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DLR Interesting Facts/Overlaps

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  • [Question] DLR Interesting Facts/Overlaps

    I remember at one point, there was a thread dedicated to the really neat overlapping in DLR. I searched and can't seem to track it down. Perhaps we could start a new one?

    What kind of neat overlapping happens in DLR (ie, if you stand near the north entrance of XX ride, you are 3 feet away from XX ride). It was such a cool thread describing how close so much of the park is and how intricately interlaced it is as well!

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    Re: DLR Interesting Facts/Overlaps

    Do you mean things like where the JHB shingle roof is thatched on the Tiki Room side? Or as you get to the north edge of the Sub Lagoon aross from the Matterhorn three different themed fences come together?
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