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Fastpass time estimates for Star Tours and Space


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  • [Question] Fastpass time estimates for Star Tours and Space

    I typically have a well laid plan for a day at Disneyland that allows me to maximize rides in all but the worse crowds. However, I am struggling to incorporate Star Tours II into this plan. Having never visited the park with this new attraction, I have no idea about typical wait times and how fast it sells out of fastpasses. Has it affected Space Mountain fastpass rates. So, I sit here planning a future trip, but I'm struggling with how to approach the unknown.

    Therefore, I present to you, the collective of Micechat, these questions

    On a typical non-summer Saturday

    How fast does Star Tours sell out?
    How fast does Space Mountain sell out?
    What time would the fastpass system ask me to return if I got a fastpass to Star Tours at 9 am (Park opens at 8 am)?
    What time would the fastpass system ask me to return if I got a fastpass to Space Mountain at 9 am (Park opens at 8 am)?

    Any help or advise would be appreciated.

    Very few have had the privilege of operating Space Mountain. Fewer still have pushed the A-lift stop. I am one of those few.

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    Re: Fastpass time estimates for Star Tours and Space

    Do you have a estimate on what month and day you are planning your vist? Lately I have been going on Sundays and depending on the crowds I have seen waits from 30 mins to 55 mins for Star Tours 2 and for Space Mountain its been 30 mins to 45 mins during the peak hours. The fast passes for me lately have been sold out at the 6pm to 7pm hour for Star Tours and for Space Mountain I've seen them sell out around 8pm to 9pm. What I usually do see for opening fast passes through out the park usually start with a 30 to 45 min return time and if you are there for opening you can grab a Space Mountain pass, ride Space Mountain, and by the time you can grab a fast pass for Star Tours.

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      Re: Fastpass time estimates for Star Tours and Space

      Was there in Dec.
      The line was long.
      Even the FP line was nice and full.
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        Re: Fastpass time estimates for Star Tours and Space

        well depends on what month but the closer to summer, the faster it'll go. on slower off season weeekends it can go early as 5-6pm and late as 9ish. Tours really doesn't affect Space's Fastpass rates and if it did when it was the summer it doesn't anymore. Can't really answer how long you'd have to wait since it'll depend on how fast people begin taking fastpasses. just know that sooner is better.



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