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Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more


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  • Trip Report Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

    Before I get started I need to give a little advice. If you are going to the Halloween Party get your tickets several days before you plan on going. We talked to several people who had tried to buy them that or the day before and they were sold out.

    We left early Friday morning to drive the 7 hours to DL. we arrived at HOJOs at 1300 (1 pm) and we then went to DTD to kill time.
    At 4:30 Pm we left for the party (better to go early, than fight those who are leaving).
    My Daughter said she felt funny walking to the park dressed as Red Ridding hood, Since we were dressed as vikings we thought she had nothing to complain about. Once we got to the park everything was fine and she got into the spirit.
    Knowing that real food would be hard to come by once the party started we went to the Hungry Bear for some good food.
    We rode the Matterhorn after that and ran into a group from Canada. We wanted to ride in the old sleds before they changed them.
    Rode Bus light year, Small world. There seemed to be more people in the park this year, but it was still great.
    We did not get any photos of some of the best costumes but 3 cheers for the ghost family (spooktacular), Halo, bumble bee, The walking shower. Just to name a few. We are always impressed by the costumes that we see guests wearing in the park.
    We watched the parade and then the Fireworks.

    Fire works

    Different shots

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    Saturday Oct 15.
    This was a blockout day for the So Cal passes, so I thought it would not be as crowded in DL.
    Seeing the lines of people waiting to get into Dl told me I was very mistaken. It was going to be packed.
    We went to Star tours and got our fastpass, good thing we did they were for 2 - 3 pm and the park just opened.
    We then went to the Haunted Mansion the line was long but moving well. Latter in the day the line was going around the fountian.

    Ate lunch at the Hungry Bear.
    Got an R2D2 popcorn bucket and pictures with Jack sadly Sally was not there.

    Rode Star Tours, it is better than the older version.
    Rode the Mark Twain and went to the Tiki room.

    Watched Fantasmic. It seemed better this time, we had to go to the 10 pm showing, so maybe it was better because it was darker outside.

    We were tired so we went back to the hotel, tomorrow we go to DCA

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    Sunday Oct 16
    Doing this in order so I do not get confused.
    Arrived at 1030 and went to The Little Mermaid. First time on this ride. Lines were long but they moved quickly.

    Rode Goofies Sky School, first time for this ride for me and probably the last. Those turns at the top got to me.

    Went to the GRR for a quick spin and a soak, and we did get soaked.

    Rode soaring over California.

    Watched Aladin the flying carpet was not working. Wonder if they will ever get the carpet flying again?

    Went to Dinner and WOC.

    Dragged our tired bodies back to the hotel.

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    Monday Oct 17
    Got to DL at 9:30
    Our last day here.
    Finaly got my daughter to ride Splash mountain. She was terified of the drop. Ever since the Tower of Terror incident on her 16th Birthday she has not liked drops.
    She has a new favorite ride.

    Ate lunch at the Golden Hourse shoe and wathced Billy Hill and the Hill Billies.

    I think he is trying to get into the act.

    Rode Bigthunder it was good.

    Rode Ghost Galaxy, my wife now remembers why she has not ridden it for 20 years (space mountain).

    Rode MR Toads wild ride.

    Rode the Matterhorn.

    This shows why we do not ride the tea cups anymore. Clean up on isle 5.

    Ate dinner and watched the APs come in as we left.
    Another great time in DL.

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    Re: Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

    Awesome pics,glad you had fun! Has anyone got pics of this "walking shower costume" everyone is raving about?!
    I am a Annual Pass Holder and I'm better than you! lol! :ap:


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      Re: Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

      I saw the walking shower walking by quickly and did not get a chance to get a photo, and have not seen one yet.
      I wish I had one.


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        Re: Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

        Great pics! I love a good trip report, makes me wish I lived closer


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          Re: Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

          On a sad note we tried to get the special Halloween part vilians pin for AP but were told the new ones were recalled. The second place we chekced had last years villians pins so we bought that set.

          I want to recomend that everyone go to see Billy and the Hillbies they are very good and very funny. In the second photo Billy looked to the lady on his right and asked if here cammera had a zoom lens, then he told her he would help her out and shuffled his feet so he apeared to slide over to her side. after walking back to the center he did it in slow motion with all be proper faces. It was great. My daughter asked if part of it was recorded, I told her it was all live.
          The live talent in DL is amazing you need to take a little time and watch the shows, besides you can get something to eat and watch a show at the same time.

          Over all we enjoyed the Halloween party and will probably attend next year, but with the amount of slod out nights I am afraid that they will increase the number of ticket sales next year.


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            Re: Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

            Great pictures! I love the park at Halloween time! Its been a while since I've been able to go during this time so its nice to see pics!

            Help me get more security in Pingvinivlle! Click here!

            Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
            all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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              Re: Oct 14 - Oct 17 Halloween Party and more

              With over 500 photos it is hard to choose, some are from the other days hope to post some more soon.
              Thankyou for your nice comments


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