop of Alcatraz Prison)
    Liver Lips: The warden threw a party in Alcatraz jail.
    The prison band was there and they began to wail.
    The band was jumping and the joint began to swing.
    You should've heard those knocked out jail bears sing.
    Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
    Everybody in the whole cell block
    Was dancing to the jailhouse rock.
    Spider Grizzly played the tenor saxophone.
    Little Bear was blowing on the slide trombone.
    The drummer bear from Napa went crash, boom, bang,
    The whole rhythm section was a grizzly gang.
    Let's rock, (Police sirens ring and a search lights look around the theater) uh-oh! Everybody, let's rock.
    Police: (Unseen) Liver Lips McGrowl, we have you surrounded!
    Liver Lips: Everybody in the whole cell block.
    Was dancing to the jailhouse rock. Gotta run! (His curtain closes) You'll never catch me alive coppers! (Blackout. Gomer rises again. Stage 3's curtain parts to reveal a snowy winter landscape. Henry appears on stage 2 strumming a guitar as Gomer plays)
    Henry: Ah, what could be nicer than a day at the beach? The tropical sun dancing on the silvery waves. And the...hey! What is this? (Sees backdrop) Rufus?
    Rufus: (Unseen) Huh?
    Henry: Get on down here and change this thing!
    Rufus: (Unseen) Oh... (He struggles backstage to fix the backdrop)
    Henry: (Laughs) Sorry folks. (Whispers) Gomer! Play something! Anything! (Gomer plays "Jingle Bells") Anything but that. (Gomer plays some Beethoven) You ready yet, Rufus? (The backdrop turns into a large postcard featuring the Country Bears playing at the beach. Paradise Pier can be seen in the distance. "Greetings from Paradise Pier!") Gomer? (Laughs) Ladies and gentlemen, Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah! (The Sun Bonnet Trio, three tiny brown bears in swim suits rise up from stage 3 surrounded by beach toys. Henry sings with the three trophy heads)
    Sun Bonnets: Well east coast bears are hip,
    I really dig those styles they wear.
    And the southern bears with the way they talk.
    Henry, Max, Buff, and Melvin: They knock me out when I'm down there.
    Sun Bonnets: The Midwest farmer's daughter really makes you feel alright.
    And the northern bears with the way they kiss.
    Henry, Max, Buff, and Melvin: They keep their boyfriends warm at night.
    Sun Bonnets: I wish they all could be California bears.
    I wish they all could be California.
    I wish they all could be California bears.
    The west coast has the sunshine,
    And the bears all get so tan.
    Henry, Max, Buff, and Melvin: I dig a French bikini on Hawaiian dolls.
    Sun Bonnets: And a palm tree in the sand.
    All: I wish they all could be California bears.
    I wish they all could be California.
    I wish they all could be California bears.
    California bears! (The bonnets and Gomer lower back down and giggle while the curtain closes. Henry exits as Shaker, a location-confused polar bear appears on stage 2, standing before a backdrop of Death Valley. A sign reads "Death Valley - Population 0." A steer skeleton can be seen. Shaker plays the mandolin and is joined by a sweating penguin in swim trunks. The penguin blows an electric fan at Shaker who wears swim trunks and a straw hat)
    Shaker: Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
    In the lane, snow is glistening.
    A beautiful sight,
    We're happy tonight.
    Walking in a winter wonderland. (Whispers to penguin) More air! I'm dying!
    Gone away is the bluebird,
    Here to stay is a new bird. (Whisphers) I'm a polar bear for crying out loud! Cool me off!
    He sings a love song, (Whisphers) More!
    As we go along,
    Walking in a winter wonderland. (Whisphers) We need an air conditioner out here. (Blackout. Stage 1 reveals, Ernest, a fiddle-playing brown bear wearing a boater and red and white striped jacket. He plays the fiddle with a flyswatter. A jar of honey sits nearby. His backdrop consists of a tree with a beehive on it and an arrow sign reading "Yosemite 10 Miles." A tent, campfire, and river also are shown. A bee buzzes in the background. Ernest's eyes constantly shift around in search of the bee)
    Ernest: Some folks are partial to nature,
    like rivers and mountains and trees.
    They'll sit and sniff the flowers,
    for hours and hours.
    That kind of stuff just makes me sneeze.
    Go stomp through the woods all you want to,
    it's just too much for me to bear.
    There's nothing but trees full of buzzards and bees,
    I favor a comfortable chair. (He gets angry) Shoo! Get out of there! Hey varmit, leave me alone. Go on, git! No watch it! Get away! (Curtain closes) Oh no! No! No! Get away! Get out of here! (A divebomb is heard) YOW! (Blackout. Crickets are heard as stage 3's curtain opens. The Bear Rugs move forward through the blue-shaded light. Lanterns and a campfire provide some light)
    Zeb: Hey Zeke, little Oscar here wants a story.
    Zeke: A real, scary story?
    Oscar: Uh huh.
    Zeke: Alright then. (Clears throat) An old cowpoke went riding out one dark and windy day.
    Tennessee: Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way.
    Zeb: When all at once a mighty herd of red eyed cows he saw.
    All: A-plowing through the ragged sky and up the cloudy draw.
    Yippie yi ayyyy.
    Yippie yi ooooh.
    Ghost Riders in the sky.
    Zeke: Their brands were still on fire,
    their hooves were made of steel.
    Tennessee: Their horns were black and shiny,
    and their hot breath he could feel.
    Zeb: A bolt of fear went through him
    as they thundered through the sky.
    All: For he saw the Riders coming hard,
