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  • Favorite Ride

    This may seem kind of lame but it is always fun. You can only go one ride at either Park, what is it?? No ties, one ride and one ride only.

    My choice is Haunted Mansion, it is an awesome ride, nothing like it anywhere else (cept for the duplicates at other parks but you know what i mean)

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    Yes, I would have to agree with Haunted Mansion.
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      I am torn between Pirates and Indy.

      London BABY!!


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        I would have to pick Pirates (since no Space Mt. yet)


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          I would have to say Jungle Cruise. It is always entertaining, ever changing. The CMs are warm and friendly. And it is an attraction the whole family likes to ride.
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            I have a 3 way tie, always have
            Haunted Mansion
            Peter Pan

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              Pirates of the Caribbean
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                  ooooh, I almost forgot about the wonders of entertainment and imagination now available in the old Carousel building.

                  I'm torn, but ... urrrgh, I'm still gonna hafta go with Haunted Mansion.


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                    Tower or Terror


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                      That is a tough one. I love Space, but it's not up yet. I don't think I can make a decision. I wouldn't want to hurt the other attraction's feelings!!
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                        I love Space, but since its not up yet I would have to go with Big Thunder Mountain......its my second fave ride and sitting in the back is the best......
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                          Small World

                          Are all my favorite attractions at Disneyland


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                            I've never been able to pick just one favorite attraction. I love so many things for so many different reasons. I will say being in Orlando now, I really really miss The Tiki Room. The New Management show just plain offends me.


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                              I think ill have to go with SMALL WORLD

                              this week...


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                                Haunted Mansion
                                Pirates of the Caribbean
                                BigThunder Mountain
                                Space Mountain
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                                  i can't belive nobody has mentioned Innoventions.


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                                    I was gonna go with SuperStarLimo....but I guess I'll go with Tower of Terror.
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                                      There are several rides that I adore, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Splash Mtn & Peter Pan. Can't wait to get back there again in July to celebrate the 50th


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