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A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend


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  • Trip Report A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

    And a good morning to all friends of the mouse! The half marathon weekend was quite a bit different from the last handful of years for a number of reasons, but primarily because we brought our puppy! I do want to apologize for the poor quality of a lot of these photos. Most were taken with an iPhone, the others with an entry level Nikon point and shoot. Normally, I would put a bunch of sarcastic comments in the report in the attempts to get a laugh, but I thought, let's inform the people this time. So in the words of an old friend (Capt. Rex), sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!

    I woke up early Friday morning to find this little number on my bathroom counter. Well played, Monica, well played.

    After getting our Doberman ready, there was only one thing left to do...

    Like Cinderella where the pumpkin turned fancy, the wheels went from blue to black and we were right on track.

    So we chose the Red Lion for its proximity to the park, along with the fact that they allow dogs. We opted for two queens so Peanut could have her own bed.

    We utilized Disneyland's Kennel Club during our visit, so I thought I would share a few photos to show y'all what it looks like in case you have a fur-covered friend that may accompany you during a future visit.

    The entrance is just to the right of the main gate tucked between the wheelchair/stroller/suv rentals and some shrubbery.

    The kennel opens 30 minutes prior to the park opening (not accounting for early entry). I suggest you be there right when it opens as they do not accept reservations and there are only about 80 units, only 10 of which will accomodate a dog over 50 pounds.

    Making arrangements. Make sure that you have a copy of your pets' vaccination records from the vet. Apparently, you can't scrible them down on a sticky note. If you forget, and it is a weekday, you can call your vet and have them faxed in.

    A little view of the stainless steel compartments for the smaller dogs.

    Here is Peanut's neighbor. This Dalmation appears to have been bred with a lab. Good result.

    Behind the kennel is a nice little, emphasis on little, play area where you can run your pet around a little. This is also the area where they can do their biz-nass. They can be off the leash back here, but only if there are no other dogs, or if the other dog owners agree to a little play time.

    Lady and the Tramp backdrop. The green stuff is grasstroturf. Boy dogs generally pee on the lamps and the fire hydrant.

    A better view of the space. A few other notes, the CM's in the kennel are very nice, and they recommend you come and visit your pet every two and a half to three hours to take care of the bathroom needs. They have food, but if your pet is on a lean mean diet like Peanut, I suggest you bring your own. They have their own bowls, but we brought our own to make sure she didn't get weirded out by new things.

    After the pup was put into lock-up, we were off to the EXPO! We had the good fortune of meeting a couple of US Spec Forces war veterans, one who had lost his sight in a mortar attack in Iraq while waiting to print our waivers.

    These are not good photos, but I just wanted to give you a look at the Expo. There was a talk taking place regarding positive self talk during runs and the physiological affect it has on the body.

    Grabbing some last minute merchandise.

    And then it was off to the park! A toy maker motioned us to come over for a photo and a quick trip back in time to meet the great, and honest, Abe Lincoln.

    Popped over to Tomorrowland and found this fella.

    Went over to check out that red rock train ride, but first noticed the Mickey-shaped Nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear.

    Monica posing for a quick photo outside of the Panhandle Hotel.

    Of course, now all you'll find is cactus, snakes and coyotes.

    One CM mentioned, at one time, this was used for lowering guests into the mine train. Clarification?

    A classic mid-ride shot.

    While in line for Pirates, we saw this beauty. I have never seen a single piece of Thanksgiving-themed clothing, not to mention a Hawaiian shirt. But the man sporting this shirt was smiling and that is all that matters

    More to come!
    Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!

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    Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

    Looks great so far - can't wait to hear about the half marathon! I'm doing my first HM ever in January - the Tinkerbell! So I'd love to hear about your experience!


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      Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

      Great report. LOVE your dog!!!

      Looking forward to hearing how they race went.
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        Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

        Never saw the kennel area. Micechat can show you something new every day! Can't wait to see the rest.


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          Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

          One last picture from the Mountain of Thunder.

          The sea of people on Saturday trying to get on Star Tours.

          Snagged a FP and did some cartwheels until it was our turn.

          If I could relate the look of the 3D glasses to anything, it would be the alien race from Independence Day. The lenses have been specifically designed for Star Tours and only Star Tours. It is not recommended that these be removed from and used during the Glee 3D movie event.

          So on the way off the ride, Monica accidently dropped her Ray-bans into the bucket and kept her 3D glasses. We went back to bins and a stand-up CM by the name of Randy took all 160 pairs backstage, dumped them out in the sun, and retreived the non-3D glasses. This is classic Disneyland customer service and we appreciated it!

          You can do it Dumbo, you don't need a magic feather!

          Nice views of Fantasyland can be found while soaring around in these little elephant buckets.

          You gotta' do some goofy ones every now and again.

          I asked someone while waiting in line about these army surplus nets. I was pretty sure the last time I was in the jungle these were not there. She mentioned that they were added to keep guests from trying to steel the monkeys jewel. I think she meant jewels, but didn't correct her because I think she was playing games.

