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Best ride since Walt died.


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  • Best ride since Walt died.

    What is the best attraction created since the death of Walt Disney in 1966?
    Pirates doesn't count as he walked it.
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    ToT, or Indy. Both really really great.
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      Splash Mountain. First real "flume" ride .... nice and long .... good mix of thrills and theming .....good queue ....
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        I would have to say .... well, I don't know if Haunted Mansion counts as he was there for part of the construction ... if that counts then Haunted Mansion, if that doesn't count then Indy ... thrilling yet incredibly themed!
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          Haunted Mansion counts because that showpiece building sat there for years and years with a little "Come back again! Growing cobwebs takes time!" sign and no ride attatched to it.

          The most commonly held view of history, including the one used in a few Disney shows here and there, is that Pirates is Walt's last ride.

          My own opinion is that it's probably either Space Mountain or one of the big Tokyo rides like Pooh or 20,000 Leagues. They're still Disney creations, and even if another company is funding them they still count as attractions tapped from the minds at Disney.


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            I have to say TOT, because I really like thrill rides.


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              Splash. Indy's great too.

              I know this is going to be considerded blasphomy to 99.9% of the members on this board, but I honestly think that the majority of the post Walt rides are far superior to the Walt era rides.


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                Haunted Mansion, the splendor of haunted mansions!!
                Then INDY- Why? The Queue area, and the AT&T translation cards, the involvement and Immersion before Fastpass came along. Ive have never been able to enjoy alot of the hallway waiting areas of Indy. It just gives you a feel of being in cave, 1920's to 30's feel, Artifacts, etc great stuff!!

                Orville that avatar looks like UGGGGner!!
                Great job!!
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                  Splash Mountain is my fav... and I dont think I would count Haunted Mansion as post Walt Disney because he worked on the concept and I think he even walked through a couple of parts of it when it was still a walk through (while still under construction i'm guessing). The concept was by him, the only real change to it was that the Disney Imagineers, after he died, had to figure out some way to tie together scary and funny. There by X Atencio came up with the Grim Grinning Ghosts song and I believe after his death they figured out that they needed a better way to move people around. (They orginally were just going to have ghost host cast members take you to seperate rooms for a couple minutes and then cool stuff would happen).
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                    You know that it is either Indy or the Rocket Rods, no clownin!
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                      Well since the only ride in the park was built before Walt died I would say that it is still Mr. Toads Wild Ride. If you want to be anal lol and change it to attraction, I would have to say Indy is right up there as the top. But overall from a family stand point I would say Splash. Sure the drop may scare some but it is a great family attraction.

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                        ToT. The concept and execution alone win me over. Funny how it seemed so much more special before it came to the west coast though...I guess I've been spoiled by riding it 100+ times.
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                          so many classics

                          Mansion, Indy, Splash, Space, Big Thudner o_o alot of the greatest came AFTER walt

                          Mansion is my fav but recently Indy has come up to pretty much equal the mansion
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                            The new Buzz Lightyear. Great Idea merging a ride and interactive game. Hope to see more of them coming.


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                              I don't know. I still love the classic attractions a lot more like the dark rides, Tiki Room, Small World, etc. I must say... Superstar Limo!!!!!!! Don't worry, I'm only kidding. Indy for sure, Splash is a close second and Star Tours/Philar Magic tied in 3rd. I know Star Wars is old, but I enjoyed it so much when I was a kid (it came out the year I was born) and it is around 19 years old.


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                                Splash for me.

                                Sadly enough, still not been on Indy, ever. and I live in S Cali. Every time I go to DL, seems I am taking nieces, nephews, or my little one, all too small to go on Indy. Next visit, will go for sure though. Will have to be alone (need someone to watch the little ones) but should be a great ride!!!
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                                  totally post Walt ride I have to say Indiana Jones easily, post Walt changes I would have to say that Fantasy land changed much for the better when it was revamped-great originals tweaked up a bit
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                                    Wow... that's hard.

                                    I'm going with Haunted Mansion, Country Bear Jamboree, America Sings, and Splash Mountain.

                                    Tons of other attractions are wonderful, but the ones I listed above are purely timeless.


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                                      Originally posted by Socapex
                                      I know this is going to be considerded blasphomy to 99.9% of the members on this board, but I honestly think that the majority of the post Walt rides are far superior to the Walt era rides.
                                      I'd have to say that at least 90% of those people realize that technology has progressed wayyyy beyond what even Walt dreamed of!

                                      That having been said, I vote for Splash Mountain , and Tower of Terror (but the MK version over DCA, the move into the drop shaft was almost scarier than the drop itself!)

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