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making the most of PhotoPass


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  • [Question] making the most of PhotoPass

    I love the professional shots in the park, they always turn out so well, but I've never been able to justify the price of the CD for the very few pictures I get taken. I'd like to hit as many great photo spots as possible this June so I can finally get the CD, especially since it'll be much longer till my next trip as I have moved so far away now.
    Any tips on how to make the most of PhotoPass? Great spots where there is always a photographer, can I get my ride photos added to my PhotoPass, etc?

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    Re: making the most of PhotoPass

    First get as many of the photos as you can they will also take them with your camera.
    you can ask if they are set up to add a cartoon to your photo.
    areas that you will find Photopass:
    . IN most of the meet and greet areas.
    . In front of the castle.
    . In main street.
    . some times they are at the back side of grisly river run (the water fall)
    . BVS keep an eye out.
    We always look for them and they seem to apear all over during the day. Have them take several photos at a time.
    Also there is usualy one at the statue in DL may be one at the statue in BVS also.
    Most of the ones we have liked have been in the meet and greet areas.
    Have fun.


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      Re: making the most of PhotoPass

      My trip is just a few days away, and I too am really looking forward to having Photopass take a lot of pictures of me, so that I can purchase the CD.


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