          An ominous look at our favorite God...

          Next up, the Half Marathon!
          Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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            Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

            It's nice that you posted a report about the kennel. I've never been there or heard any stories about it. So now if I ever need to bring my dog I know where to go!
            Can't wait for the HM report...


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              Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

              So you have all heard about Pasta in the Park? They gave us some fancy glow in the dark wrist bands and told us to meet by the petting zoo around 6.

              We were then moved to another gate. I was starting to wonder if we would ever get the $100 dollars in complex carbohydrates that we were promised.

              Then BOOM, we were in! The place looked splendid and they had three long tables so everyone could get their grub quickly. There were three kinds of pasta, a 50/50 blended salad, grains and some kind of chicken onion deal. It was all good!

              One option...

              Another option...

              These were some of the desert cupcakes, they also had some awesome brownies, cream puffs and some custard style thing in a double shot glass.

              At closer glance...

              The DJ later came on stage along with a bunch of characters and some motivational messages from Run Disney reps.

              Some signage

              Some lighting

              Later, Donald came down in front and got everyone doing the electric slide and the classic but annoying YMCA. There was only one celebrity sighting during the Pasta in the Park, and it was the brunette from Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

              A few good photo ops around the festival arena.

              The other chipmunk didn't want to dance with me because of my two left feet and his soft paws.

              I guess I never really noticed it, but Pluto does a pretty realistic dog pose...

              For being in those giant rubber heels, Daisy gets around pretty quick!

              Minnie may be one of the most photogenic of all the fuzzy characters.


              Now, there has been a lot of debate in the running community regarding more/less cushioning running shoes. A lot of runners are starting to go minimalist. Goofy has gone the other direction and is wearing moon shoes!

              I like to think of my self more like Don. With a running shoe coming in at only 6 oz. I hoped to shave off some valuable seconds the following morning.

              After a quick viewing of the firework show, we was off to bed.

              So it is race day! I was fortunate enough to stand up front with the big dogs being seated 148th of 15k or so. I know there were only a few of these yellow bibs handed out, like a golden ticket I guess?

              The race was organized better than years previous with the bag check station set up perfectly. Most hotels get the shuttles moving about 2 and a half hours prior to the race start, which was at 6 am, and they are free for runners. There is a greet area where everyone communes prior to heading to the corrals. Massages are available along with hydration options and portable restrooms.

              The announcer (awesome guy) starts ushering runners to the corrals by way of excited audio 30-45 minutes prior to the gun.

              Us hanging out pre race. That shirt came off around mile 12 (mine, of course).

              This was Monica's first half marathon and she did excellent! I was so stoked by her performance that I didn't really even consider mine. The course was very similar to the last few years with a couple changes. People often think we are running the bases of Angel Stadium, but it is the dirt track.

              And after!

              My homeboy and I! This guy runs this race every year in a Minnie Mouse costume. He is pretty damn fast, too. He stops to take photos with all the characters, yet still comes in at the low 1:20's.

              Y'all have seen the medal, but here is a look at the hardware again. Better design than previous years, methinks...

              Up close and gold

              I ended up rolling in at 1:30, so I had a little time before Monica came in. I decided to try and get a few shots of costumed runners...

              I feel a'real loose like a long necked goose!

              Bikes flanking a wheelchair athlete. Guy is a stud, most people probably have no idea what kind of upper body is needed to finish 13.1 at those speeds.

              I would not want to smell those costumers after they came off!

              I wish I had some cool photos from the route, but didn't bring a camera this year. While a little bummed that I didn't sneak in under 1:30, it was a PR and you can't complain about those. All in all, it was a wonderful experience with tons of food and cold towels at the finish. Temps were low, perfect for racing. The volunteers were a plenty and I can't thank them enough. There is no way this event would have happened without them. A word to curious, if you haven't taken on this event, do it! It is a lot of fun and when you need that boost throughout the course, snag a few high-fives from the cheerleading teams. Is that weird? Well, either way, it works!

              More to come!

              ---------- Post added 09-08-2011 at 04:28 PM ----------

              So we rested our legs for about 30 minutes, walked the pup and headed back to the park for fun!

              A strapping penguin. Actually, according to GQ, a man willing to attempt a bowtie when everyone else is rocking skinny ties, wins. However, we are not sure if this is a male penguin, so whether he has a subscription to the magazine or not, remains a mystery.

              The Goofy Movie may be the best cinematic experience offered in the 1990's! Good to see Max, almost asked him to do the perfect cast, but remembered he wasn't as good as Goofy.

              "The Fireman's band is playing down, on old Main Street!"

              Anyone know of a garden/dungeon art store that I could pick up one of these?

              A tasty apple?

              The Huntsman's Betrayal.

              I like to think these beautiful red roses are in memory of the fallen queen.

              Just caught the parade and stopped by to see where it all started...

              I love the presence of the train relative to the Small World attraction. Reminds me of when "Trolley" used to go into the Land of Make Beleive to King Friday's castle.

