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Make Your Best Guess:Will There Be a 3rd Gate, When, and What Do You Expect It To Be?


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  • [Chat] Make Your Best Guess:Will There Be a 3rd Gate, When, and What Do You Expect It To Be?

    I just wanted to get your thoughts as to whether they will put in a 3rd gate at DLR?

    When do you think they will build it?

    On that note, what would the third gate look like?

    My guess is that there will (eventually) be a thrid gate. That the third gate will be announced (if not built) by 2020 (i.e., within the current decade). And, that the 3rd gate will have be a mix between exotic places in the world and mythology with elements incorporated from DisneySea (though it will not be exactly like DisneySea or even called DisneySea).

    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Make Your Best Guess:Will There Be a 3rd Gate, When, and What Do You Expect It To

    This has been discussed before. While there are currently no formal plans for a third park, Disney has expressed its intent to eventually build the third park on the site of the current Katella Cast Member Lot/Toy Story Lot. That property is approximately 50+ acres.

    The current Pumbaa lot will become home to a 6000-ish space structure similar in size, but smaller than, the Mickey and Friends lot. This new structure will also have access to the new Anaheim Transportation Center. The assumption is that there will be a moving walkway or peoplemover-type system to get people from this structure to the area that is currently the Esplenade.

    Additionally, it's likely that Disney would eventually buy the troubled Gardenwalk, since this faces the future parking structure to the north, and the future third park to the south. Currently, Disney plans to build a new hotel complex at this site, so there's some logic to Disney eventually owning the property.

    Remember, though, that this is a log ways away. While Gardenwalk hotels are a sure thing, and the Pumbaa parking structure is a likelihood by the end of the decade, Disney will not commit to any future Anaheim park until DCA becomes more financially successful and autonomous. So don't plan on seeing a third park for at least 15 years or more. But, stranger things have happenned.

    As for theme, anything is possible. A lot of people are speculating "Marvel", but that's at this point nothing more than wishful thinking. It's way too far away to even guess as to the theming, and there's nothing even in the "blue sky" stage yet as far as a third park. I can tell you what we WON'T see, and that's a waterpark. The waterpark industry in SoCal is oversaturated (pardon the pun).


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