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I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.


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  • [Question] I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

    Hello everyone! Okay. So this is what I need help on. I am planning to propose to my very wonderful girlfriend. The thing is, I have wonderful ideas and plans. I just need some feedback to what, or which one is better. So, please leave your suggestions, ideas, or feedback in this forum insert.

    So here are some of the ideas:
    1. Flash mob over looking the world of color stage area.

    2. Near the carnation plaza over looking the castle.

    3. Pirates lair at tom sawyers island.

    4 . Open area in queue of space mountain.

    5. Downtown disney, in the open stage area near the espn zone.

    6. In frontierland near there entrance of the mark train dock.

    7. On the balcony of the dream suite.

    8. The lobby of the grand californian hotel.

    Ok so those are some of the areas I had in mind. I either want to serenaded her, saved for her or do something really special.

    Please send some feedback

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    Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

    I'm hoping the 97 in your user name isn't your birth year, because call me old fashioned, I don't think 14 years old is old enough to get married.

    I hope it doesn't seem like I'm putting your ideas down, but here are my strongly worded opinions. Bear in mind this is only my personal preference, and all people are different, so don't let me persuade you away from something particular you have in mind.

    1) No. Don't like it. That's totally my opinion obviously - I just don't think dramatic public scenes are the way to propose.
    2) Nice area, but I'm not sure if they're closing it off (or if they have already) for construction.
    3) Eh. Not romantic (to me).
    4) No. See #3.
    5) No. See #3.
    6) No. See #3. (lol).
    7) Not sure how you'd get up there. It's closed to the public.
    8) Hotel lobbies = no.

    To be honest with you, for me personally, I would look to propose in one of two places:

    1) A private place that's just the two of you with nobody around. A hotel room, your house, etc. I would want it to be romantic, quiet, and intimate, so that we can both properly cry and not have people around us hooting and hollering, strollers bumping into us, etc. That's for the Honeymoon (haha).

    2) A place that has personal significance for the both of you: Near the first attraction you went on together, where you ate your first meal together, a special attraction that you both love, or something of that nature - tell the CMs you're planning to propose and ask for a boat to yourselves on Pirates, for example.

    To tell you the truth, nobody here should know better than you exactly what she likes. I know the guy always proposes to the girl, but if my girlfriend were to propose to me, I'd want it to be a quiet place where we could avoid the chaos and large crowds of Disneyland. Late at night - right before closing - might be the only time where it would be perfect for me. I'm just not big on public spectacles being made of proposals, but I know some people love those, so it's all a matter of preference. I just don't see anything more romantic than surprising her with some candlelight in the bedroom or other private place and getting down on one knee. To me, being alone together shows just how special she is that she's the only one you want around when you pop the question.

    Ultimately this should be your call. Don't let anyone talk you out of an idea you really like. I'm only dropping my thoughts here for entertainment purposes.


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      Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

      I agree with the poster above me. PLEASE don't do a public proposal like the flash mob, hotel lobby or the Space Mountain queue.

      Public proposals put a LOT of pressure on the other person. Maybe they want to think about it. Maybe they simply would rather that the moment be something privately shared between the two of you. Maybe they won't be comfortable with a lot of people witnessing it and waiting expectantly--along with you--for their answer.

      Unless your girlfriend has specifically told you "I'd love to be proposed to in front of a huge audience" or they have that scene from Mobbed favorited on YouTube or something, I wouldn't even consider it. Even then, I'd think twice. Think about how you'd feel if--worst case scenario--she said no. Would you rather that 'no' be between the two of you, or you and 1000 people at Disneyland?

      Simba is right...what's a spot at Disneyland that means something to both of you? Where's a spot where you will be able to quietly talk? That's what it's all about.

      Good luck, whatever you decide to do!
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        Actually, this is something I've been thinking about. But, I forgot to mention this other thing. I was planning to have her do a scavenger hunt around the park. And it end with us and our families having dinner then I'll ask her. By the way I'm 27. I thought that the whole flash mob thing is over the top. The only reason I thought of it is because she had never seen me dance.

