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help finding....

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  • [Question] help finding....

    OK so when I went for my interview at the Disney casting Center, there was a hotel across the street, and the way the parking is at the casting center I didnt want my ride to have to pull in, etc etc and i didnt want to stand around for the 30 mins it would take her to get there.

    So I told her to meet me at the hotel across the street. Figured i could get a soda in he vending machine. Well first it was a really nice looking hotel lol and they had a HUGE sandwich/gift shop there.Got my soda and went looking for candy.

    Anyways I saw this cell phone looking device on one of the shelves. Picked it up as it was kinda cool looking, and it seemed to call you while you were in the park. Now i didn't read much of it because i said, that's an easy name to remember i don't need to write it down. Well i forgot what it was

    Anyone have any ideas what I'm talking about?

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    Re: help finding....

    I'm sorry I don't. I wish i could, so i can help you. Maybe you should go back there and find it in the store.
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      Re: help finding....

      I am totally confused by your post.....
      Why don't you call the hotel? i believe the hotel in question is The Sheraton (714) 778-1700
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        Re: help finding....

        Guess i should have teaken a picture with my cell phone Darn it lol. well hopefully someone will know or ill wait till i go back out there in 2 or 3 weeks