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Those "Save a Stitch" banner ads


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  • [Other] Those "Save a Stitch" banner ads

    Those banner ads for saving up 25% at a Disneyland hotel, what is with Stitch and why does the phrase say, "Save a Stitch"? I tried to look it up but found nothing, so what does it mean?
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    Re: Those "Save a Stitch" banner ads

    I'm guessing just a ploy to get you to click on the ad.

    In my search, I did find "Save Lilo and Stitch" website.
    They are trying to save the show so it doesn't go off the air.
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      Re: Those "Save a Stitch" banner ads

      I'd assumed they meant the kind of obscure definition of "stitch" meaning something small or "a bit." stitch - definition of stitch by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. Though "Save a little" is not the most compelling advertising slogan I've heard of. Or maybe a reference to "a stitch in time saves nine." I don't know; I don't really get it myself.

      Disney - Disney Cruise, Lilo & Stitch | Flickr - Photo Sharing! has a picture of a postcard that appears to have used a similar promotion for the Disney Cruise Line around 2006.
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        Re: Those "Save a Stitch" banner ads

        A stitch in time saves nine is referencing the idea that doing/repairing something immediately will save you time in the future. Using clothing for example: fixing a small tear immediately will save you from a major patch job.

        Relating this to the disney banners, I would conclude that they are saying "take advantage of our savings deals now because it will only be more expensive in the future". Rather any interesting marketing campaign. Implying a future price increase to motivate people into taking an immediate vacation.


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