    and he heard their mournful cry.
    Yippie yi ayyyy.
    Yippie yi ooooh.
    Ghost Riders in the sky. (Thunder and lightning crash as they move back behind the closing curtain. Henry returns to stage 2 with a guitar. Gomer rises and plays the intro to "I'll Be Seeing You." Henry strums the chords)
    Henry: My, my. Now here she is, that delightful, delicate, dedicated dimple darling of the Sierras. The last of the big time swingers. Swinging Teddi Barra! Swing it Teddi! (A chair swing wrapped with golden poppies lowers from the ceiling, a tiny brown bear resembling Mae West swinging back and forth. She wears a floppy blue hat with a pink feather)
    Max: Wowwee, here she comes...
    Buff: Oh sing it gal.
    Teddi: I'll be seeing you
    In all the old familiar places
    That this heart of mine embraces
    All day through.
    In that small cafe,
    the park across the way,
    the children's carousel,
    the chestnut trees,
    the wishing well. (Henry continues to strum the guitar and echoes her song with some "oooos")
    I'll be seeing you
    In every lovely summer's day
    In everything that's light and gay
    I'll always think of you that way.
    Henry and Teddi: I'll find you in the morning sun
    And when the night is new.
    I'll be looking at the moon
    But I'll be seeing you.
    Henry: Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Teddi: You all come up and see me some time, ya hear?
    Henry: As soon as I find a ladder, I'll be right up! (Blackout. Stage 1 is lit by a spotlight. An out of tune guitar is heard. After a few chords the curtain opens to reveal Big Al, a MASSIVE black bear playing a guitar baring a horseshoe and his name. He wears a tiny red vest and a floppy brown hat ridden with bullet holes. Surrounding him are countless bottles of wine, moonshine, and whiskey. He sits on a large jug of whiskey, backed by the backdrop of a dark forest inhabited by dead trees with scary faces and "claws")
    Big Al: There was...blood on the saddle. *Hic*
    And...blood all around. *Hic*
    And a great big puddle...of...blood on the ground. (He chuckles. Blackout. Henry appears on stage 5, a raccoon tail sticking out of his top hat)
    Henry: I've been working on the railroad
    All the livelong day
    I've been working on the railroad
    Just to pass the time away (A raccoon, Sammy, pokes his head out of Henry's hat)
    Can't you hear the whistle blowing
    Rise up so early in the morn
    Can't you hear the captain shouting
    Dinah, blow your horn
    Both: Dinah, won't you blow
    Dinah, won't you blow
    Dinah, won't you blow your horn! (Gomer and the Bonnets rise)
    Bonnets: Hooray for Hollywood
    That screwy ballyhooey Hollywood (Teddi Barra lowers)
    Teddi: Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic
    With just a good looking pan
    Girls: And any barmaid can be a star maid
    If she dances with or without a fan (Shaker comes out)
    Shaker: Hooray for Hollywood,
    Where you're terrific if you're really good (Whispers) Keep fanning! (Liver Lips comes out)
    Liver Lips: Go out and try your luck, you might be Donald Duck!
    Hooray for Hollywood!
    Henry: And now the grand final - (Big Al comes out singing "Blood on the Saddle" mindlessly as Wendell and the Bear Rugs enter) Hey! Hold the phone down there, this isn't what we practiced. (He keeps singing)
    Sammy: Henry, Henry, we need help!
    Henry: Right Sammy! Hey gang hit it! Just like we practiced! (Big Al continues to sing. Everyone joins in on song while Big Al continues to sing "Blood on the Saddle." Spotlights dance wildly about the theater)
    All: California, Here I Come
    Right back where I started from
    where bowers of flowers
    bloom in the spring
    Each morning at dawning
    birdies sing at everything.
    A sunkissed miss said, "Don't be late!"
    that's why I can hardly wait
    Open up that golden gate
    California, Here I Come!
    California, Here I Come!
    California, Here I Come! (Instant blackout with a crashing noise behind Big Al's curtain. Supposedly the other bears beat him up like they did in the original Country Bear Jamboree. Henry reappears with Sammy)
    Henry: (Laughs) Well as you can see, we're just one big happy family. Well folks, this concludes our show. So thanks for bearing with us to the bear end and barrel around to see us again. What do you say Sammy?
    Sammy: I say you all come back, ya hear? (A cast member asks guests to collect their things and exit underneath the trophy heads as music plays. The remaining characters bid farewell afterwards)
    Henry and Sammy: We hope that you'll be coming back again.
    That you'll drop in and see us now and then.
    We've done our very best to please
    With just the bear necessities
    We hope that you'll be coming back again.
    Henry, Sammy, Trophy Heads: Come again.
    Max: Please return!
    Henry, Sammy, Trophy Heads: Come again. (Henry and Sammy exit)
    Buff: Any time!
    Melvin: The welcome mat is always out cause seeing you is fun!
    Trophy Heads: We hope that you'll be coming back again.
    That you'll drop in to see us now and then.
    Max: We've had such fun we're going to cry.
    Buff: We just can't bear to say goodbye.
    Trophy Heads: We hope that you'll be coming back again.
    Max: Don't forget to gather your belongings...
    Melvin: And your husbands too.
    Max: It's been good to have you.
    Buff: So long folks! (They stop moving and resume inanimate positions. From then on out a country-western instrumental of "California, Here I Come" and "Hooray for Hollywood" plays, providing both exit music and entry music for incoming crowds)

