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Halloween Time MNSCHP and day after


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  • Trip Report Halloween Time MNSCHP and day after

    Over all it was fun but I want to rant first:

    To start off, it took 3.5 hours to drive to Disney (normally about an hour drive). Friday traffic with several fender benders including a guy that broke down in the middle lane, before another accident. A double whammey. The 5.

    A bit annoyed From stop and go for 3.5 hours and missed our dinner reservation at Cafe Orelanes, but 2 beers at ESPN Zone fixed my mood. Although after we realized we forgot the tickets and had to pay $10 to print them at Grand California, nice guy at the computer desk though. At that point didn't care, time vs money you see.

    I will say this year was much more crowded. Not bad, but last year I have pictures of Tomorrow land being a ghost town. I would say only about 10% adults dressed up, but it is kind of early in the season. I saw several great Adults Mad Hatter costumes and a lot of kids in Star Wars stuff. The Mad Hatter people interacted with us (We were Marry Poppins and Bert, in working class black garb, not the ice cream suite). Funny.

    I found the Cast Members most appreciative of the costume, lots of good comments, and also random people yelling out our names. Kind of fun. Best part was that I fashioned the chimeny sweep out of a collapsable cain for easy stowing away on rides (in Mary's Carpet bag), but also that with the compact umbrella created a funny illusion of the bottemless bag as my wife pulled them out for random people in line.

    No fire in fire works in screams fireworks show, but we had a great spot so enjoyed it, other than the foreign people that didnt speak english and the kids kept pulling off the flowers on my wifes Marry Poppins hat while she was sitting. In what culture is that OK? Parents, tell your kids not to grab costume. Bad from other continent kids. Bad. Perhaps they thought we worked there. Lots of people in DTD asked if we were employees, kind of funny.

    I wish Haunted Mansion only had overylay for Christmas. The ginger bread house was pretty cool though.

    Space Mountain needs to project the Eddie - or Ghost Galexy guy, in red. Red won't interfere with the stars and the black. Its why military guys use a red flashlight to read maps in the dark. Keeps eyes focused. I found the projection distracting. Still fun though.

    The next day, Little Mermaid ride for 1st time... - Meh. Not bad, but also not good. I really hope Cars ride steps it up.

    Lack of Pirates might have added to crowds. Lack of California Screaming was a let down, but TOT made up for it in its awesomeness.

    WOC: We got Preferred Dining section and lined up an hour early (in suposedly front of line) but still once we got in had a row in front of us. I like the old location, but up front was kind of epic in a way. They do make it annoying though if you want to get a drink, but have to stand in line for 30 minutes while they wait to open the section. We were directly next to a guy on the other side of the rope who was upfront and paid nothing extra. It reminded me of the episode of Extras where whats his name gets let into the velvet rope area but is sitting on the same sofa as his friends.

    And last, Star Tours was amazing. Great ride, loved the 2 permutations from the 2 times we went on and the 3d effects are great. the CGI looks much better "live" than seeing clips online.

    Cant wait to go back for Christmas lights in December. Next year might have to break down and get a season pass. It works out to the same price..

    And this concludes my report. I also love that I can drink a beer in line at DCA. Might have contributed to my lack of photos. Distracted...
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    Re: Halloween Time MNSCHP and day after

    fyi, the link isn't working. also, how crowded is crowded (friday's halloween party)? how long were the lines for the rides? no fastpasses, right? i'm going this friday, so i figure it'll be similar to last friday. thanks!


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      Re: Halloween Time MNSCHP and day after

      I'll repost pics.It was crowded compared to last year, but longest line was 30 minutes. We got positioned for fireworks about an hour before and had a great spot.

      Link work?
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        Re: Halloween Time MNSCHP and day after

        Not sure whats up with link.

        Here is a video of us trying out carpet bag after a couple adult beverages:

        MARY - YouTube


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          Re: Halloween Time MNSCHP and day after

          hahaha, very nice! and thanks for the info .


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