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Adventureland's Awesome Additions?


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  • Adventureland's Awesome Additions?

    This is the continuation to the critically acclaimed "Fantasyland's Future Fixin's" thread. This time around, let us look at the one and only land where you can actually see the backside of water (I'm still trying to get my physics professor to tell me how that exactly works, but so far to no avail) .

    I was thinking the other day about some possible changes to Disneyland. Now, I know that there is TONS to do before any of the ideas discussed on this board would happen, I know that there is a lot of open space, TL needs to be fixed, etc. But let's imagine (it is Disneyland we're talking about here) that none of these problems existed, or were already fixed. There is no more room for expansion in DL, unless something is removed, OR.......

    We expand UP!

    Now, how can we possibly expand up in Adventureland? Impossible you say! Au Contrair, Mon Frair, says I. Now, I have not been in Aladdin's Oasis in all my times visiting DL (it is usually closed when I go). However, it does seem to me (and I think I remember reading somewhere a long time ago) that this and the Tiki Room are actually connected to the buildings on Main Street, which makes sense when you think about it. So what is to stop a little Imagineering magic to take place, and when you enter the Aladdin building, you are actually entering the queue for one, possibly two new dark rides, themed to some of Disney's more adventurous animated movies. These rides would take place on the second story of the Main Street buildings, although you would enter in Adventureland, and never actually realize that you have left Adventureland (just like you never realize you are underground in the HM). My question to you all is what dark rides would you like to see here, what would they be like, and do you think this would ever become a reality sometime in the future? Thanks all!

    As before, if this thread is popular (or not, I'll probably end up doing this anyways lol) I will make some threads for other lands. I will also be posting my ideas for dark rides a little later on. First I would like to see what you all can come with (since we are rather limited on the number of adventurous movies, try and come up with some unique ride/set/vehicle designs, or anything else your imagination can come up with!)
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    A good idea, but in order to fit rides onto the second "floor" of Main Street, we'd first have to bring back Inner Space so we could shrink down enough to fit.. Remember that Main Street and the Castle are built with forced perspective. The second "floor" of Main Street is really only about 5 feet high...
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      So why not build underground?


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        There's not a whole lot of room back there if you check the overhead photos.

        Sorry, I realize that I'm underground, under the railroad tracks on the HM walk-through from the elevator to the ride itself.

        Perhaps a new building outside the berm near the main entrance would be possible. Getting there underground should be feasible. I wouldn't go above-ground above the shops of Main Street. Maybe above the service path back there.


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          I agree that up is not necessarily the best solution for this particular land. However, I'm not sure what the plumbing, structural outlook of Main Street, etc look like. It might be cheaper to make the rides on the second floor of Main Street (or on some of the other buildings mentioned. Yes, some construction may be necessary to make these buildings large enough to hold rides, but my intention for all of these threads is just to head ideas about potential dark rides lol. silly things like logistics getting in the way lol.
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            Adventureland is indeed a toughie, though I suspect you could turn Jungle Cruise into a sort of Water Taxi and have little "mountains" here or there.

            If I actually had the power to pick the rides though... I'm going to reiterate something I said in the first thread. I'd love to see Aladdin get a dark ride, and ALaddin already has a home in AdventureLand.

            And this will push me out of nerd and into full-on Disney geek status, but I'd love to see a Tale Spin ride.
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              Oh-ee-yay, Oh-ee-oh
              I second the Tale Spin ride idea! Thanks for being the guinea pig and just saying it! Man I loved that show. I'd love to see "all the trouble we get in with another tale spin" ride.
              My finger points.


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                I will probably get heat for this one, but if you want to invent in Adventureland, ditch the jungle cruise. I had not been to disneyland for years (pre DCA days, in fact Indy still didn't exist!!!) until recently. Have a daughter now, so disney visits have, and will become more and more common (i'm only 40 minutes away now)
                I took her on the jungle cruise, just remembering that at some point in my life I liked it, and IT SUCKED. We had a good tour guide, she was funny and jolly and all, but the ride just stinks. Fill it in, pave it, build overhead,or underneath. Just get something good there.
                Of course, this has no urgency. Before recently, last I knew of Tomorrowland, Subs and people mover were still in their full operational glory. Space Mt. was white (on my recent visit,, was completely offended by the brown-town tomorrowland). This place, as most mention here constantly, needs to have a major overhaul, far beyond current improvements. My memories of the place are still ATIS and Mission to Mars. (yes, I missed about a decade, at least).
                It was really just sad though. The place where I spent most time as a kid at disneyland, had nothing to offer. My daughter was bored after 20 minutes, and she does not get bored easily. She can find fun for hours in just a small plot of grass, but tomorrowland was less interesting. The land was basically somewhere for me to walk around and reminisce while she took her afternoon nap in the stroller.
                OK, i have gotten completely off-topic from this thread, but it all just kind of rushed to my head. By the way, what is that giant turd on top of what used to be the people mover/rocket jets building????? and what moron should be sent to prison for approving its placement????? and what tasteless a-hole should be executed for its creation?
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                  Originally posted by Bass Shakers
                  Oh-ee-yay, Oh-ee-oh
                  I second the Tale Spin ride idea! Thanks for being the guinea pig and just saying it! Man I loved that show. I'd love to see "all the trouble we get in with another tale spin" ride.
                  jspider actually made mention of this idea on another thread regarding an idea to encircle the park.
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                    Originally posted by ModHatter