        She knows I'm a singer but, never has she ever known me to be a dancer. The other thing I was planning to do is doing for her a song I'm actually writing for her. I know it may seem a bit too much but, at the same time no one had ever done anything this romantic for her and I want to make it special. Don't get me wrong I've done some romantic stuff for her but, this its something I know she will love and will always cherish and remember for the rest of our life. I do agree that it is something that should be intimate.


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          Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

          Here's my suggestion. Make priority dining reservations at the Blue Bayou. When you do, let them know you're "popping the question". They'll make it special for you. Ask for a table by the water's edge. You'll need to quietly slip them the ring prior to our dining. When dinner is over, they'll being out a dessert platter with the ring in it.

          Trust me, I've seen this happen several times at the BB. It's incredibly special. Lots of applause and tears ever time.


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            Thank you. I know about the blue bayou. There's another area where they do caricatures. Where they draw the couple paint it and.haver little talk balloons which had the guy asking to marry his gf. I'm thinking about it. But, we'll have to see.


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              Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

              Simba and Malina have it 200% correct! As far as your list goes: None of the above. A proposal is a private thing, not a grandioise public affair. No need to be "cute", just be honest.


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                Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

                I definitely recommend Snow White's Grotto, and the Blue Bayou was my second thought. I also recommend private and meaningful.

                Or at the top of the Fun Wheel in your own car?


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                  Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

                  While I think asking for someone's hand in Marriage at Disney is wonderful and special, but it seems to me and please I hope this isn't taken the wrong way. But it seems like you are FISHING for a place that is grand, as if you want to do this where it will get you the most attention.

                  For me I think doing it at one of the rooms of the hotels would be romantic as well as provide that intimate setting that Disney can provide. I think that the BB is a good atmosphere but I'm not a fan of the restaurant itself. I personally like Napa Rose or Steakhouse 55 both provide a atmosphere that is romantic and a ambiance that is unparalleled to BB.
                  In closing I wish you the best and I hope she says yes.

                  HAVE A MAGICAL DAY P.A.D


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                    Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

                    Do you both visit the park often? If so, what is her favorite place in the park? I'd do it there. Good luck!
                    Well Gawrsh!


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                      Yes we do. We are actually going today.


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                        Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

                        How about the court of angels in NOS? I don't really like the idea of the BB myself. If you are looking for an intimate restaurant setting to do it in then The Napa Rose would be better then the BB...IMO...I like the idea of Tom Sawyers island as there are quiet places to do the proposal at there. However if you are looking for the big audience/WOW factor, then perhaps the stage on TSI would work better.

                        good luck!


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                          Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

                          I think intimate would be the best way to go.

                          I would suggest either:

                          Snow Whites Grotto at the wishing well (my dream proposal.) After sundown though. I would do it there after the fireworks, when a lot of the crowds start thinning down. You could sing along to the music since you like singing If you wanted to do it there during the day though, that would work just as well.

                          Another idea would be to get your own boat on the storybook land canal boats. You could propose to her under the lit up archways where a whole new world plays. Again, you could sing along haha. That would be very romantic at night when the archway is completely lit up. And if you want family there, the boats fit a good amount of people.

                          My last idea would be to propose to her anytime at night at pixie hollow, during one of the pretty water light shows. You could be surrounded by beautiful dancing water fountains when you pop the question.


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                            Those are some good ideas. I wouldn't do it at the grotto though. I've seen thst happen there many times. The storybook canal idea seems nice though. I didn't really think of that.


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                              Re: I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback.

                              wait, i like your idea of a scavenger hunt! have it just be really fun and have your family with you like you mentioned. And then find a way to leave the group near the end, so you will be the last piece of the puzzle! I imagine her looking around for the last clue (which would be hinting that it's you) and then you come out and propose. I think a quieter place is the way to go. Otherwise you'll get a group watching or worse oblivious people just walking through your group and kind of detracting from the moment.

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