    Additional Information

    - There is only one theater for the show. The theater is almost EXACTLY the same as its counterparts around the world, down to every last detail. The trophy heads are located to the audience's left-hand side as they once were placed at Disneyland. The facade resembles a rustic lodge of some kind. Unfortunately it would take me an eternity to describe exactly how it looks through words alone.
    - "Pianjo" is a combination between the original song "Pianjo" and "California, Here I Come."
    - The song cuts may seem a bit long in writing but in actuality are much shorter by means of being much faster. The overall running time should be somewhere near 15 minutes, just like the original jamboree.
    - Buff, Max, and Melvin are voiced by archive sound. Every bit of dialogue/song they emit are reused from the Jamboree and Vacation Hoedown. This is the same case with Ernest, Big Al, Oscar, and Rufus.
    - There is a Christmas show. I will provide the script later. I'm also thinking about a Halloween show. There will be no Vacation Hoedown since this show already uses about four songs from it ("On the Road Again," "California Bears," Ernest's song, "Ghost Riders in the Sky").
    - The lobby features appropriately-shaped doors leading to the bears' dressing rooms. Posters advertising each performer hang on the walls. The dancing Henry arcade game from Teddi Barra's Swinging Arcade makes a home here. A rustic fireplace is also found in the lobby. A fourth trophy hangs above the mantle: Salty the Salmon. Salty is a monstrous salmon who wants nothing more than to get down from his plaque. Although not an LCI animatronic, Salty converses with guests as means of bargaining for his freedom. During the holidays, the lobby is decorated with a multitude of "down-home" decorations. Country-western music plays gently in the background during the regular season, country-western renditions of famous Christmas carols playing during the holiday season.
    - The attraction takes the place of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

    More to come! Future updates cover additional information per your requests, the Country Bear Christmas Special, and Country Bear Halloween Hoedown. Please tell me what you think!
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    "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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    Re: Country Bears at DCA! Script Included!

    Originally posted by MANEATINGWREATH View Post
    There will be no Vacation Hoedown since this show already uses about four songs from it
    As well as almost the entire libretto. Nice job anyway and I would love to see The Country Bears get resurrected.
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      Re: Country Bears at DCA! Script Included!

      I think you posted a script for a CBJ Revival here a few years ago, but I think this one is different than before... Great ideas though! I would love to see it return this way.

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        Re: Country Bears at DCA! Script Included!

        Ya I pretty much took the same format and whatnot from the Vacation Hoedown. I figure that basing it more on a vacation-themed show would work with the whole California being a "vacation destination" thing and the hoedown is probably one of the best overlays Disney has ever come up with. And yes this is my second swing at a CB revival at DCA! I actually like this attempt A LOT better than the last one. Thanks for the comments guys!

        I'll be typing up a script for the overlay shows sometime soon so stay tuned! Any song requests?
        "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


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