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MouseWait vs Touringsplans "Lines"


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  • [Question] MouseWait vs Touringsplans "Lines"

    I asked 2 years ago "what is the best wait times app" and almost everyone said "mousewait". so i got mousewait and the wait times were pretty accurate.

    But now there is the "lines" app from touringplans. i am a member. i will NEVER use a touringplan in my life - i joined for the fantastic 1 year crowd calendar.

    And even i was happy with mousewait, i know touringplans has killerfeatures like "predicting waittimes if there are no recent reports" or "predicting waittimes for the whole day".

    So i thought both apps will have almost perfect wait times and i cant go wrong with ether of them. I have only 6 Disneyland Days every 2 Years - so every minute counts.

    But when i compared the wait times on the apps i noticed they somtimes differ quite a lot!

    Like SM had 45m on one app and 17m on the other.

    So - my question to the locals: MOUSWAIT OR "LINES" from Touringplans?

    Thanx i A.

    PS: T-22 and counting...

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    Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

    I actually used MouseWait for the first time ever this past Thursday. For the most part, it was accurate until we got to Screamin'. It was marked 40 minutes in the app but it ended up being around 60 minutes. I think what had actually happened was that people rushed over to Screamin' before it closed for World of Color, and the time on the marquee had not been appropriately changed yet.

    Other than that, MouseWait was great. The only thing I dislike is that it leaves its ad floating on my iPhone's screen sometimes even after I have closed it so I have to "respring" the screen to remove it. Really strange...


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      Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

      My fav is Disneyland inside and out it's really really great!! But I use both of those also!
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        Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

        Go with mouse wait!!!


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          Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

          There is an official app for a large but limited number of phones. It's free on Verizon. Disney's Mobile Magic.
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            Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

            I check them both!!!! I just got lines since i have a touring plans subscription. I find that lines works a lot faster and is more intuitive.
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              Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

              Originally posted by swampymarsh View Post
              There is an official app for a large but limited number of phones. It's free on Verizon. Disney's Mobile Magic.
              The Disney mobile app is terrible. Doesn't give you specific wait times... I'd still stick with Mouse Wait.



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                Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                Are we even allowed to talk about this here? I'm scared.


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                  Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                  MouseWait is the best Disneyland line tracker there is!!!!! Stay with that because it really does help


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                    Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                    I've used both and Lines is the clear winner on data.

                    Lines uses REAL data, and can pull data from their decades of collections, it's almost always dead on. Mousewait needs data from people in the parks, and it's skewed by "posted" times. Disney posted times are not accurate (sometimes on purpose). When lines says "12 minutes", and the Disney signs say 30 mins... it will be 12 minutes...

                    Every time I time Lines, it's within a minute...

                    Mousewait DOES have a nicer interface, but "Lines" is to-the-point without the fluff, which also means it loads faster (which lately the parks data seems to be VERY overtaxed, so this is huge).

                    Plus the guys at lines are partners of this site... =-).


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                      Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                      i use mouse wait
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                        Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                        Originally posted by toneloc View Post
                        The Disney mobile app is terrible. Doesn't give you specific wait times... I'd still stick with Mouse Wait.
                        The Mobile Magic app actually does give wait times, and it also gives the currently available return time for Fastpasses. They are accurate because it is run off of the Fastpass system. The only thing is that sometimes the wait times for other rides not integrated into this system are not as accurate.
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                          Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                          I have and use both. Mouse Waits seems to have more user data uploaded much more frequently but overall I have to say Touring Plans has been more accurate for my actual wait times. Mouse Waits is pretty good at showing what the wait time signs say, but Touring Plans is a better predictors for actual wait times.

                          Overall I'd go with touring plans for these reasons:
                          - Their interface is VERY minimalist and does not drain battery (This one is huge for me as I do a lot of marathon long days in the park).
                          - Their app not only predicts very accurately when fastpasses will run out for a ride on a given day, but will also tell you what time you can expect to get what for at any time of the day. This is helpful if you are considering walking across the park to get a fastpass and want to know if you can wait a couple of hours to do so and still have fastpasses available.
                          - Their app gives hour by hour line predictions for the entire day, especially helpful if you want to plan to hit an attraction at a time when it will have a short line

                          Aside for these and a few other features both do mostly the same. Spend a day with each and fully explore all of the features of each and then decide.

                          Also I just have to add on the subject of touring plans, while I also would never use it in Disneyland I headed to WDW for the first time this summer and the touring plans worked like a charm, especially in those parks where I didn't understand the daily crowd flow as well as I do here.
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                            Re: MouseWait vs Touringsplans &quot;Lines&quot;

                            I don't use an app in the parks currently, and am waiting for the official Mobile Magic for Verizon iPhone to come out.

                            This is because too often people post their fastpass wait, or just a wait time they know if plain wrong, into things like mouse wait and screw it up. Touring Plans I don't really trust, even though I know they use good data from past years. It's just that the crowd dynamics have been changing so much at the parks in recent years, and are so affected by of-the-moment things like weather, breakdowns for the day, and other factors, that I don't think the past is a good indicator of the present or future when it comes to wait times.

                            The official posted wait times at each attraction are what I want to know; the fastpass interval time is always going to be accurate if Mobile Magic is automatically updated by the fastpass system, and I can do the math in my head at how quickly it will run out based on what the current interval is. For wait times, even though Disney sometimes tends to overestimate wait times a little when posting, or can take some time to update when a big change occurs in the wait time (like they just had a rush or a big lull), if I'm ever in doubt about a posted wait time's accuracy I just ask the CM out front and they will let me know if it's been recently updated, or if there are circumstances that slow the line down for some reason I can't see. The CMs that work the ride are the best predictor of wait times because they know all the conditions that apply to it in that moment, so I trust them more than an app user that got in line and rode the ride 20 minutes before I got there.
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                              Out of all the wait time apps I have used MouseWait is the most accurate simply because it has the biggest user base. And alot of users entering the wait times in the park. You can not enter them unless you are at the parks. It also shows when that wait time was entered. So if its 5pm and the wait time for roger rabbit says 5 minutes. But was last updated at 3 pm. You know that its not accurate. But for the most part they are the most accurate. Even the Verizon disney app is not accurate. Also I have never been able to use it in the park. Whenever I open it in dland or Dca it says I must be in the park to use it. There is something wrong with it.
                              I say go with MouseWait. And also dont use paid apps. Its just a waste if money. MouseWait offers so much more than wait times. There is a lounge with alot of users that give out great info as well as CMs. There is food reviews and menus. Tips and secrets. And so much more. And best of all its on android and phone.

                              @twobluestripes on MouseWait if people or trolls mess with the wait times they are banned from posting wait times by admin
                              There are rules on every app or forum and if someone goes against those rules the get in trouble. I have never seen wait times more than 5 minutes off in MouseWait. And I use ut every time I go to the park.


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