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How would you make a Disney day magical for people who are a bit jaded?


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  • [Question] How would you make a Disney day magical for people who are a bit jaded?

    My friend and her husband both lived in Southern California for many years growing up, as did I. They enjoyed some good times at Disneyland when they were younger but they are now in their late 30s and don't think of the parks as the magical place that I do. They think of the crowds and pushy people and don't really think of the parks in a positive light.

    We are in Utah and they are in Florida and we are meeting in California to stay at a great villa on the coast for the week.

    For my birthday present, I asked if I could treat my friend and her hubby to a day at the parks and their gift to me would to would be the time spent with me so I can have my favorite people with me at my favorite place. My friend is actually excited because she knows that going to Disneyland with me should be more fun because of my love for it. ( pressure)

    We are going during the week of 11/13-11/18. They will be joining us on a Tuesday which means I have from 10am to 8pm to make sure they have an amazing time. The holiday overlay can't help but bring that warm fuzzy feeling, so that will help me out.

    What are some of the things you would do, and make a priority, in order to show them an amazing Disney day?

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    Re: How would you make a Disney day magical for people who are a bit jaded?

    I've brought jaded people to the parks a few times and the result has always been quite good. I count on Disneyland to make a good impression and they usually do.

    What I do is I force them to take a few pictures with characters. And as I go up, I give the character a hug or a high-five so the rest of the group follows in suit. When you hug someone, they hug you back...and you can only stay jaded for so long before all those hugs start to make you feel pretty content and happy. There's also a point where your brain finally just allows you to think of the character as a real character instead of an employee in a suit. Once that happens, all is well.

    Another very important thing to do is to FastPass everything. I go out of my way to maximize our FastPasses (even tell them to hang out for a few min while I run to the opposite side of the park with all of our passes to get the next FastPass). They have to be kept occupied and waiting in 45-120 minute lines just makes them dislike the place.

    Fireworks and Fantasmic seal the deal. Fireworks first, then centered floor seats (or VIP seats) for Fantasmic. The ending with the characters waving, the lasers, the perfectly-timed fireworks all come together to form something very special.

    And that's take them to Main Street and they start shopping. And then you focus on something you want but mention it's too pricey...and they'll buy it for you...voila!
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