              Mouse on the drums...

              I know you can't hear what these characters are saying, but due to being on the run, Pluto clearly didn't want any photos taken.

              A very good parade!

              "Look at the monkey, look at the monkey!"

              Get up, stand up...

              These were very cool costumes!

              A very cute brine shrimp just hangin' on

              And you are?

              I yelled up to Donald, "did you see the quads on the dude that won the Half?" He was as blown away by them as I was.


              Fancy hair!

              Have you paid close attention to this parade? I know the name of it has something to do with sound...and the roar that comes from Simba is priceless!

              "I thought Pluto told you, no photos!"

              Clap your hands everybody, everybody clap your hands! (Revenge of the Nerds)

              All this hype about how good Michelle Obama's arms look...I am pretty sure this princess has got her beat!

              Something was a little bit off about this Croc, but I let it go.

              A couple more to go!
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                Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                OMG.. The sign says "Good Luck Runers"

                Not RuNNers. RuNers. Did nobody notice it before they put that thing up!?!


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                  Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                  Checked my watch and realized we were running out of park time!

                  The new entrance is really looking good.

                  Not that I didn't like the GG bridge facade, but this thing is sweet!

                  These guys were passing out and we were getting our second wind...

                  I find the poster artwork on that Toy Story ride at DCA to be pretty darn cool. More t-shirts need to be made based on these game posters.

                  Believe it or not, this ride actually feels like you are in a car (airplane) with someone who has no idea how to drive.

                  But after a couple of lessons...

                  ...we were certified!

                  This thing is crucial on those hot days. There was a family basking underneath for about five solid minutes, either their hotel has no AC or...I don't know, it was just frustrating.

                  Just then we heard an echoing voice coming from the other park...

                  Mr. Smee was trying announce that there was a storm approaching and we better get one more go-round on Space.

                  And he was right! I normally like a blue, crystal clear sky at the park, but this was pretty BA.

                  Monica and I up front with her parents behind us. They came all the way from Minneapolis to watch the race and enjoy some soundsational times. Her Mom had been there one other time in the early 70's when they still had ticket books, and as for her Dad, he was a first timer.

                  Jumped on the bobsleds...this picture is not of the best quality, but it just looks fast!

                  A classic splashdown, not unlike the one at the end of Crocodile Mile, a beloved variation on the slip and slide.

                  Sadly, it was finally time to go.

                  But what trip to the southern part of our beautiful state would be complete without a trip to la playa?

                  This section at Newport Beach allowed dogs and let Peanut stretch her legs.

                  We also rigged up one of these bike-cars to check out the sites in Huntington B.

                  Alright y'all, see you in November, hopefully with a better camera!

                  My last words are suggestions, if you are considering the run, do it! I believe they will open registration in January and recommend signing up day of, it sells out quick! Secondly, if you are thinking about bringing your pup, they have as nice of a kennel as can be expected, and a number of hotels in the area allow dogs.

                  Thanks for viewing, friends!
                  Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                    Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                    Originally posted by MonkeyDishwasher View Post
                    OMG.. The sign says "Good Luck Runers"

                    Not RuNNers. RuNers. Did nobody notice it before they put that thing up!?!
                    The $25 shirt I bought in 2009 for The 40th Haunted Mansion Anniversary only had one "N" too. I guess Disney doesn't like things with two "N" 's

                    Nice Trip report! Thanks for the photo's.

                    Edit: (first edit comment erased) Never mind edit comment, found the photo
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                    Quote by Al:
                    To that end I'd like the Internet community to join me in reminding the Disney company that "it all started with Walt." As you can see below we've created some T-shirts, plus a few simple graphics that you can copy and paste into your websites to let folks know how you feel.
                    -Al Lutz


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                      Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                      Love the report, love the pictures, love the pooch.... everything. Love it. Thanks so much for posting. I think I'm adding a Half Marathon to my Bucket List... we'll see if I ever do it!


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                        Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                        Originally posted by DLFreak71 View Post
                        Edit: Went back to look at the photo's.
                        The only banner I caught (in the quick review) had "Runners" Two "N" 's
                        It's the one at the Pasta in the Park dinner. Before the character photos.


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                          Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                          At least it was a banner (next time I'll stop at the photo vs flying past it).

                          I paid for a t-shirt that has the mistake (Anniversary, or as Disney spells it, Aniversary)
                          Disney, I guess, only likes one "N"
                          Quote by Al:
                          To that end I'd like the Internet community to join me in reminding the Disney company that "it all started with Walt." As you can see below we've created some T-shirts, plus a few simple graphics that you can copy and paste into your websites to let folks know how you feel.
                          -Al Lutz


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                            Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                            Thanks for checking it out guys!
                            Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                              Re: A Delightful Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

                              Congrats on the Half BGS. Blistering pace.
                              Planned to run but was rushed to ER and had my appendix removed instead. There is always next year
                              Originally posted by Grumpee
                              I only care for Disney bling!


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