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Anybody know where I can buy this?


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  • Anybody know where I can buy this?

    I want to buy a framed picture of the infamous photo of Walt walking through Sleeping Beauty's Castle.Anybody know where they sell it, in Disneyland or out?
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    Re: Anybody know where I can buy this?

    I've seen it in the Disneyana store on Main St. As with most stuff, get it when you see it, 'cuz it might not ever return. I learned that one the hard way...

    Good luck!


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      Re: Anybody know where I can buy this?

      You can always try E-Bay, they retired that picture last year sometime, I believe. I always yearned for it, but the one I saw was WAY to big, and I had no place to put it that would give it justice!
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        Re: Anybody know where I can buy this?

        :ap: Try calling DeliverEars (800) 362-4533 to see if they can locate it for you. Another option might be Phil Sears. :ap:
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          Re: Anybody know where I can buy this?

          Also, don't rule out buying an UN-framed copy and getting it framed yourself. I got a 100 years of magic picture (which has that pic in the centre of a collage of pics of Walt) un-framed a few years back and got it framed beautifully when I got home. It was the easiest way to do it for me since the shipping of a framed pic back home would cost a small fortune.
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            Re: Anybody know where I can buy this?

            Also, Disneyland Guest Relations has it for free (I believe). They were supposed to have sent me the picture, along with other items, for my Disneyland Birthday Party in July, but I still haven't heard from them or received anything from them. Who knows, maybe I'll get it in time for the 100th birthday?


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              Re: Anybody know where I can buy this?

              The prints on demand at WOD and the Gallery have it I beleive...


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