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Denied Club 33 Membership?


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  • Denied Club 33 Membership?

    Anyone have any insight to what/why Club 33 would deny someone membership? Kevin Smith (Director, Actor) was doing a radio show here in the Bay Area last week and he mentioned (my memory might be off a bit but I'll try my best) that someone he knew was doing a deal with Disney. This someone that he knows asked for a membership to club 33 as part of his deal with Disney. For reasons Kevin Smith did not state, he was denied. Kevin Smith first alluded that it was racism, by saying something to the effect of 'I was shocked to learn stuff like that still happens, even there out of all places.' To clarify, Kevin Smith later made clear that it was not racism.

    So in the end I was left wondering:
    Is Kevin Smith just trying to be funny and sarcastic? -- or --
    Did Kevin Smith mean that the person he knows was denied a membership because of religion? -- or --
    Does Kevin Smith have no idea what he's talking about?
    Or is there some other reason?

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    Stop saying Kevin Smith so much!!

    Yeah I not sure. no big deal though
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      Well, it sounds like whoever it was wasn't simply applying for a membership, but was trying to get a membership thrown in as part of some sort of contract or something. So Disney said no, big deal.


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        I don't think Disney cares what religion your money comes from, especially for Club33 memberships which are quite pricey. Would be interesting to learn why.
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          My guess on Kevin Smith is that Kevin Smith wanted to jump the queue. While I'm sure Kevin Smith is very big in Kevin Smith's mind I'd expect there are a few other B-level stars like Kevin Smith waiting for a spot at club-33. So Kevin Smith, feeling all self important got bent out of shape when Kevin Smith did not get what he wanted when Kevin Smith wanted it.

          Note: This is just an opinion letter and may or may not reflect the facts in the case, which I freely admit I don't really know.

          Ps. Who is Kevin Smith? I ran an IMDB on him and the Kevin Smith I came up with looks a bit white to be playing the race card.
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            First, Club 33 memberships are on a initial/yearlt due basis, not a one time freebie membership for life.

            Second, the waiting list for membership, last time I checked, was at 4 years.

            Third, as an exclusive club, they reserve the right to allow or deny membership as they see fit, and don't need to explain.

            Last, if I were in charge of memberships at 33, I'd say no just on principle. I don't like people trying to bypass the system...

            So if KS wants to make an issue over it, let him. I'll lose no sleep over it.
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              Have you ever seen the man speak live? Sarcasim is his native tongue and he has a rather large and exstensive beef with Disney over his relationship with Miramax/Dimension and the Weinsteins...Do you honestly think the man can objectivly speak about Disney and Club 33 without weighing his rather large and overbearing sense as a vendictive writer to the mix?

              Don't get me wrong, I am a Smith fan, especially his comic books but the man is not a Disney fan. I feel like I am writing some nasty comment on, I don't mean to rag on the guy, I am simply pointing out he might have been fasicious during the interview.


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                I've never even heard of him. Sounds like a major prima donna to me.


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                  Originally posted by The Mad Hatter
                  I've never even heard of him. Sounds like a major prima donna to me.
                  Serious? Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob from Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay an Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl and the reinnoventor of Daredevil and Green Arrow? Dude is well on his well to being a house hold name, which is rare for a director besides the obvious ones.


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                    Notice the OP said that Smith was relating this story about someone else, not himself.


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                      Originally posted by ah schucks
                      Serious? Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob
                      ooohhh. him. he's still a c-list celebrity no matter how you cut it.

                      Originally posted by Bacon
                      Notice the OP said that Smith was relating this story about someone else, not himself.
                      Yeah but he still implied that disney was wrong. It sounds like even though it wasn't him...he thought that disney should've handed this other person a free membership. which is just as silly as if he had done it himself.


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                        I dont know if the person that KS was talking about was famous but for conversations sake lets pretend they are. Sounds like they thought they could just ask for one and was denied. Big whoop. Just cause they are famous doesnt mean they should ALWAYS get what they want. They should have to apply just like the rest of us.

                        End Rant.
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                          Maybe one of the cancelled memberships from last year was...Michael Jackson's! :devil:


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                            [QUOTE=AO*].. that someone he knew was doing a deal with Disney. This someone that he knows asked for a membership to club 33 as part of his deal with Disney. [QUOTE]

                            Umm he did mention they were doing a deal with Disney. If Jerry Bruckheimer who produced Pirates, asked for one, I would be surprised that he would be denied. If the deal is (and I am assuming it is) with Disney and the dude is getting paid millions of dollars to adapt a Disney project or start an original property, a perk membership to Club 33 is not that outragous...

                            Hint hint- Almost all of Kevin Smith's films were produced under Miramax whose parent company is Disney. Also he is a fanboy who lives in LA, do the math.


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                              Mabye Disney denied him Membership because he wasn't actually invited ... don't you have to be invited to be a member of Club 33?
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                                It used to be if you were invited by the park and it was exclusive to people who donated money to the rides- Pacbell, Carnation, Energizer,etc--now adays yes you need an invite unless you happen to be really famous and powerful- Bruce Willis and Johnny Deep have been seen there, don't suppose a member invited them.


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                                  My guess is whoever was denied membership was denied because of the waiting list. If you think about it, say Disney did throw in a free Club 33 membership to whoever they were working the deal with. Soon, everyone would be wanting a free membership.

                                  So, that soon would leave Disney with an even bigger waiting list, thus making the corporate world and individuals wishing to actually pay for the membership quite mad. If people are willing to wait up to 4 years for a Club 33 membership, why the hell would they give them out for free? It doesn't make sense businesswise and Disney is a corporation there to make the moola.


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                                    Club Memebrships Privilages are sometimes granted to synergy partners and contracts, but generally this is in the form of the talent calling Eisner's office to get reservations... and if they are on good terms, they get them, and they're usually comped. If someone asks for a membership in their contract.. it would have to be like the company is buying the membership for them, which is not unheard of, but irregular, because most of the time, they can more than afford it themselves, or would rather have a cash bonus in lieu of some strange accomodation like Club membership.
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                                      Originally posted by MiceMan
                                      Mabye Disney denied him Membership because he wasn't actually invited ... don't you have to be invited to be a member of Club 33?
                                      As far as I know you just have to get on the at least 5-year waiting list and pay the huge sum of cash. ($10,000 last time I checked, and $2,000 per year thereafter....)



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                                        I agree with what everyone has said so far, which is basically that:

                                        A. There is a waiting lit to become a member, since the only way to become one is if one drops out.

                                        B. It costs a lot of money to join, certainly not something Disney wants to be giving away.

                                        C. Kevin Smith seems a little full of himself.


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