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A Disneyland for the 21st Century


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  • [Idea] A Disneyland for the 21st Century


    I drew this park based on an idea entered in my blog's armchair park design contest by a dude named Jon.

    The idea/story behind this park: Epic Kingdom began as a typical, happy Disneyland with all the requisite lands. But the Disney villains (live action and animated), tired of being on the losing side, gathered their forces, rose up and made war on the place. Eventually, after the park had been destroyed by great battles, Mickey (leader of the forces of good) and Maleficent (leader of the dark forces) made a truce. To keep the enemies apart, the center of the park was flooded and a great dividing wall was created down the middle, with Villains rebuilding in the West and the Heroes rebuilding in the East.

    Neutral Lands: Guest enters the park over the ruins of Main Street.

    The Lands of Good
    Adventureland: Where Mickey recruited the Navi (of Avatar) to re-locate (Crazy mixing of characters/moods... but I kind of like it).
    Land of Narnia: With sites such as Caer Paravel, Mr. Tumnus' house & Aslan's How housing a major E-ticket.
    Olympic Outpost: Based on the popular Percy Jackson & Olympians books, with Camp Half-blood and a mountainous Olympia attraction.
    Fantasyland: Traditional Disney with a newly-rebuilt Enchanted Castle
    Moon Colony: Based on the Treasure Planet universe.

    The Lands of Evil
    Saloon City: Frontierland on the coast (Texas?), taken over by outlaws and featuring a new version of PotC featuring Western river pirates of the late 1800s early 1900s and a mountain based on black gold.
    The Underworld: Featuring a major flume and the park's typical kiddie spinners all within a sunken crater (below grade).
    Dominion of Darkness: An evil version of Fantasyland, with a nod to both animated villains (Black Cauldron) and live action ones (Prince of Persia). Maleficent's landmark castle is here.
    Tomorrowland Grid: Clu escaped from The Grid and has taken over Tomorrowland.

    This is how I imagined the park:

    And what follows is some original artwork/modeling I created for a few of the features of the park.

    --Massing model of the dueling castles (and ancient dividing wall):

    --Concept elevation of the ruined Main Street & Dividing Wall:

    --An elevation of the Cair Paravel fine dining restaurant (and walkthrough attraction) overlooking the central lake:

    --An elevation sampling of some of the Saloon City possible building treatments:

    --A concept elevation of the Dominion of Darkness building treatments:

    --And, finally, a piece indicating Clu's takeover of Tomorrowland:

    Upon entering the park guests choose good or evil sides to explore first. At the end of the day, they again choose sides in the lake-front viewing area as a major battle (fountains, floats, lasers, fireworks) begins: For Maleficent, river pirates take to their ships, and Kraken-like monsters rise from the deep, while the forces of good board the Dawn Treader and RLS Legacy (ship from Treasure Planet) for a Fantasmic-on-Steroids type event.


    While I tend to put an emphasis on original, non-branded attractions/lands in the parks I draw, I think this concept is very fun (Disney execs would certainly like the marketability & synergy, but not the multi-billion dollar cost). It reminds me of the concept for the upcoming Magic Kingdom movie (e.g., with the PotC Auctioneer fighting Goofy).

    Thoughts on this park? Any similar high-concept parks cross your mind?
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    Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

    Nice rendering here, I just like how it's massive and theres lots of stuff to do!! What kind of software did you use for this map?
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      Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

      Wow, you put a lot of thought and work into this! The layout seems similar to the way World Showcase is done at WDW. It is nice to have a central lake for transportation and a rest for our feet! lol

      Where do you see this being built? I would surely visit!
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        Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

        I love a park built on a broad good vs evil story, though I don't entirely buy Avatar as being a part of it.
        M-I-C-K-E-Y P-R-I-M-E


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          Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

          wow! very cool...good job dude! :thumbup:


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            Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

            Very Cool!!!! I love the idea of having the good vs evil with the two castles and also the WOC concept that would feature the two castles (most likely).


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              Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

              This is so great! I would definitely want to be there all the time. I think there would be so much more energy in the park when you have this whole good vs evil story hanging over everything... it feels as though things have more purpose and are happening right now instead of you visiting stories in the past. Love it!


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                Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

                Thanks for the positive comments.

                Originally posted by HiddenMickeyBook View Post
                The layout seems similar to the way World Showcase is done at WDW. It is nice to have a central lake for transportation and a rest for our feet! lol

                Where do you see this being built? I would surely visit!
                Rather than for a specific locale, it is an exercise in the infinite design possibilities (with respect to layout & contents) of a Disneyland-style park. I had hoped Shanghai would go with a central lagoon version of the castle park, but that may have to wait until Disneyland India...

                What kind of software did you use for this map?


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                  Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

                  Well, as always RS, you're plans are the pinnacle of workmanship. Unfortunately, this time I simply cannot stand the basic concept. A park populated almost entirely of movie-tie in lands. It makes my skin crawl.

                  On the other hand, you certainly took the distasteful concept you were given and made a wonderful idea build out from it. So, kudos again for that!

                  I just don't like the underlying concept.
                  "And after a long time or a short time, Ivan and the Wolf came at last to the home of the Firebird..."sigpic


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                    Re: A Disneyland for the 21st Century

                    You don't really think Disney would build this, do you?
                    Everyone is entitled to an informed opinion.
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                    There should be a sticky thread called "This Day in Disney History." The company has a long history and this would be a good way to acknowledge it. Walt was born 112 years ago; that's quite a chunk of American history and culture.


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