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Disneyland on the First Week of January


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  • [Question] Disneyland on the First Week of January

    Me and a group of friends are going to LA on the first week of January. We plan to be in the city on the 2nd-5th. Here are my questions:

    1. Which two consecutive days would be best to visit the park?

    2. Are there any new events worth checking out?

    3. We plan to break into groups to get more rides in for each person. What is the optimal group size?

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    Any day that week because the extended hours are still through jan 8

    Group size depends on ride. How many will you be? Indy and jungle cruise as well as shows and screaming and tot all can hold alot. Smaller rides are about 2-4 per car depending on ride. Other rides like Matterhorn and space you can get quite a few in. Just have fun with everyone. And have a magical trip.


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      Re: Disneyland on the First Week of January

      1. The 3rd and 4th. Because Tueday and Wednesday tend to be the slowest days of the week in the parks. Thursday is not a bad option either.

      2. It depend on your last visit. Holidays will be gone on so there are lots of seasonal activities, incuding a new for this year segment on WoC.

      4. 4 is usually a good group size. Many small rides handle 4 seating 2x2. TSMM, and SWSA. A few rides only fit 2, but you may end up right behind or in front of the other two like on Autopia or HM.
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        Re: Disneyland on the First Week of January

        Thank you... yeah, Tues. and Wed. were the days we planned to go.


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