                    And this will push me out of nerd and into full-on Disney geek status, but I'd love to see a Tale Spin ride.
                    Excellent excellent idea.
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                      NOOO dont ditch the JC! I admit JC does need some updating, and adding onto, but its still a great ride. However that said, if you look at a map, there are a lot of little land areas in the JC ride that are underutilized; JC backs right up against the Main st buildings, so I think you could squeeze a ride in there, and camaflouge the building on the outside with a even more dense jungle foliage cover. I have actually often thought it would be neat to have some kind of walk through attraction that hops from each land bit in the JC, where small portions could be seen from the JC, but the walk through would be an attraction unto itself as well. You would probably have to make tunnels under parts of the JC riverbed to get from one part of land to another, but it could be done. So that right there gives you room for 2 attractions, and still keeping the JC. In addittion to reopening tahitian terrace, I think there might just be enough room for a Indy/mara themed India cuisine restaurant, with a small but better Indy souvineer shop. Not sure what the walk through might be, but here's a few thoughts; you start it around the Aladdin Oasis area (split the entrance between that and tahitian terrace) and the walk through could be a visit to the cave of wonders, taking place mostly underground in artificial caves (or it could be dark ride possibly). To go on the Tailspin theme, it could be the cave hideout of the Air pirates guys (I forget their names sorry its been a long while) and Baloo could save you from them by flying his seaplane down in there or something. Or at its most simple the walk through could just be an enhanced JC theme where you are in the jungle and hear headhunters coming after you, and really play up the jungle fantasy element like giant spiders and spiderwebs,man eating plants etc. (think Jumanji here) maybe have a CM special tourguide that takes you through on the tour. Or just the walk through part alone that couldnt be seen from the JC, could be a Jungle book walking trail that tells the story of the jungle book with character figures and effects.


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                        If you really want to add something to adventureland then why not look back to concept art for Indiana Jones,one concept had a mine cart roller coaster careening through the temple of Mara.This would be a great addition to Jones and could be done similar to the one already in place in Paris (and yes Panda we could have a loop and a powered launch!!!)
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                          You have got to keep in mind that rides like Jungle Cruise are what Disneyland are all about. It's an immersive attraction that can be shared with the whole family. As far as I'm concerned, the Jungle cruise ranks up there with HM and PotC. Why else would Disney build this ride in so many of it's other parks?


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                            I think there is another issue involved with expansion of Adventureland.

                            How are you going to get even more people in and out of the land?

                            You've got 1000-2000 people an hour going in and out of the land to ride Jungle Cruise. 1500 an hour going in and out gettin Indy fast passes. 2000 an hour going in and out riding Indianna Jones. Maybe 1000 an hour coming out of Tiki Room.

                            Add in the thousands just passing trhough on their way to Pirates and Mansion and Splash.

                            We all know how crowded the walkway in Adventureland gets now. How are you going to get a few thousand more and hour in and out of the land for whatever new rides you add in there?


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                              I am not sure about the rides, but the JC walking tour idea could be a loop starting around the Tahitian Terrace, and exiting just outside of adventureland, you may have to do some criss crossing on the path (one part of the path underground, one part above) and probably end up with something like a figure eight in layout. But you could make this new walking tour an advantage by very carefully placing the entrance and exit in such a way as to actually drain crowds from the main adventureland pathways. this would add some interesting new kinetics to JC as well to see a jungle cruise dressed person leading people through the jungle in some parts, you could even add a half sunken JC boat and add the storyline that the people in the Jungle are trying to find their way back after their boat got hit by one of the hippos. This idea could be backed by a new que radio bit about one of the boats being missing and last seen around the hippo pool. This adds the small element of actually being in danger from the hippos and more reasoning for the gun sequence.

                              Another idea though not for adventureland, you could put a long thin building alongside the backs of the main st shops and disguise it from JC as I said above, and actually add some kind of new attraction to Main st, and have an entrance through either one of the stores, take a small chunk away from one of the stores to make a que facade. The attraction could be any number of things dealing with the turn of the century, and perhaps even tie the Lincoln attraction into it somehow.


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